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Aatrox Build Guide by TheRealGir

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheRealGir

5.20[Diamond][Updated] Aatrox, The True Dunk master Emerges

TheRealGir Last updated on October 10, 2015
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Welcome to my guide wooooooooo

Welcome to my Aatrox guide that will hopefully fill your needs as both a build and a basic guide on how to play the champion. Feel free to skip around to the parts you are actually looking for and leave a comment if you have any questions. And also, the standard item build, though it is standard, should not be used every single game. You should always change your items around depending on the aspects of the game you are in and make sure you have all the things you need to avoid becoming useless or getting instakilled and feeding.

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Pros and cons

Stop stealing my ****ing pros and cons for your stupid ****ing guide


-Heavy free sustain thanks to Blood Thirst / Blood Price

-Gap closer with crowd control with Dark Flight

-Really nice slow in Blades of Torment

-Nice nuke plus a massive steroid with Massacre

-So many free stats with Blood Well Massacre Blood Thirst / Blood Price

-Overpowered revival passive, Blood Well

-Decent cooldowns


-Will be nerfed, Updated, got nerfed ty riot

-Melee carry, Get fed or get ****ed

-Unreliable gap closer Dark Flight if you aren't very good at skill shots

-Abilities cost health, but his Blood Thirst / Blood Price will get it back since it's broken right now, update: not that broken anymore

-Very expensive itemization, requires very good farm or kills to get the items when you are going to need them.

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Summoner spells

Summoner spells can be game changing at times, so try to make sure you take the right ones for the occasion.

Take flash ignite every game or smite instead of ignite if jungling. Flash is by far the best summoner spell in the game and will allow you to make massive amounts of plays. Ignite will allow you to nuke people early game and shut down any life stealers later on and still do good damage.

Take teleport if you dont think you're good enough to snowball lane as soon as possible, it will allow you to stay in lane forever with your sustain and assist your team if needed, MAKE SURE YOU TP ON THE ****ING TOWER IF YOU GO BACK TO LANE IT LOWERS THE CD A **** TON DONT BE THAT NOOB.

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Greater Mark of Attack Speed

Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed

Greater Seal of Health

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
Full attack speed reds and quints take full advantage of your W passive which is what aatrox revolves around. I take either armor or flat HP yellows for early game survivability and flat MR glyphs

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21-9-0 refer to my mastery page titled aatrox on my league profile for more indepth **** you can use your brain for once jackass

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Item Sequence

Ravenous Hydra

Berserker's Greaves

Blade of the Ruined King

Randuin's Omen

Spirit Visage

Guardian Angel

Hydra is a must have it makes your wave clear insane with a large damage boost once you get tiamat as well as the extra life steal. I usually go into a Blade of the ruined king next or a defensive item if they have all AD or AP. then I will either go Bloodthirster or guardian angel to be unkillable. pick up randuins or spirit visage at some point to not get instagibbed. Also get zerker greaves after hydra

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Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18


Blood Well -

This passive is pretty simple but rather overpowered in my opinion. It is pretty much a Zac passive Cell Division minus the ability to actually reduce the amount healed or kill the target during the healing process. Not only that but Aatrox gains passive attack speed based on how much blood is in his pool. I do not really see why they would make his passive like this after just releasing Zac with a similar, yet clearly weaker passive. It heals for a little over half the HP bar when filled all the way and is activated upon hitting 0 Health. overall very helpful and will make Aatrox a pain to kill.

Dark Flight.
Aatrox's gap closer and crowd control effect all wrapped into one, it's like a skill shot version of Alistar's Headbutt + Pulverize combo. Since this skill is mostly for the utility you should only put one point in it early and max it last.

Blood Thirst / Blood Price UPDATED: MAX 2nd
This ability is, in my opinion, his best ability. It is a passive that you can re-activate to change to it's other state. The first component is Blood Thirst, this gives a massive heal every third hit, much like Xin Zhao's Battle Cry. This will keep you healthy in lane as long as you can get to your minions. When Aatrox goes below 50% HP the healing amount TRIPLES, that's right folks, triples, im not joking here. This means in extended fights Aatrox should be able to out damage and heal most champs making him a great duelist.

The second part of this ability is Blood Price, and like the name would suggest this passive costs HP, at that cost you gain a heavy amount of extra damage every third auto attack. This bonus damage, along with the healing part, scale off of bonus AD which is pretty crazy. With this passive combined with a nice mix of attack speed, AD, and crit damage, you will burst extremely hard with just your auto attacks.

Blades of Torment UPDATE: max 1st
This ability is a very nice slow with some pretty decent damage, it is a new skill shot that starts out as two lines and comes together into a point at the end of its path. This ability's slow has increased length as it scales, max first to poke a **** ton in lane
Aatrox's Ultimate, this ability not only does a large AoE nuke but will also gain a heavy amount of attack speed and his auto attack range with be increased, this ability lasts for quite some time and it also has a nice 1:1 AP ratio on it making an AP on hit build pretty decent on him. This ability combined with his W and passive attack speed will make him a beast at dueling, he will gain so much health while dealing great amounts of damage.

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How to play


When you are laning as Aatrox you want to try and force trades often, with your high natural sustain you can heal back anything as long as you can safely hit the minions for lifesteal. Your opponent will likely not have the sustain you have since you W is very powerful. Once you have some lifesteal from items you can press this playstyle even more, but ward up and watch out for ganks, you can't sustain back if you get instakilled by their jungler and top.

Mid Game - Team fights

At this point you should have a few of your core items depending on how well you are farming and your kills. This is about the point grouping will occur and team fights begin. Aatrox has great teamfighting capabilities with his AoE abilities and crowd control.

Your main goal should usually be to burst their AD or AP carry down fast, depending on which one is a bigger threat. Sometimes their front line is a bigger issue then their carries though so you should try to peel for your carries with your CC and take out the biggest threat first. Your going to want to try and get near the enemies without blowing your Dark Flight instantly as they will just respond with an escape of their own. Try and Slow them with your Blades of Torment and beat them till they flash or jump away then Dark Flight after them. Try to use your Massacre when you think the fight is going to start to get the full effect in the team fight.

Late game

At this point Baron Nashor and inhibs are going to be your main focus, along with just ending the game that is. Keep Sight ward and Vision Ward up on baron at all time and if there is a proper opening go for it, make sure there is little to no risk or you will throw the game right then and there. Once you have a clear advantage (baron, inhibs taken, massive gold lead) you are going to want to press this advantage to wrap up the game. If one lane is pushing with inhib down push down other lanes so they will not focus on protecting that lane. If you have Baron then just siege down towers with the health rejen. Beware, baron doesn't make you invincible so don't just tower dive for no reason. If you can make proper plays and work with your team pushing advantages you should be able to walk away a winner.

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The end. For good.UPDATE: IM BACK HAHAHA

Well this has been another guide by me, TheRealGir("hi im gir"- ingame name), best guide maker ever. I have just now decided I will never be returning to Mobafire. I understand why it gets so much hate and is considered the worst build site for league. You people prefer **** filled guides that detail how to ward over and over as long as it has proper coding and pretty little pictures on it. I don't know if you people have picked up a book that was not meant for a six year old, but they are just pure text. No colorful pictures to help your feeble minds. You all suck and will stay in bronze and silver forever.
Good day. Update: Hi moba fire I have returned now as a diamond player to once again bestow upon thee my grand knowledge. Feel free to attempt to comprehend the things I bring to your feeble minds. Feel free to add me in game if you want any direct help