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Yasuo Build Guide by Gambinos

Middle [9.1] Yasuo Build Guide, For newer players

Middle [9.1] Yasuo Build Guide, For newer players

Updated on January 23, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gambinos Build Guide By Gambinos 7,004 Views 1 Comments
7,004 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Gambinos Yasuo Build Guide By Gambinos Updated on January 23, 2019
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Runes: Passive Runes

1 2
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Bone Plating

+10% Attack Speed
+6 Armor
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

[9.1] Yasuo Build Guide, For newer players

By Gambinos
New to Yasuo? Come to the right place :P

Hi my name is Gambs :)

I'm a M7 Yasuo Player with over 250k+ Mastery score.
I mainly play Yasuo but I do play other champs, such as Shen, Irelia, and Talon.
Since I play Yasuo so much, I'd like to teach the newer Yasuo players on how to play him and such.
Pro's and Con's.
  • Pro's
  • -Fun to play
  • -Snowballs pretty hard
  • -Instead of Mana, has a shield
  • -Fast pace champ, aggressive
  • -Great in Team fights
  • -Spammy, low cool down
  • -Awards aggressive plays (If done correctly)
  • -Amazing Kit
  • Con's
  • -Hard to master
  • -Countered hard by CC
  • -Bad Rep
  • -Banned alot
Yasuo as a champ is infamous for being one of those champs that you hate going against as they're probably god-like and then once you have them on your team, they feed.
Yasuo is a champ that can 1v5. He's a champ that can be feeding but once he makes a comeback, ohh boy it's a comeback.
His kit is amazing, as they have low cool down (Except his W)
and has a windwall which block enemy project tiles.
Runes you should use

As a Yasuo player, You would want this rune.

-Domination Runes

-Taste of blood will help you stay alive longer in lane when you're aggressive.
Ravenous is great for late game as you would always go with a BT, MS or DD.

-Resolve runes

-These are also great runes. These would let you stay alive longer. If you're passive get these. This is what I run the most if i'm gonna be honest, it lets me sustain damage and stay alive longer.
I'd recommend using these runes if you're passive or if you're still learning his kit.
Summoner spells
For Spells, I recommend 3 things -


: This is an essential spell. The bread and butter of all spells.
Allows you to dash anywhere at a certain distance.
Great for chasing kills or fleeing from your death.


: Also the bread and butter of top and mid lane. You would run this most of the time mid, sometimes top. I use this mid basically and never switched since.

Heal :

If you're gonna bot Yasuo, please take heal like an ADC should. ADC's tends to poke you out as a Yas ADC. If you're low and you need to run, Heal will help you a ton.
If you're not willing to take heal, atleast tell your support to take it.
Laning phase ( Mid )
During laning phase, you would want to get as much CS as possible!

Luckily, you're Y A S U O

Yasuo is one of the easiest, if not the easiest champ to farm with.
E-Q combo on the minions isn't really that hard.
Now once you're in laning phase, you'll get poked, especially in mid or bot lane.

What you would want to do is to wait till they're near an enemy minion, then you e-q combo it.
That way you poke them and then get a minion.
if you don't want to be that risky, your Q is amazing anyways without the E.

Your Q is a skill shot, and it has range.
Use it to your advantage as you can poke pretty easily with your Q.

If you're ahead, you'd be able to roam more. This is exactly why mid is my favorite lane, it tends to let me roam more and basically become a 2nd jg, helping other lanes.

And if you remember, Yasuo has a strong level 2 and level 3. That means going all in isn't such a bad idea. Just don't tower dive lol.
Poke them as much as you can. Remember, if you successfully hit your Q twice, that means you can shoot a projectile, aka your tornado, making them airborne.
Usually when I airborne them and they're not close to tower, I dash towards the close minion and do a E-Q combo, poking them and doing extra damage.
Once low enough, I'll dash towards them and Q them, igniting if I have to, or just AA.

That's an example of what i'd do.

The stereotype of Yasuo is that they'll all in you and feed.
There's a reason why stereotypes are stereotypes, and it's cause it's true.
Yasuo supports aggressive plays.
Thing about being aggressive with Yasuo is that it'll be rewarding, if done CORRECTLY.
I've seen so many Yasuo players just going all in and then they dash towards a low hp enemy under tower, and they don't kill them cause either they're charmed, stunned or rooted.
The champ supports aggressive plays but that does not mean you can't play passive.
Play aggressive when they're out of tower, when the enemy jg is ganking another lane, when you think it's right to, don't tower dive at level 4 thinking you'd survive.

And also, remember you're mid lane, you're in one of the easiest lane to get ganked by.
Stay back if your lane is getting camped.
Laning phase ( Bot )
As said, you'd want to focus CSing as much as possible.

Bot lane Yasuo is very good, as ADC tends to be a glass cannon.

If you're a bot lane Yas, I recommend getting heal cause you're ADC after all.

As for your support, ask for an Alistar, Malphite or Blitz.
As they have amazing combo's with Yasuo.
What I tend to do as Bot Yas is I wait for my support to grab them or airborne them, I would have my tornado ready, that way, once they're airborne, they'd be airborne for a second time, making it basically a stun.
That's when you all in them, making it an easy kill for you or your support.
And later on, at level 6, especially with with Ali and Mal
You can easily all in them, as Ali and Mal can knock up both or three of em (Jungler included).

You'd be able to help get dragon. Q'ing the Dragon will also let you get tornado, which means you'd be able to stop other from getting to dragon by hitting your nado.

It's great, especially when there's gonna be a fight at the dragon pit, you're be able to get your tornado and hit em with it, meaning you get an easy ult kill.

Just don't feed the ADC as hard cause once they get B.F sword or any damage dealing items, you'll have to be more passive, as you're not the only one that builds crits, most ADC's build crits.
Laning Phase ( Top )
This Lane is the one I struggle the most.

Yasuo isn't really a tanky person per-se.

You're most likely gonna be going against a tanky top laner, that means you might not be able to solo later into the game.
Just poke em out as best you can, you got mobility over most tanks.

Now Yasuo top can either go well for you, or go wrong for you.
You against a Garen, you guys are pretty even. Garen tends to try to slam you with the with the silence and spin around like a maniac. He'll try to poke you out just like how you should try to poke him out.
Thing about that match up though is that you have minions. Use them carefully.

If you're facing a ranged at top (Teemo, Kennen, ETC) you would want to upgrade wind wall a bit.
As you're a melee champ but you have an ability to block ranged champ abilities.
Try to find a perfect opportunity to go in on them. I wouldn't really recommend going in on a Teemo immediately at lvl 2-3 as he can poke you and killed you easily with his Q and E.
At his level 6, start running oracle lens. His shrooms will slow you down, while you can E out, sometimes you might not get minions around. I would get a Quicksilver Sash for this, so you could build MS.
Kennen, you can easily take down as he doesn't do alot in early game. Just watch out for his AA and W as it stuns you, and his jungler might be ready to gank you level 2-3.
With ranged, I feel it's perfect to go on them when you have your ult and have items built.
Getting AP resist wouldn't be so bad either, as said, you can get MS, but you can also build MAW or build AH if you want to be a bit more tanky.

Usually when you want to play top as Yasuo, I recommend banning Renekton, Riven or Aatrox. These are the people that counter you the most, as they can stun you and/or airborne you.
Yasuo is a game changer in a team fight.

Having an Ali or a Mal lifting them up all in the air and Yasuo ulting is such a satisfying thing to do.
But remember to do it correctly.
While Yasuo is a champ that can 1v5, you're not always gonna be able to 1v5.
Please play it smart, and if you think you can 1v5, call out atleastt, maybe your teammates will come in and help you.
This being said Yasuo in a team fight is amazing.
It can change the game around fast.

Coordinate with your teammates and tell them when you're going in, cause you're probably not gonna be able to kill them all by your ult. Tell them to follow up, that way, you will definitely win the team fight.
Also, as said, in the pick and bans, ask for an Ali or Mal if they're support.
If jg, you can ask for Zac for great CC and Airborne.
Ornn is also a great champ for knock ups and he can upgrade your IE to ME.

Also, to deal more damage, before you ult and you have your tornado ready, throw your tornado if you're in range, that'll definitely help deal a bit more damage.
It'll also help just in case if they weren't knocked up already, they'll be included in the ult.

Also you should remember that if you weren't able to kill them all, most likely they're gonna target you, cause you're Yasuo.
There's no point in explaining why they would target you.
Ask questions in the comment section or tell me what I should add on :)
This was fun to do, this is also my first guide on Mobafire.

You can add me on League : Gambs

Twitter : chiidly

Youtube : GambinoIV

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