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Aatrox Build Guide by NonSensePsclly

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NonSensePsclly

[8.6 Mid/Top] Climb the ranks with Midtrox! +Matchups!

NonSensePsclly Last updated on April 2, 2018
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[Mid] Wait you're going Aatrox

Aatrox Build

LoL Path: Precision
LoL Rune: Conqueror
LoL Rune: Triumph
LoL Rune: Legend: Alacrity
Legend: Alacrity
LoL Rune: Coup de Grace
Coup de Grace

LoL Path: Domination
LoL Rune: Sudden Impact
Sudden Impact
LoL Rune: Ravenous Hunter
Ravenous Hunter

+9% attack speed and +10 ability power or +6 attack damage, adaptive

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Win 51%
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Ability Sequence

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Threats to Aatrox with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Cho'Gath He can't do anything against you, really. His early damage and knockup might be extremely annoying, but after he has used his knockup, he's dead if he oversteps. He's very immobile, and squishy in the early game. Simply wait for him to blow his knockup, which he definitely will do, then all in him. Cho'Gath is also featured in the all-ins video, so take a look if you want to take a closer look into the all in. Cho'Gath is not on the list of level 1 harassing champions.
Katarina WIP Katarina is not on the list of level 1 harassing champions.
Xerath WIP Xerath is not on the list of level 1 harassing champions. (He will use abilities on the wave to push).
Yasuo Doran's shield level 1, go resolve second tree, get boneplating and chrysallis, play safe early and once you have tiamat all in him, he can't do anything against you since he relies on kiting and dodging skillshots but he can't dodge your 10000 range auto attacks. Q him only after he finishes his dash. You can predict where his dash will go, and since Yasuo's max Q since season 7, the E cooldown will be bigger than your cast time. Yasuo is not on the list of level 1 harassing champions, but be careful of his Q poke, he wins vs you level 1-4. Consider taking exhaust.
Zed Same as Talon, except that he doesn't deal any damage until level 6, after which you outscale him anyway. take exhaust. WIP Zed is not on the list of level 1 harassing champions.
Zoe If she R's, simply Q on where she will end up going back, from there it's a free kill. Zoe is not on the list of level 1 harassing champions.
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Hello Aatrox maties!
Welcome to the Midtrox guide. Yes, I know, I'm stupid and I should feel ashamed for doing this. Guess what? I'm not. This somewhat cheesy way of playing Aatrox climbed my 50% winrate butt from Diamond 5 to Diamond 3 in the span of 3 days, and I feel like I should celebrate that with sharing my knowledge to the rest of the world. This build is actually insanely strong. Why? Surprise factor. People were always surprised in toplane, but now that conquerer is in the game, I feel like I've been seeing more Aatrox mains playing him in toplane, so people aren't as suprised anymore. Midlane though, WOW. The ignorance flows in their faces when they get 100/0'd by level 2 Aatrox, or when their jungler dies insantly trying to kill you. It's amazing, truly, truly, amazing. And it will 100% win you games when played correctly.
So follow along Aatroxies, let's build ourselves a masterpiece!

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Why pick Midtrox? Pros/Cons and his Role

This question has bugged everyone for ages, but I'll clear it up for you. Here are the Pros and Cons of Aatrox!


- Great mid-late game sustain.
- Good oneshot potential at level 6, and early all in level 2.
- Underrated, so people don't expect his damage.
- Insanely good splitpushing.
- Strong 2v1.
- Easy to play safe with.
- Easy to pick up.
- Relatively easy to master.
- Can still win after feeding first blood.
- Insane late-game power in teamfights.
- Aatrox generally counters ranged champions.
- Incredibly strong diving potential.


- Very squishy early on, prone to jungle ganks.
- Easy to fall behind with.
- Can be difficult to keep track of passive.
- Easy to throw with once you have a lead.

Aatrox' Role

Midtrox' role is kind of weird. It's very cheesy, so it's quite difficult to put him in the right spot in the team. Generally I play Aatrox to completely shut down the enemy midlaner, to tilt them, and to then tilt their jungler by pushing in and taking all their camps. Aatrox has an insanely strong dive, due to his Q, R, E, Passive, what am I saying, he's called a Diver, for gods sake, he's insane! In the early game you shut down your enemy midlaner. In the midgame you take all drakes and dive the enemy botlane until they ragequit, in the lategame you delete adc's even though you're building full tank and disrupt the enemy backline so much while your team can safely clean them up. When teamfighting is a struggle, you become a second toplaner, and an insane splitpusher.

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Abilities / Skill Sequence


- This is your underrated passive. It got a minor rework recently, and it's a whole lot different than it may seem. You need to keep an eye out for your blood well as it charges up. I will be mentioning this a lot. When engaging fights, you NEED your Blood Well to be filled up; otherwise you'll lose. The Attack Speed and Base AD you get is insane, and you will only revive when you have full bloodwell. Scroll down to the Gameplay section to learn more about how to manage your passive. Every ability will fill up this passive by 20% (all except for Blood Thirst and your ult when you don't hit anyone), so just like and , keeping track of how much you fill it up is crucial. Don't be afraid to waste your revive on bullying the enemy out of his lane, since the cooldown is not all that long (about 3 minutes), so after backing and farming it should be back up. You can also use it to save yourself from tower dives, or if you ever get into a teamfight, revive after dying. You can view the cooldown of your revive on the passive icon in your HUD. This ability will save your life a ton of times, use it as much as possible to finalize it's potential. Is it up? Dive botlane. Is it not up? Play safer and push in waves.


- This is your mobility spell. You can use it to escape by jumping over walls and engaging on your enemy. To use this ability to it's fullest potential, go to the gameplay section below. Don't underestimate the potential of it though. Landing a knockup in lane is insanely rewarding, as you get a good ammount of damage, aswell as 2 basic attacks for free. Be careful though, recent changes made Aatrox' Q UNSTOPABLE, but ONLY in the SECOND part of his flight. Certain abilities can still cancel it when you haven't started your dive yet, like or .


- BREAD AND BUTTER. This skill will make your enemies think you're actually overpowered at times. I will refer to the abilities as Thirst (=Blood Thirst) and Price (=Blood Price, duhh). At level 1, if you aren't against a harassing enemy midlaner (see abilities notes), use Price to start charging your blood well, and push in the wave. Don't push it TOO fast! Try to time it so that the enemy minion wave still clashes into the middle of the lane, but you have 4 stacks of blood well when that happens. You can thus use 2 auto attacks to get minions lower, and use Price to finish them off when they're as low as possible, to not push too fast. If you are against a harassing midlaner early, don't even try to stack up your bloodwell, their poke will make you too weak to fight. Simply farm with your E and use Thirst whenever the wave gets under your tower, to heal up. Don't stack your passive until you're level 6 and start hard power-spiking the enemy midlaners.
In fights, before you've died and revived, almost always use Price, to deal as much damage as possible before turning into Zhonyas Mode with your passive. Only use Thirst when you can finish someone off but don't need the damage or you don't have your passive up, or if you feel like your team needs more time killing the enemy frontline, so you have to stall longer, especially when you're not carrying your team with damage.


- This spell is heavily underrated. Hashinshin likes to rage about it's weird hitbox, but I think it's amazing. It has many uses. Use it after a Q knockup to guarantee a slow on the enemy, use it for waveclear, use it to slow scuttlecrab, use it to farm safely from your tower, use it to poke your enemy. It's a beautiful spell, and it's slow will definitely win you a lot of time and distance. It does cost 30 health though, so careful with using it 247 :P.


- People don't know what this spell even does. All they know is that it gives attack speed and attack range, and also makes Aatrox fly, but that's not all of it. Do not underestimate the damage this thing does. If you can properly time your ult between auto attacks, you can getting the damage of a second auto attack onto your opponent, as MAGIC DAMAGE. Also, it fills your bloodwell, so if you ever get into trouble while you only have blood well 40% filled, you can use E-Q-R to get 100%. If you have more champions around you, bloodwell will fill more (20% per champion). A simple combo to start teamfights is Flash - Q - R - E - Price. If you manage to knockup the enemy support and adc, you've probably won if you're ahead. Lets calculate. You get 20% from the Q, at least 40% from your R, 20% from your E and another 20% from your Price. It's always preferable to have more than this starting the fight, because you will deal more damage and start off with higher attack speed, but if it's truly necessary you can start fights with 0% blood well. However, if your ult doesn't hit more than 1 enemy, you're probably going to die. That's why it's very risky. Also, they don't expect your range and damage when using this ability, so kite nicely and watch them squirm as they try to run but you throw your sword in their back.

Skill Sequence explained:

> > >

LEVELS 1 - 6:

I think I've explained it a lot, so I won't do it much again. Against Harass? Go E level 1, farm up, wait for level 6, max W first, always. Not against harass? Go W level 1, Q level 2, all in them if you have the oppurtunity, 3 level 3, and then max W.

LEVELS 6-18:

We will always upgrade our ult, which is standard. You max W first generally, like, 99% of the time, but if you are having big trouble with your lane, E is also a way to go. Q is maxed last, as it doesn't provide much damage or cooldown reduction, at least not enough to make it worth it.

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R.I.P Old runes. All runes are explained in the Runes Notes at the top of the page!

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Item Section

In the build section, most of the items are already explained, so I'm just going to go over the 6th item options real quick.
- Phantom Dancer: Alright, this is not one I pick up often. However, it can be really nice if you're facing a situation where you have to become a second toplaner, but your own toplaner doesn't splitpush (tank, swain for instance). You may have to face up against Jax, who is going to be your #1 counter in the whole game. In this case taking Phantom Dancer may increase your chances of dueling him. Also it helps you with Attack Speed and Crit, which severely increases your damage and objective taking speed, and you can easily solo Baron with this item, but it also turns you into a glass cannon. Not even 4 tank items can save you from being squishy, so be careful!
- Mercurial Scimitar: Another very situational item. Usually I buy this into Fiddlesticks, who has a point click fear that renders you useless in teamfights. Sometimes I also buy it against very strong morgana players, or possibly even against other cc champions, like Malphite to cleanse his AS reduction, or Maokai, to get rid of his annoyances.
- Sterak's Gage: This one is a standard pick. If you don't know what to buy, buy this. It helps with a ton of things Aatrox wants to do. It gives health, AD, and a passive that counters burst. It also increases your size, which sometimes I feel like increases your attack range by quite a bit, which synergizes with your ultimate.
- Mortal Reminder (Not lord dominics! You're building health! : This item is useful against more than 2 or 3 tank compositions. Usually this means that the enemy team will be playing around their adc, as the adc is their only damage source besides their APC. Thus whenever you engage on them in teamfights, it's very useful to have healing reduction, to avoid the enemy adc from healing up in an instant with their millions of jannas and WHY THE HELL DOES EVERYONE PLAY SORAKA?
- Thornmail: Obvious. If you play against Yasuo's, Yi's, Vayne's, just all that annoying auto attacky stuff, build this. Also gives them grievous wounds, which helps you actually kill someone for once.
- Warmog's Armor: I don't know. I felt like putting it in here just for the 5000 hp lulz, but this isn't a very optimal item. Consider buying it only when the enemy is building insanely heavy poke. I've seen Xerath / Ezreal / Nidalee / Swain compositions being insanely irritating to play against, and you're not always going to be able to heal, so it can be nice to get free regeneration.
- Wit's End: Against high AP, when your team has AP too. Games where your jungler is nidalee, your toplaner is swain and the enemy vladimir is just pissing you off? This item's got your back. It compensates for the lack of Attack Speed in your build, but I don't think it's too optimal, because it only provides so much resistance, and the on hit damage isn't all that big. Consider buying it as an Aatrox-Version-Abyssal-Mask. When your AP's are carrying, like having scaling ap's on your team like vladimir, who wants to dive on the backline aswell, consider supporting him with this item.
- Even bloody BotrK: Against health stackers. Consider Zac/Mundo. But it's also VERY nice against some specific champions. For instance, I love this item versus Fiora and Ezreal. Fiora because as soon as she pops her ult she becomes so fast and you can steal all her movement speed to make her useless (you outscale her pretty badly), or whenever ezreal E's away and you somehow manage to miss all your abilities, you can just steal his movement speed and kill him for free, there's better options though, in most situations.
- Guinsoo's (Im sorry!): Only play when you're playing for fun. Are you 10/0 and about to win the game? Screw it, go ahead and buy it, but only buy it when you're further ahead than you've ever been, since it makes you so squishy that you won't even be able to stack your Guinsoo's stacks before you die. The AP also is mostly useless, since there's only AP scaling on your R, and you need to stack your Guinsoo's before it becomes truly strong.
- Maw of Malmortius: Pretty straight forward. Pesky burst champions like Fizz pissing you off? Maybe the enemy AP's just can't stop focussing you? Take it, and watch them cry. You get extra lifesteal until the end of the fight when it pops it's shield, which is very underrated, and people seem to forget that this item grants lifesteal, so it adds to your bonus surprise meter.
- Adaptive Helm: Vs specific champions. For instance: Cassiopeia (Q and E are affected), Heimerdinger (Turrets are affected, and burst from R-W is lowered), Evelynn (Lowers her burst), Teemo (Toxicity, gradually lowers E and R damage), Rumble (Q and R are affected. Also E when spammed), Singed.

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The level 2 All-In.

Alright, this is what makes Midtrox so strong. To explain this, I will be making a video in-depthly explaining every single thing about the level 2 invade. Stay tuned for it. I have to go, I'm writing this at 2 AM, but I will give a short explanation.

If all goes well, and you're not playing versus an early harass midlaner, follow these steps:
1. Start W.
2. Gradually stack up your Blood Well using the first minion wave, don't push it too hard, let the second wave crash back in the middle.
3. Time your auto attacks so that you hit the first 2 attacks to kill the first minion of the second wave, now your W will be ready and you hit level 2.
4. Upgrade Q, and jump INSTANTLY on the enemy laner. Knock them up (will be very easy because they are trying to CS and will stand still. They also usually don't have mobility spells).
5. Your Q will give you the 5th stack, and then you can hit a full power Price on your opponent, which takes away about 1/3 of their health already.
6. Pop ignite, and start auto attacking.
7. Usually they flash quite late, so keep autoattacking. When they flash away (they usually do), consider flashing after them, but don't take risks! You can always kill them afterwards, since this cheese can be performed every time you have 4 stacks and Q up!
8 Use the rest of your 5 stack passive to quickly heal back up and start stacking again.

If you kill the enemy laner, simply back and buy long swords and work towards your Tiamat. Then tell your jungler mid is a free game, and abuse the enemy midlaner as much as possible from there.
If you don't kill them, well thats unfortunate. If you spagetthied your knockup, run away instantly, it's not going to work, and try again later, they still don't know your damage! If the enemy laner is 30% health, simply heal back up to full and try it again later!

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Here are several video's I've mentioned during the guide.
Old Video's. These belonged to the Toplane Guide I originally made this for. Now, they are mostly irrelevant, but still nice to watch :)
Old Video's. These belonged to the Toplane Guide I originally made this for. Now, they are mostly irrelevant, but still nice to watch :)

Riven Oneshot

Punishing Mistakes; Final Push