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Ornn Build Guide by Hotrod08

Support [7.24B] ORNN SUPPORT BUILD - Shock Frontline

Support [7.24B] ORNN SUPPORT BUILD - Shock Frontline

Updated on December 18, 2017
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hotrod08 Build Guide By Hotrod08 20,165 Views 0 Comments
20,165 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Hotrod08 Ornn Build Guide By Hotrod08 Updated on December 18, 2017
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  • LoL Champion: Ornn
    Ancient Coin Start (My Persona
  • LoL Champion: Ornn
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Hello MobaFire,

My name is Hotrod08(NA), and I am a Diamond IV Support player coming out of Season 7. When Ornn was released, I REALLY sucked with him at the beginning (way underpowered) but his buffs really helped him out, and I have since enjoyed him a lot as a champion.
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I have also made a YouTube video going over the choice of runes, as well as some game play with it. If you enjoy the video, I would absolutely appreciate any subscriptions to my channel. If you you have any questions you would like answered, either ask here or on the comments in the video and I will do my best to reply to it fast!

YouTube Profile Link: Hotrod08
Subscribe Link: Thank You Very Much!
Video Link: ORNN SUPPORT RUNES BUILD SEASON 8 (7.22) | SupportCraft
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Goal Of The Build

Our goal with this build is to give Ornn the durability to become a secondary frontline tank. Where Ornn is very useful is when you are in a game where every other person chose to be a squishy champion and you are the only one left to be the frontline for the team. This build also gives him the ability to initiate better with our first item being Righteous Glory.

Between the runes and items chosen for Ornn, he does become fairly good at being the frontline for the team.
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Why The Ancient Coin For Me?

Just to note why I personally chose Ancient Coin over Relic Shield, I find that I can make substantially more gold with Ancient Coin than Relic Shield over the course of the game. The extra mana that Ancient Coin gives in lane is helpful as well for when you are trading against the enemy laners. As I said though, this is just a personal preference and you are more than fine going Relic Shield yourself.
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Rune Choice

Primary Path: Resolve
-Aftershock: Provides Armor/MR when initiating as well as some extra damage.
-Font of Life: Gives your team 5 + 1% of your max health each time you land a Q/E/R on the enemy and when they auto attack them.
-Conditioning: More Armor/MR.
-Overgrowth: Gives you free max health whenever minions die around you.

Secondary Path: Inspiration
-Celestial Body: +100 health at the cost of 10% less damage before 10m.
-Magical Footwear: Free boots @10m, extra 10 movement speed when received. You can also take either Biscuit Delivery or Perfect Timing instead of this if you would prefer.
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Starter Items:
-I like to start with coin, as you can get more money throughout the game than going shield, and the mana coins you can get through it helps a lot through the laning phase.

First Purchases: Get Rejuvenation Bead as soon as you hit your first 150 gold, then upgrade to Nomad's Medallion (or Targon's Brace). If you are taking damage in lane, buy another Rejuvenation Bead immediately after your Nomad's Medallion/Targon's Brace. Get your Sightstone, then Sapphire Crystal, then Glacial Shroud to start your Righteous Glory.

Core Build:
-Righteous Glory: Gives you good durability early game, mana, and the ability to chase down enemy champions or provide a slow as extra peel.
-Ruby Sightstone: Good amount of health as well as wards.
-Locket of the Iron Solari: Extra durability as well as a shield to nearby allies that scales with your extra health from Righteous Glory and Ruby Sightstone.

Situational After Core:
-Gargoyle Stoneplate: General tankiness stats.
-Iceborn Gauntlet: If you are carrying as Ornn and need more damage/chase on team.
-Knight's Vow: If you have an ADC that is carrying hard.
-Warmog's Armor: A lot of Durability with Health and fast health regen.
-Spirit Visage: Good MR, health and fast health regen.
-Abyssal Mask: Good MR and sustain.
-Talisman of Ascension: Upgrade when your team needs further initiation or as your last item upgrade.
-Circlet of the Iron Solari: Don't forget your Ornn item upgrade!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hotrod08
Hotrod08 Ornn Guide
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[7.24B] ORNN SUPPORT BUILD - Shock Frontline

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