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Aatrox Build Guide by tehrealmc

AD Offtank 6.5 Aatrox Tank n' Spank JG(Troll but works :P)

AD Offtank 6.5 Aatrox Tank n' Spank JG(Troll but works :P)

Updated on March 22, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author tehrealmc Build Guide By tehrealmc 2,658 Views 0 Comments
2,658 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author tehrealmc Aatrox Build Guide By tehrealmc Updated on March 22, 2016
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


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The goal is to be a well-rounded threat in almost any scenario, While focusing on monster teamfight potential.

High Attack speed+on-hits, High CDR and Resistances, Low Bonus Hp.

Many details in Notes*

Sorry for the basic layout.
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Aatrox W has enough base damage and healing to only need attack speed for sufficient sustain, therefore Sated Botrk Synergize very well with it and combined offer all the damage Aatrox needs to win a game, because it's more about surviving teamfights and getting objectives.

Health is pretty bad on Aatrox because of the %hp self inflicted damage, but Spirit Visage is still very good on him and it has just enough bonus hp to make his resistances effective.

Even though it has 400 mana, Frozen Heart is the crux of this builds power. It offers as much if not more defense than Thornmail with 20% CDR which is great for sticking to targets, escaping, roaming, and uptime on Ultimate.

Botrk Fits in very well with this build, providing more sustained healing, damage, and an active slow while having low AD(this is good because his W costs Bonus AD which can actually self-inflict a lot of damage).

Last Item is somewhat flexible. I prefer Portal or GA for the High resistances and Unique passives.
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Early game you want to try avoiding risky all-ins if your passive is down, otherwise you can skirmish/trade/gank as you see fit, just try to save Q for finishing or escaping, and if you don't know where enemy jg is don't farm with hp too low without vision or a way to bail.

Having high CDR and tankiness allows you to play more aggressively mid-late game, so even without your passive you can siege effectively, but always time your Q's so you have it up when you need to fall back.

Aatrox's entire kit revolves around healing or damaging with his W, and there will be times it should be used to deal damage even without passive and about to die, and times it should be used to heal even with passive up and above half health.

There is definitely a lot of switching that needs to be done, and sated makes it more forgiving, but make no mistake, his sated healing below half health is his bread and butter, which is why he works best with attack speed, CDR, and resistances.

He gets decent waveclear with 40% CDR via his Q and E, and can be an effective split pusher as well as a menace in teamfights late game.

Just make sure your comp has an APC, and don't engage for a team who doesn't follow up, let them get caught then counter engage.
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The first 10 min are crucial to the outcome of the rest of the game, focus on safe farming, safe ganks, safe warding(get dat pink) and general safety until you get your Sated powerspike.

Remember, if you have Devourer and trade a kill for a kill, you still get a stack, so worth(a kill for a kill only, not a kill and lose a turret/dragon).
League of Legends Build Guide Author tehrealmc
tehrealmc Aatrox Guide
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6.5 Aatrox Tank n' Spank JG(Troll but works :P)

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