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Thresh Build Guide by DestinyIceLoL

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DestinyIceLoL

[5.12] [SUPPORT] Thresh - How to be Madlife

DestinyIceLoL Last updated on June 28, 2015
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Hello, my name is Destiny Ice and I'm a support main who loves to play Thresh. I know a lot of you have seen Pro supports making amazing plays, and I'm here to teach you how. In this guide I'll go through the playstyles and tips & tricks to improve your accuracy at hooking and predictions.

Also, if you do like this guide and/or have any improvements I can make comment and vote up this guide :)

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Early Game

As Thresh, your level 1 is very hard to get a kill in lane (but good for invading), however as soon as you hit level 2 and get your e you want to go for a hook and zone them off the creeps. Don't be afraid to take a bit of poke as you have 3 biscuits which is plenty. A cool trick that I sometimes do is to throw my lantern out as if we're getting a gank when we're not as this zones them away from the creeps.

What you don't want to do in lane, is spam your q and go oom, only ever use it if you know you will hit as when your oom you are pretty much useless. Thresh has no hard counters and can lane with and against pretty much anyone, however there are better matchups. Once you get your mobi boots you can try and roam mid and top a bit, but don't get so far behind in xp that you get one shot when you go back to lane.

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Mid Game

At this point you should be walking around the map a lot, unless you lost lane. Just leave your ADC to farm most of the time. You should start looking to group with your team and getting turrets.

Basically at this point just group, look for picks etc. Another point is that you should ALWAYS make sure you can get drakes if your not behind, 5th one = GG.

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Late Game

At this point you want to almost always be with your team/adc. This is pretty much at the point where it's just teamfights, and the best way to win them is to start them with a catch. So go for hooks on their squishies/carries. If you don't know how to teamfight as a support look at the "How to Teamfight" section.

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How to Teamfight

In teamfights you always want to be in a place that you can peel for the ADC if need be. You can make a hook, flay them into your team, and then go back to the ADC. This is because Thresh is great at peeling if you hit the flays and hooks. However, when you cannot get to your ADC, you want to just keep them off the closest damage dealer you have. This is what a teamfight SHOULD be like.

Top/Jungle (Frontline)

Support (Peel)
Mid/ADC (Damage/Backline)

If you teamfight like this it creates a barrier that should be able to keep the enemy frontline off you backline.

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Tips and Tricks

This is the section where I tell you lot of tips to become a great Thresh!

Tip 1: During early game fake a gank. What I mean by this is throw your lantern out as if your getting ganked, this zones them. Just make sure the jungler is not in vision of there team.

Tip 2: People like ez will generally e away in a straight line. Not go up. So if you're predicting remember that. Also Leblancs will almost always go back to their distortions when you hook, so go for that.

I will work on adding more, I hope you liked the guide :)