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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Kayle Build Guide by Zashin

AP Offtank (7.4)~ Freelo Kayle (A Guide to Kayle)

AP Offtank (7.4)~ Freelo Kayle (A Guide to Kayle)

Updated on February 25, 2017
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zashin Build Guide By Zashin 38,315 Views 0 Comments
38,315 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Zashin Kayle Build Guide By Zashin Updated on February 25, 2017
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Hello I am didoe6. I have played since the beta, and one of my favorite champions since then has been Kayle.

So this is a Kayle build I made designed to optimize Kayle's power. So let's get on with the guide shall we?
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Passive : Holy Fervor. This passive is what I would say one of the best in the game. Every time that Kayle auto attacks she brings down the enemy's magic resist. I LOVE this passive it makes tanks like Garen less of a problem.

Q Ability : Reckoning. This ability is a point and click projectile that deals damage on impact and as well brings down an enemy's movement speed. This can be used for kiting/trading with a lane opponent.

W Ability : Divine Blessing. this is a point and click ability that heals your allies and brings up their movement speed. This ability with Ability Power Kayle can save lives.

E Ability : Righteous Fury. This ability is what I would say is Kayle's bread and butter ability. This sets her sword aflame and increases the range of her attacks. This as well deals AoE damage so this is really good for wave clear/harass.

R Ability : Intervention. This is a skill that can make you/your allies invulnerable for a fair amount of time. Using this ability can change defeats to victories if used correctly.
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Summoner Spells

Here are some of the viable summoner spells for Kayle.

Flash is great on every champion. So you know very well to take this on Kayle.

I would say ignite is one of the best summoners for Kayle because it helps her kill in lane.

Ghost is also a very formidable summoner spell with it's movement speed buff.
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Somewhat Viable Summoner Spells (But Only Situational)

If you are in a situation where if they hit you with croud control you won't be able to impact the game...Take Cleanse

You take this if you cannot kill your lane opponent, or if they can push towers very fast. You can take this regardless but that is only if you can gank with it.

You should take this if you are up against someone who can duel you like Darius, or Tryndamere.
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Pros / Cons


. Good trading with Righteous Fury (E)

. Great utility such as her Divine Blessing and Intervention

. Performs every play style very well

. Her Righteous Fury can go through Yasuo's Wind Wall

. She destroys all evil


. Vulnerable to camps

. Low armor stat

. Bad match ups will ruin her if she is not careful

. No hard CC (All she has is a slow)

But I personally think the pros out way the cons.
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Lane Phase With Kayle

With Kayle you should focus on shoving the waves. Every time your enemy laner oversteps wack him/her with a Q and E combo. Don't be afraid to put 3 auto attacks into the mix.

I would say that on first back with ASC Kayle you should get Berserker's Greaves. But on APC Kayle you should get Stinger with Boots of Speed.

On ASC Kayle once you build Wit's end you will have your power spike. And for APC Kayle once you get Nashor's Tooth you will get your power spike.
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A cool trick with the range minions is if you hit each individual one taking advantage of the AoE of your Righteous Fury they will all die at once. This is less time consuming than killing each individual one.

A baiting trick

In lane you the way you usually farm is by using Righteous Fury. But a good way to bait your opponent in low elo is to cs by using your melee attacks. In lower elo people will think "Hey...I can all in you!". And then your jungler comes to take care of the rest.
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Skill Combo

. You over stepped combo
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The Phases

The Laning Phase

Kayle has good laning ability. However most of what you will be doing is farming up for your core items. If they overstep then do the Q-E-E-E Combo. If you need extra movement speed then use your Divine Blessing after Reckoning. If the enemy laner roams. Then call an MIA and try to take tower.

Mid Game

By now you should have your core items and are ready to fight. You are generally going to be shoving lanes and joining team fights as Kayle at this time. At any chance you might get, whack enemies with your Righteous Fury.

Late Game

This is where Kayle shines. By now you should be decimating your enemies. Any one who gets too close will knocked out. And you should have pushed up to 4 towers by now.
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The Pros of ASC/APC Kayle

Pros of ASC Kayle

. Great early game advantage

. Very hard to deny her damage

. Can get you out of elo hell easily

. Lots of attack speed

Pros of APC Kayle

. Her Divine Blessing has an AP ratio for the movement speed buff

. The longer a match lasts the stronger she gets

. Amazing burst yet very consisent

. The higher up you get in the ladder the better she gets
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The Cons of ASC/APC Kayle

Cons of ASC Kayle

. The longer a match goes the shorter her burst gets (but low elo matches typically last around 30 minutes)

. Her sustain is not very good

. Very easy to over shove a lane (but then again in low elo this should be a compliment)

Cons of APC Kayle

. Early game is not as good

. A bit easier to shut her down

. In lower ranks she is not as good because games are very short
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How to properly use Intervention (R).

On Kayle I do NOT condone using your Intervention (R) at the last second. On Kayle you have to know
How every champion does the most damage. And depending on how they do it you ult at that very moment.

For example with Veigar his burst comes from his combo. Let's say he manages to land an Event Horizon on your carry (Ashe). If you use your ultimate at that time you will have nullified his form of damage and since he burned his Event Horizon, you and Ashe successfully secure a kill.
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