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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


Ziggs Build Guide by RRARASKALD

[6.21] Ziggs | From Bronze to Gold

[6.21] Ziggs | From Bronze to Gold

Updated on October 22, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author RRARASKALD Build Guide By RRARASKALD 71,103 Views 0 Comments
71,103 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author RRARASKALD Ziggs Build Guide By RRARASKALD Updated on October 22, 2016
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LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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More Ziggs Runes


For now, I'm publishing this guide but constantly editing it. The biggest details of the guide are already present such as the runes, masteries, and etc, so they are available for anyone who wants to see them. If there's anything to know about me at the moment, I've just hit 560k mastery points on Ziggs and I'm in Gold 3. My goal with this guide is to make it as simple as possible and just offer as much information as the average person would want to see.
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I'll think of some witty introduction in the future.
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I used to run 13-16 magic pen in runes. I however decided it was better to have scaling AP runes for better waveclear throughout the game as well as better scaling on your passive to utterly demolish structures. I don't use flat AP quints and glyphs because they don't seem to make an incredibly large difference early game. If you took scaling AP quints however, you end up with 26.5 more AP at lategame. This isn't even a tremendously large difference, but I do like scaling AP the most for those reasons.
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This is a standard 12/18/0 mage setup. I strongly urge players who are in the habit of putting 5 points into Savagery to shift those points into Wanderer. Mentally training yourself to getting used to easier cs isn't a good thing by any means. The extra out of combat movement speed is definitely superior to Savagery since (idealistically) you will be good enough at farming that you won't need Savagery to begin with.
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Nothing just yet.
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Skill Sequence

The only thing about the skill sequence that requires an explanation is putting your first three points into your Q and W (2 into Q and 1 into W). Your Q is undeniably your best ability for laning. All Ziggs needs to score a first blood is his Q, W and auto attacks combined with his passive.
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Summoner Spells

This is something I find quite important to explain about my playstyle. Having ignite has always been a burden on Ziggs from my experience. With flash being an obvious pick, the only summoner spells I would consider are teleport, barrier, and heal. The reason for this is because I find myself killing people from afar, whether it's from a Q or ult.

Barrier is fantastic on mages due to the fact it has a lower cooldown than heal, protects you from more damage, and isn't affected by grievous wounds. It will definitely come through for you against that enemy Zed or Leblanc burst combo.

The only reason I can think of to use heal over barrier is to heal your team. The speed boost it gives isn't quite impactful enough to make it a priority over barrier.

Teleport, my favorite of the three, is always useful. You can use it to back early and buy The Lost Chapter, or teleport botlane and get a kill you couldn't possibly get otherwise. It can even be used to pull off a crazy backdoor. In my opinion, Ziggs is easily the greatest blight on enemy structures that any champion could ever hope to be. This summoner spell will not only help you backdoor, but get you to other lanes quickly so you can erase a tower from existence and get away cleanly.
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Ziggs' Spells

I'm sticking to relatively short descriptions for now.

Your key to winning your lane. Don't get to hasty with it however. Wait until you have 2-3 points in it before you start investing large sums of mana into harassment. When you do throw out your Q, make sure you try to hit a minion wave and hit the enemy laner with the AOE damage.

This is potentially my favorite Ziggs ability. It may have a tremendously long cooldown, but it's incredibly versatile (and flashy too). You can use it as extra damage to finish off an opponent and create incredible distance between you and the enemy laner or jungler.

This is your Q's sidekick when it comes to clearing waves. You should also use this to deny enemies the ability to chase you and your team and also to create area denial around Dragon and Baron when your team is trying to secure either of the two.

If you're new to Ziggs, don't fall into the trap of believing that this ability is effective at long range. Realistically, if you're shooting your ult at over half the radius of range it allows, it's safe to say that it will completely miss the enemy. The closer you are, the better. Use it on top of yourself if you're sure that you're about to be jumped on by an assassin such as Rengar or Kha'Zix. It's not very good to use at the start of teamfights, so try to save it until multiple enemies are low and utterly blow them out of existence.
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8/26/16: Changed runes, added an extra example build, and added images to the summoner spells section.

10/9/16: Changed runes again (and therefore also removed the more in depth explanation for the old runes), changed my favorite build, and added some ability descriptions.

10/19/16: Worked on masteries and ability descriptions a bit more.

10/22/16 Worked on build orders a bit more.
League of Legends Build Guide Author RRARASKALD
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[6.21] Ziggs | From Bronze to Gold

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