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Twisted Fate Build Guide by FlyingWalrusMan

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League of Legends Build Guide Author FlyingWalrusMan

[5.8] Playing the Cards in your Favor.

FlyingWalrusMan Last updated on May 8, 2015
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Threats to Twisted Fate with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Lulu You can bully lulu around for quite some time as she scales up, use this to win lane.
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Greetings Summoner!

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Greetings Mobafire user,my name is FlyingWalrusMan, and I have been actively been playing league since s3. I am currently Gold V, but have been held back by collage. Any recommendations on how to improve this guide are much appreciated. If you do down vote please leave a reason why so I can fix the issue. In this guide I hope to introduce you to one of the terrors of solo que.

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Pros / Cons


+Long range damage
+Safe farming
+Short cd stun
+Amazing wave clear
+Great split pushing potential
+Game changing ult

-Weak in lane
-Can be killed quickly in fights
-High skill cap
-Ult can be interrupted

Twisted Fate although he can be countered in lane, can easily farm due to Wild Cards and Pick a Card. The utility on Pick a Card makes it one of the best abilities in the game and can turn teamfights around. Thanks to his wave clear with Red Card plus Wild cards, and his ult he can split push with ease. Forcing an enemy to come to deal with you, then using Destiny to join in a teamfight making it 5v4 is one of the reasons teams have headaches playing against TF.

Twisted Fate is is really susceptible to early ganks, and can be put behind early.In teamfight your positioning is key as you can dish out a lot of AoE damage, but you will go down fast. TF has a very high skill cap which is a dual edge sword, In the beginning you will most likely not do well, however stick with it and you will be an unstoppable force on the Rift.

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21 OFFENSE 9 into Defense or Utility

sp M
//21 points into offense just enhances your trade potinal in lane, and helps you to deal as much damage as you can early. Be sure to grab Blade Weaving and Arcane Blade . Due to the changes to Lich bane, these masteries help you to output almost the same amount of damage with you aa, and spells. After that you can grab 9 into Utility or Defense as you see fit, I personally run with Utility as it helps keep your summoners up, and the bonus move speed really helps Twisted Fate. Plus, biscuits keep you in lane longer, and taste better.

Q:But WalrusMan. You say to go into Utility, but I am going against an Assassin. Should I still go with Utility or is it ok to go with Defense?
//This is a good question. And it really depends on how confident you are with TF. If you have just started out then it might be better to go with Defense. TF is very squishy and will go down very fast if you make a mistake. So the answer to this question is to use what you feel is best for against who are playing. But overall it is generally better to go with Utility.

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Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

Greater Seal of Health

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

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Really you should be picking in 99% of your games, it has disengage, engage, escape. This is the standard for all other spells.
The combo of flash/ghost gives a non mobile champ, mobility. Ghost can give the upper hand by getting into position for Destiny. See chapter on Destiny for more.
Both of these can be substituted with Ghost. Ignite can be used when you feel that you can win lane and pick up a few kills. Teleport can be used to get around the map even more ,and make team constantly play passive as the threat of you jumping into lane and swinging that lane in your teams favor.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence Order

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

> > >
We want to max Destiny first, as this is the siginture of TF. After Destiny you want to max out Wild Cards as it does the most damage and can be used to to both bust down someone, and to poke and siege. Pick A Card is next up as is provides TF's only cc, but it does provide a lot of it, with a slow, a stun, and mana regeneration. Stacked Deck is nice for burst, but right now is a bit lack luster in terms of TF's other abilities.

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Skill Explanations

Loaded Dice: Loaded Dice may not be the flashiest of passives, puts TF ahead in gold almost no matter what. Extra gold after every minion is just OP.

Wild Cards: TF throws out 3 cards out in front of him, dealing AP damage to all targets it hits. Also it can hit the same target more then once.Your going to max out Wild Cards as it is your highest damage source.It scales very well with AP as the game goes on, and makes Tf a force in teamfights.
Tips and Tricks
  • Use Wild Cards to push waves and split push.
  • Can be used to farm safely if you get behind.
  • If used up close more then one card can hit, doing more damage.

Pick a card: Pick a Card is a three part ability and will separate the good TF's from the great's. Just remember to pick a card by reactivating the ability when the desired card is on screen. the order in which the cards go are, Blue Red Gold

Blue Card:is the highest damaging card making it useful for level 1 trades. Also, Blue Card gives you back a portion of mana depending on AP and level of the ability.

Red Card: Applies a AOE slow that radiates out from the initial target. Red Card is not really used unless for pushing as it is the only AOE card.

Gold Card Stuns the target for 1 second at level 1, and 2 seconds at level 5. This is your team-fighting/trading/skirmish, card. You will want to pull this card 99% of the time.

Tips and Tricks
  • Use Blue card to gain mana before using Destiny, as it has a high mana cost.
  • Using Red Card+Wild Cards to push waves is extremely effective and kill an entire wave.
  • Be sure to throw you Gold Card as soon as you pick it, as people will run for the hills when you do pull it.
  • By keeping Pick A Card active almost all the time you can keep your lane opponent on their toes. But be careful, as soon as you throw your card you opponent WILL TRY TO JUMP ON YOU, SO BACK UP. This a common mistake.

Stacked Deck:Not the flashiest ability but having and extra bit of burst damage is always nice.

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Item Sequence

Rabadon's Deathcap

Zhonya's Hourglass

Luden's Echo

Above are the two items that depending on what style of TF you are playing you will want to get as you first or second items. If you Coward TF build a Rabadon's Deathcap. If playing Gambler TF getting a Zhonya's Hourglass is a must to engage fights and make plays for your team.

If you are behind sorcerer's shoes are a great way to make sure you damage is getting through.

Athene's Unholy Grail is probably the best items for mages eairly on, MR plus CDR plus AP, PLUS mana regen. What more do I need to say?

This item is great in the current health meta. Reducing summoner heals and support heals, while adding CDR, AP, and mana regen is insane. Unfortunatly this item has fallen to more of an stiuation item, but still a strong pick.

If you want to pump out as much damage and are going to stay in the back,aka play the coward TF style. Rabadon's is the way to go. Nothing wrong with out putting as much AP damage as possible early on.

Still a good item even after the nerfs. The extra damage you get from the spellblade still can catch people off guard.

Eneimes stacking MR? Get your void staff here! All jokes aside this is one of the best late game items to pick up as a mage.

If going Gambler TF, rush this item instead of Rabadon's Deathcap. This item will allow to go in gun-ho into the enemy back line and take out a squishy.

A good defence item to get if the enemy team has say a and a .

When all else fails GA. The second life you get is almost unbeatable by any other item. allowing you to make ballsy plays with out dyeing, hopefully.

Want to one shot someone? DFG has got you covered, just remember to use it...

Twin shadows is more of a utility item then anything else. The vision it grants can save you, or your teams life.

Good against dual AP team comps. The MR shred is always nice as well

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Gameplay. How to stack the Deck.

How to win lane and carry games.

Early Game

Early game consists of FARMING, not harass. TF is very weak levels 1-4, so just stay back keep even in farm and wait for the gold to roll in.
Now that you are level 5 the fun begins. Try to keep Pick A Card active at all times. This will keep your lane opponent guessing on what card you are going to use, Blue to farm, or Gold to harass. A basic harass combo from TF looks like this.


Simple right? You can also add Stacked Deck to the party. To do this stack up three AA on minions, then Gold card Stun, followed by Wild Cards and your AA to proc Stacked Deck. This is a very good combo to burst someone down and get a solo kill in lane.

Mid Game

You have now hit level six and have one to kills, congratulations. Now head to base buy some items, ans head back to mid. Push the wave in using red card/Wild Cards, and look to gank Bot or Top lane. More info on Destiny in the Destiny chapter. Needless to say use it whenever you get the chance. Also look to skirmish with you jungler and or top laner.

Late Game

This is a major power spike for TF, if you haven't already, start split-pushing. You will force someone on the enemy team to stop your push, then you can ult behind the rest of the enemy team with your team following up to devastate them in a 4v5. This is one of the most satisfying things to do with TF. In Teamfights however stay in the back line a throw those Wild Cards only use Pick A Card when safe to do so.


Team fights are very important for TF, most people think that TF isn't team-fighter but that Wild Cards can chunk down squishy targets and with some Magic pen can take town tanks as well. Just position yourself as far back as possible while still being able to throw the cards effectively.

Tips and Tricks
  • Remeber to watch your mana. A manaless TF is about as good as AD Syndra.
  • Don't get too close to the front line, and only use your stun when safe to do so.
  • REMEMBER TO KITE! All of your damage is burst to stun/Q, Stun/Q. over and over again.

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A Date With Destiny

An now we get to it, the thing that makes TF, well TF. THIS IS NOT A GLOBAL ULT! This confuses a lot of people so don't worry, it just means you have to position yourself in order to gank another lane. Here is a representation of your ult range.

As you can see it has a very long range. and you should use it as often as you can. Bot lane especially. If you gank Bot then you can get an almost free dragon as well as maybe a tower, this can swing the game in your favor massively. Always try to ult in behind your opponent to cut them off so they have to chose eating a Gold from you, or facing their lane opponents.

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Final words.

Thank You for taking the time you read my guide, this is my first guide on mobafire. If you have any feed back on the guide please leave a comment and I will try to respond to it as soon as I can. Have a Wonderful day and good luck in solo Q!