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Twisted Fate Build Guide by CrossTheBrij

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League of Legends Build Guide Author CrossTheBrij

52 Pick up (AD Carry for Twisted Treeline)

CrossTheBrij Last updated on May 27, 2014
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Hello hello, this is CrossTheBrij and this is my first League of Legends guide so pardon my noobness (Constructive criticism is always welcome!)

I'm not a great player but I enjoy playing as Twisted Fate and I figured I'd throw in my own 2 cents in here and show you guys my build. I primarily play Twisted Treeline for the main reason that matches are usually shorter and less ground to cover. This is my preferred build and I've had a lot of enjoyment out of it. Of course I'm not pro and wouldn't be surprised if this build/guide is torn up about it, but hey, that's how we learn and maybe someone else will try it out and love it as much as I do!
(By the way, Gambit is my favorite X-men!)

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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Other Champions

/\ Massive damage with high attack speed
/\ Can have very good survivability through life steal
/\ Great map presence with Destiny
/\ Good poking range with Wild Cards
/\ Extra moneys through starting passive Loaded Dice
/\ Able to stun, and slow
/\ Can self sustain mana if needed
/\ Get to hear the QQ of the enemy champions

\/ Very squishy early game
\/ A bit micro intensive
\/ Stun, slow and mana regen are all under one skill
\/ Slow base movement speed compared to a lot of champions (no OP Teemo waddling skills)
\/ Play style can be a bit tricky and challenging, especially if not done right

Other Champions:
They're ugly. Kill them all.

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Masteries (What is says to the left)

Masteries are pretty simple, Ability Point boosts won't really help to much. The added armor and health are always useful and based on your preferences and gameplay experiences, you can swap it out for the magical resistance. If you find yourself getting hit too hard, you could try 9/21/0 set up but I don't think the damage output will be that great with that setup.

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Magical Rocks (Runes)


Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed
Runes are an interesting field as they give you bonuses right from the get-go.

I like using Attack Damage Marks (I've also used attack speed marks and love the early boost). The damage helps quite a bit early on and makes taking down enemies that much easier, simple as that.

As for seals, I prefer Armor seals. Twisted Fate is pretty squishy and the armor really helps with keeping him alive. Health is nice but it seems to get shredded way too quickly on twisted treeline and being AD, you won't have a zhonyas to make yourself immune to damage.

Glyphs - I go with magic resistance. The other available stats aren't very great for an attack damage user and you usually will have SOMEONE on the other team that'll be hitting you with magic damage.

Quintessences, attack speed is what use, but you can use what you feel you need whether it be attack damage, attack speed, armor penetration or something defensive.

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Yes we do some showcase magic too! (Spells)

The two spell I recommend are Flash and Ignite.

Flash allows you to instantly teleport a small distance to wherever your mouse courser is. It can be used to chase down an enemy or to get away, pretty simple. It works nice in combination with Gold Card to swoop right in in a "Flash" and get the quick stun!

Ignite is useful for killing enemies. It does "true damage" so armor and magic resistance are ignored on the enemy champion. I also reduces the effects of healing so hey, they heal less when they try. I prefer to use it on running enemy champions, especially if you know they're about to leave your line of site and you can't do anything about it.

I have seen some people use Barrier but I don't recommend it unless you are having a hard time surviving early in the game. Barrier is a typical ADC spell though so if you prefer to stay with this for the safety, by all means go ahead.

Ghost works well as it increases your movement speed (and if you're not high enough for flash, it's pretty useful to catch up or run away from champions).

Exhaust is a spell I used to use before, it's not bad per-say but I prefer to use Flash and Ignite. Exhaust slows the enemy champion down and they deal less damage but 2.5 seconds isn't much in my opinion but hey, if it works for you, who am I to argue?

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Slight of hand tricks (Skills)

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Now I'll probably get blasted for this but my skill sequence if VERY different from most users.

Twisted Fate doesn't have the highest range for his Auto Attack so I prefer to start off with Wild Cards.
Wild Cards allows me to:

1. Last hit mobs that have low health
2. Hit enemy champions and keep them from charging without having to move forward to auto attack
3. Hit multiple mobs at once (when they're close to you)

Wild Cards is completely based on your Ability Power stat so I keep it last for leveling.

Next I put a point into Pick A Card, a very useful skill. Pick A Card can do one of three things.
1. Restore some of your mana and deals the most damage (Blue Card)
2. Stun an enemy unit, deals the least amount of damage (Gold Card)
3. Slow down a group of units, deals moderate amount of damage (Red Card)

As you can see, Twisted Fate can be quite versatile but it takes a little getting used to to pick the exact card you want and need, and is a great skill to have (One that I have yet to master). These three cards rely heavily on your Attack Damage stat, 1:1 ratio believe it or not! So they can hit pretty hard!

Maxing out Stacked Deck is my favorite. It's a passive ability which deals extra magic damage on every fourth attack. Although we're not concerned with the Ability Power, the extra damage is useful, but the most important part of it, is that it permanently increases your attack speed AND reduces your skill cooldowns a bit, allowing you to use Pick A Card more frequently.

Destiny is Twisted Fate's ulti, and man do enemy champions shudder at the site of it. Essentially, Twisted Fate reveals all the enemy champions (for the most part) and can teleport to any place 5,500 meters away. On Twisted Treeline, that's A LOT of ground that can be covered. This is a great skill to use to surprise enemy champions, help out an allied champion if they're in trouble, or sometimes I find myself using it on an enemy that's running away or isolated. It works the best of course when you coordinate with your team for super op ganks! Also, you can activate Pick A Card while you are teleporting and have a gold or red card ready to strike as soon as you pop up! Now that results in some QQ.

Last but not least, Twisted Fate's personal passive, Loaded Dice. Loaded Dice is simple, every last hit you get, they get an extra 1-6 gold randomly, simple as that. Nothing more to that, but it does add up, especially if you're good at last hitting! Due to this, you get an average of about 3 gold per last hit which will help you out even if you are a little behind on gold or help you a great deal if you're a last hit machine!

Note: Most people chose to put their first point into Pick A Card over Wild Cards which makes early aggression easier, especially with the play style of players on the Twisted Treeline. Feel free to get Pick A Card before Wild Cards if you find it more useful to you, or wish to start off more aggressive. Twisted Fate's early killing potential though isn't very high but gold card is very good for getting that early first blood and 300 coins for your team.

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The 52 Cards (Items)

I'm not expert but being a new player, this build has made TF a little more fun (and useable) early game for me. Doran's Blade is used until all my slots are filled, I swap it out for what's needed in the current fight depending on what the other team is using. I prefer to get my attack speed up early, hence the use of the Recurve Bow. Of course, if you can't afford that on your return back to base, feel free to grab a Dagger! Runaan's Hurricane is a personal favorite of mine to use with Twisted Fate. It makes minion farming MUCH easier as your attack has a spread, allows you to hit enemy champions that are out of range of you normal attack if they are next to one of their minions and just whips up your attack speed by a nice bit!

Going along, in Twisted Treeline, the Sanguine Blade is a great item to use as it gives attack damage along with life steal and a nice mini passive which isn't hard to keep maxed out. I prefer to get the Vampiric Scepter first for the life steal (and you're most likely to have the cash for it before the B. F. Sword). The Lightbringer is the next big item I like to get, the passives are nice and it helps keep you alive with armor and more life steal! The order of purchase for it is you're preference and you do need to see how you are doing, if you find yourself not hitting hard enough, the Pickaxe is probably the better to go with first, if you find yourself a bit squish, then the Vampiric Scepter followed by Grez's Spectral Lantern would probably be a better fit.

The Berserker's Greaves are situational, I get them early if I find myself too slow and later if the enemy doesn't seem to go after you much. The attack speed boost is nice from it as well! The next two items, Infinity Edge and Maw of Malmortius are very nice items in my opinion for Twisted Fate. The Infinity Edge will help you hit very hard, and when you crit, especially with Stacked Deck, it will be like getting hit by a truck. The Maw of Malmortius adds to your attack damage and adds some Magic Resistance which helps with survivability.

You can substitute the Maw of Malmortius and/or Infinity Edge (recommend to keep that though) for something like Last Whisper, Mercurial Scimitar, Frozen Mallet, Blade of the Ruined King or The Black Cleaver. Last Whisper is nice if the enemy is getting a lot of armor, Mercurial Scimitar if you (unlike me) are good with remembering active effects on your items and find yourself getting debuffed a bit, Frozen Mallet if you need health (due to getting hit pretty hard) or need help slowing targets that are getting away (you also have red and gold card to use too, don't forget!), Blade of the Ruined King has a pretty nice damage dealing active to help you out in a tough spot, and of course, The Black Cleaver which is useful if you want to use your skills a bit more (mainly Pick a Card) but the armor debuff is a great help as well!

The 52 Pick Up is all in the cards and by the end, the enemy will be picking up quite a lot of them.

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The Grand Finale (Summary)

Twisted Fate is an amazing champion in my opinion and is my favorite to play. Just writing this has gotten me all hyped up to jump on and own some people!

Twisted Fate's power lies in his great Attack Damage capabilities, coupled with his control skills and very helpful passives. Enjoy Twisted Fate, because the enemy sure won't when they're getting WHOOPED.

You can catch me on my stream at

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Change Log

I will be updating this as I continue to play/grow/learn.
1.0 -
1.1 Added Code and other minor additions
1.2 Modified the other of items
2.0 Updated for S4 Runes and Masteries