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Janna Build Guide by Mikuroo

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mikuroo

3vs3 - Janna - AP Legit Non-Troll

Mikuroo Last updated on February 25, 2012
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 0

Honor Guard

Defense: 18

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 12

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February 7st, 2012
Guide made
February 9th, 2012
bbc coding errors changed.
February 12th, 2012
Tested a few things, and changed a few things.
February 13th, 2012
A few more changes. ;3
February 13th, 2012
Changed a few more things, added a thank you section, when should I play janna, and team compositions.
February 14th, 2012
Added a section JUST for howling gale x3

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Introduction to 3vs3 Janna

// Hello, this is Mikuroo with his guide on Mobafire! This is my take on Janna in the Twisted Treeline! In my opinion she is a very fun character to play with a high skill cap and endless utility. Most people ignore janna on 3vs3 because she is a support class, and never play her. Most people also think AP Janna is a joke. I would agree with you 100% on Summoner’s Rift, but twisted treeline is a whole different story. If you have something to say, It will help me, so I suggest you critize, but please do not downvote for a tiny error. 

Credits to jhoijhoi for the template, which you can find here.

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haha nerds ;p why you play lol

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Thank you!

//I originally made this guide for fun, and kind of because it is always awesome to test something new. I am surprised that this made it to 85%. I am going to now thank everyone who voted! Thank you!

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When should I play Janna?

//Many people think that AP Janna cannot be used at all, and this is not true. However, it is to some extent, correct. There are many cases where picking Janna is like cannon fodder.

//1. Only pick Janna when you have 2 DPS Carries, do not team up with a tank. Even tanks like Singed who can do alot of damage, they cannot do damage fast. You need burst damage to make yourself the most useful to the team. Fast Fights are the best for you.

//2. Make sure you have a good AD Carry. This is a requirement. Someone like Tryndamere who can carry the team with your Eye Of The Storm buff, after you have fed them to the extent where they are frigging sumo's.

//3. Always have another AP on your team, with your AD Carry. This will ensure that if they buy armor, you and your AP Carry can do damage. If they buy magic resist, your AD Carry will rip them apart.

//In short, AP Janna is great when you already have lots of damage, and need to sustain that damage with cc.

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Boots of Speed - why get later?

Boots of Speed – Why buy later?

// Even though this should come in later sections of the guide, I feel a lot of people who don’t take the time to read it through will downvote me because of my choice to buy boots very late into the game. So I am going to explain this early as possible.

// Janna starts with a base movement speed of 310. Adding Tailwind, Swiftness and Initiator , that gives you an 8% movement speed increase. By leveling Zephyr first, we have a total of 16%. 16% of 310 is 49.6, which is equivalent, (or off by 0.4 movement speed if you want to be really picky) of buying Boots of Speed, which gives 50 movement speed.

//Now, onto the guide. Enjoy!

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Pros / Cons

Pros / Cons
+ // She has great cc
+ // This means a knock back, a slow, and a knock up.
+ // She can carry early game and support late game.
+ // She is very fast, with boots and her Zephyr
+ // You will be underestimated.
+ // Her shield does not have a cast time, neither does Howling Gale, so she can use them to run away easily.

- // She is fairly squishy in a sense.
- // Not much damage late game.
- // Her nuke relies on a hard to hit skill.
- // Your team will flame you for playing AP Janna

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// I go 0/18/12 for many reasons. PLEASE DO NOT FLAME ME UNTIL YOU ACTUALLY READ ANY OF THIS PLEASE! The reasons I do not go 21 points into Offensive tree is because they really only benefit you late game, where you do not do tons of damage anyways. The 10% magic penetration won’t benefit you much early game.

// The points in the Defensive tree are for a few things. Durability and veteran’s scars are needed for late game HP. You are really squishy, and we just can’t take being squishy, especially in such an easily gankable place. The Armor and Magic Resist from Hardiness and Resistance are great. Next, Initiator with your passive, Tailwind, and Swiftness from the utility tree, and your passive from Zephyr make it so that you are fast enough to not buy boots until later. Last of all, Enlightenment is 8.1% CDR you won’t have to buy, because your damage is based off of two skills, and you need them up as soon as possible.

//The points in the utility tree are obvious. Expanded Mind is quite straightforward, but the 15 seconds on Flash I do not really need, just that I need to get to the next tier. I do not take the mana regen, I take Swiftness as mentioned above. I then take Greed , the only reason I have gone so far into this talent tree. It gives you the early game income necessary to dish out your damage early game. Durp.

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power
  • : // The 15 extra AP makes your early game that much better.
  • : // Magic penetration. Because we didn’t take the 9 points in offensive tree.
  • : // So that you don't get demolished by Ap Carries.
  • : // We need mana regen to sustain. You many also use greater seal of replenishment if you feel like only your early game is lacking strength. If you feel like, however, you are okay with having less mana, take Greater Seal of Armor for the obvious.. armor.

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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells

[Flash]: // This spell makes you that much harder to kill because you are pretty damn squishy. With this you can hop over many walls of the Twisted Treeline. This is your last resort, if you somehow don’t manage to escape with Howling Gale, Eye Of The Storm, and Monsoon.

[Heal]: // What the? Heal? Really? This skill allows you to be a ganking monster in the early game. Those few recalls or deaths that you didn’t have will affect the late game a lot. Also, use this to keep your teammates alive enough for another Eye Of The Storm

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Ability Explanation

Ability Explanation
  • Tailwind: // This passive does not seem like much, but it will add up to a sizeable amount early game and late game. Do NOT underestimate this passive.

  • Howling Gale (Q): // This ability is so good in so many ways and works so well with your abilities. Land this after you have slowed an opponent, or charge it up to kill a whole creep wave while walking away to do something else. Note: If you actually manage to hit an enemy champion with this fully charged, it will deal a **** load of damage.

  • Zephyr (W): // This is your nuke and your slow at the same time, and at level 9 it slows by 48%! This skill is also amazing your it’s passive, and will make you so fast early game that you will NOT NEED BOOTS. That’s right folks. NOTE: THIS SKILL TECHNIQUELY SLOWS YOU BUY HALF OF WHAT YOU ARE SLOWING BY.

  • Eye of the storm (E): // This skill shields for so much damage late game your opponents will feel like that aren’t accomplishing anything. Also, when placed on your AD Carry, they will rip through enemies. With 0.9 Scaling, this is a beast late game.

  • Monsoon (R): // The final compliment to Janna, the CC Queen. This skill knock backs a huge amount, and can be used to separate teams, or run away. The heal is not bad either, with 1.4 Scaling when channeled the whole amount. This is what will secure your kills when ganking.

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Howling Gale

//This section is specifically for:

//This skill defines Janna, and decided whether or not you succeed, based on your skills for landing this. It is relatively easy to predict your opponents path with such a big area this skill covers, however, there are some mentionable things.

//1. Is your teammate coming, does he have a stun? If he stuns you and you miss your Howling Gale, you may have just lost a kill.
//2. You slow from Zephyr. If it is applied, how much is it going to slow the opponent?
//3. Any other external sources. Examples would be your laning partners slow, or if you are attacking Nidalee or Kassadin, take into account their mini flash.

I hope this Picture helps you with the range of the Howling Gale. The knock-up does not have to have the tornado pass the enemy champion, only be on, so it will knock-up everything up to the tip of the arrow.


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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence Order
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

// The skilling order is quite simple. You need to max Zephyr as soon as possible. With the insane slow on this skill, no enemies can get away. This also does a ton of damage. Now why do I max this first? Let’s see our possibilities.

// Howling Gale. This skill is unreliable and requires luck to hit, because it travels soooo slow. In fact, usually this only hits when double tapped because every good player can dodge it.

// Eye Of The Storm, this skill is for a Support Janna. I max this skill second after getting one point in Howling Gale because the shield begins to have its effectiveness increased, due to 0.9 ratio scaling.

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  • : // I get this first to build into a quick kage’s lucky pick for the gold per 10 seconds boost. This is helpful because it allows early income to get going. I also build this into the much needed Deathfire Grasp if the situation allows me to.
  • Kage's Lucky Pick: // This is for the 25 AP and the 5 gold per 10 seconds. This early in the game, it gives you a lot of money and eventually pays for itself, and also helps your early damage output. We also build this because I do not want to build straight into a rabadon’s deathcap because the 30% bonus isn’t much yet.
  • : // This item is so good because it increases your damage output. There is no question about it, every AP Carry should get it unless they are planning to go really tanky for a reason. After getting this, Howling Gale should demolish creep waves really fast.
  • : // It is explained in an above section about why I buy these so late. It is also not worth the gold to upgrade these, they are normally upgraded for the 20 speed, that we do not need.

  • : // This item gives you what you need. You may argue, in fact, that it gives you more survivability than let’s say, Rod of Ages because you escape tools will be up faster, allowing you to use them more. However, the main reason I am buying this is because late game, we really need the CDR, because our damage output will start to dwindle owing to the fact we only have two damaging abilities.

  • : // Buy this item if you have another AP on your team and they are doing well, so it isn’t wasted money if they are feeding. You should have an AP on your team, so yeah. It will also heal you upon using your Zephyr, which is nice. But it’s mainly for the aura.
  • : // This would be my recommended item to buy last. It gives you everything you need. It allows you to initiate with Monsoon without dying, and allows you to survive that bit longer waiting for your Cooldowns. This also gives you 100 AP, and armor. Yum.
  • : // Because Janna lacks damage late game, having only Howling Gale and Zephyr, this may be a great item to take. However, there’s no point in taking it if your opponent can demolish you right after you use it. Take this if you are sure you can use it without taking huge risks or dying. Also use this against tanky people, as it scales off their HP. Another disadvantage about this item is that since this is Twisted Treeline, we will not stack too much AP, and we will only get around 25-30% of their HP (after magic resist). If you do intend to buy this though, it costs less because of our early kage’s lucky pick.

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// This guide is really not here to teach you about how to play the game. However, it is important that you ward and such because you will suffer if you don’t. Why? In the twisted treeline, you would not believe how easy it is to be ganked.

// Gold is not that important. Each time you recall, buy a sight ward. Place it at red buff, it will save lives of all your teammates.

// learn how to use Vision Ward. This can get you so much gold back in successful kills, however if you just waste it, it will slow down your build. If you want to test if your opponent has warded red, you can move forward and see their reactions to you.

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Early Game

//Early game is when you are at your strongest because you are very hard to counter. Start with your Zephyr, a huge slow for such a low level, plus a lot of damage. You can then use Howling Gale, which is strongest at low levels due to poor scaling. (it has a bonus damage per second charged, that doesn’t increase from AP.) Of course, do not forget to use Eye Of The Storm when possible.
Mid Game

//Your mid game is still quite strong. Be sure that once you have your ultimate you feed your team as much as possible. Hit them with Zephyr, then Howling Gale, and finally Monsoon. If you are confident with your aim, you can let the Howling Gale charge up as you knock them back with Monsoon, dealing a ton of extra damage.
Late Game

// Late game is when your ability starts to dwindle, and is why AP Janna can never be considered an AP Carry. This is also why everyone who uses Ap Janna disregards her and assumes she sucks. However, we counter this changing our playstyle. Play as a support carry, who damages on cooldown of Howling Gale and Zephyr but shields and increases her carries damage with Eye Of The Storm. If you are going to lose, you can reset a whole teamfight with Monsoon, taking into fact that none of your teammates have died yet of course. Also, janna can make sure that instead of your team getting aced, you can run away after one of your teammates dies.

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//When you chase, you first land your Zephyr. Which is quite obvious. But you cannot do much more, and you should not use your Howling Gale unless you are 99% sure you can get the kill, and your teammates are near.

//The bad thing about Howling Gale is that in order for it to have good range, it needs to be charged, meaning it isn’t the greatest for chasing enemies.

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Running Away

Running Away

//Janna has good escape in her own way. I will describe a few situations which you can be in.

//A ranged is chasing you. Unless you are about to die in one hit, land a Zephyr and then run away. Cast Howling Gale then Eye Of The Storm, these are handy because they do not require a cast time. This should allow you to get away.

//A tank or melee is chasing you. They are right beside you autoattacking you and you are going to die soon. Cast Howling Gale first for the knock up and while they are knocked up cast Zephyr. Run away. If you cannot, monsoon devastates AD Carries easily. Be sure to Zephyr before a Monsoon though.

//A Group of people are chasing you. Just throw Howling Gale and protect yourself with Eye Of The Storm then wish for the best. Remember, Zephyr slows you by 24%, plus wastes time casting.

//If last comes to last, Flash away. Do not go into a situation intending to use this to get away unless you are 100% sure you are not going to be ganked, and 100% you are going to get a kill/ assist. This is your LAST RESORT.

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// Janna does not need much farm if you play her well, and get your assists like you should be. If you are lacking on gold, it is your fault. YOU did not gank top lane.

//Seriously now, to farm early game all you have to do is autoattack and Zephyr when they get close. Do not intend to engage yourself in 1vs1 because Janna is really not the greatest champion for this. However, this is not saying you cannot harass, because go ahead you are so good at it. Pop your Howling Gale before you land your Zephyr and run away. They can’t do anything while slowed and knocked up.


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Team Compositions

//You could be the best player in the world, and still lose because your champions your teammates picked sucked. For example, a horrible composition would be;
Janna, Teemo and Volibear. This is because teemo is squishy, and volibear does not do enough damage.

//I am going to say something, whether you like it or not. Twisted Treeline is not balanced, and even though it may not be fun, picking Tryndamere is the best option. Janna is so good at feeding teammates, and a fed Tryndamere on twisted treeline = gg.

//So a good example of a team would be something like Tryndamere and Brand or Xerath or what ever AP Carry you want. I specifically mentioned brand because his stun is so easy to land with Janna.


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// Thank you for reading my guide, hopefully it will make you a better Janna Player! As everyone knows, this is a guide in process so please tell me If I do something wrong.

// I will be glad to explain anything in this guide if it helps. Please do not troll downvote this guide unless you have a legit reason that actually makes sense. It is in my best interest to make this guide better, so do not say LOLOL THIS GUIDE SUCKS. GIVE ME A REASON.

Credits to jhoijhoi for the template, which you can find here.a