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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Tristana Build Guide by Uncouthlol

ADC [9.11] Tristana to Diamond

ADC [9.11] Tristana to Diamond

Updated on May 31, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Uncouthlol Build Guide By Uncouthlol 291 20 540,714 Views 12 Comments
291 20 540,714 Views 12 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Uncouthlol Tristana Build Guide By Uncouthlol Updated on May 31, 2019
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Press the Attack
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Absolute Focus
Gathering Storm

+10% Attack Speed
+10 Adaptive (6 AD or 10 AP)
+15-90 HP (lvls 1-18)


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None


Hello everyone, my name is Uncouth, I've mained ADC for the last 4 years. I used to main/one-trick Kalista in season 5/6 but then began switching to more traditional AD Carries. I am currently Diamond 5.

In case you were curious, I generally find myself playing hyper-carry ADC's more than the others. I highly prefer this play-style because of their ability to solo carry games. My all-time favorite ADC's are Twitch, Tristana, and Lucian. The play style I usually enjoy has me farming in the early game then hard carrying late game. If you like to carry games too, then you've come to the right place!

Come check out my Stream here for some high elo flashy plays, inting, and more!

I love to answer questions about builds or talk league in general, so feel free to pop in my stream whenever I'm live and ask me anything, or just say hi!
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Why pick Tristana?

Tristana is an easy champion. Simple. Playing champions that take less mechanical skill make it easier for the player to focus on their macro play and decision making. Tristana is mainly auto attack based, with her abilities being used for repositioning, self peel, and single target burst. This makes your job a lot easier, as you just have to focus on who to right click during teamfights, and where to stand.

Now let's take a champion like Vayne for instance. Vayne is much harder to play because of the way you have to manage her kit. She has much lower range, and requires you to play with your mobility or else you get punished. You get one stun that is a situationally difficult ability to make use of.

Tristana was actually the main champion that helped me climb, and has always been a reliable pick for me and most other ADC mains.
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Abilities (Introduction and Basic Uses)

PASSIVE: Draw a Bead - Your attack range scales with level from 525 - 661

This passive is what makes Tristana both a weak laner (Aside from All-ins), and an excellent late game hyper-carry. She excels with this late game range, as your Rapid Fire Cannon will come online in the mid-late game. This allows you to chunk people with a single auto late game, dealing a LOT of poke damage with up to 811 range! Enemy AD carries will usually be chunked from 1/3 to 1/2 of their health with a single one of these hits.

Q: Rapid Fire - Gain free attack speed for 7 seconds

The is your attack speed steroid, allowing you to quickly pump out more damage to enemies and objectives. It costs no mana, but make sure you use it efficiently. Many make the mistake of using it before they even begin attacking. Be patient and it'll reward you, I promise.

W: Rocket Jump - Tristana jumps in any direction you choose

Tristana's W is the most versatile ability in her kit. This is because her Jump will reset for each kill and assist Tristana receives. Additionally, keep in mind that Rocket Jump will SLOW all enemies nearby and deal a small amount of magic damage along with it. Tristana's jump will also reset if she manages to detonate her E. This is mostly used for either engaging onto the enemy with a good opportunity in the early-mid game, or disengaging away from a bad fight/dangerous CC.

E: Explosive Charge - Deal AoE damage on minion kills, and throw a bomb

This is Tristana's highest damaging ability. Her E is a single target active that you send onto a single target. Charge up the bomb over a few seconds by auto attacking/jumping onto the target, in order to deal more damage. If you detonate the bomb, your W (Rocket Jump) will be rset. Use this for all ins, and try to put this on whoever you can attack most in teamfights (usually tank/frontline).

R: Buster Shot - Shoot one big bullet that knocks enemies back

This isn't the best ultimate, but it is pretty handy in risky situations. Your R does 300-500 magic damage, and knocks enemies far back, similar to Vayne's E Condemn. The two main purposes for this ability are for 1: Self Peel, and 2: Burst Damage. You can use this to all in an enemy ADC with your W E Q, in order to execute them before they can even fight back. Late game however, you will mostly use this to defend yourself from enemy assassins and bruisers who come a little too close.

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Abilities (Advanced Explanations)

coming soon...
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Core Item Explanations

Stormrazor is always going to be your first buy. Period. The item is extremely powerful in the early game due to the oppressiveness of it's passive, and the stats that it provides. It gives you everything that AA Based Crit ADC's rely on: Damage, Attack Speed, Crit, and Movespeed. There currently aren't any better options available, and you'll always want this bad boy first.

Statikk Shiv
Statikk Shiv is almost always the best buy for your buck 2nd item. Statikk offers attack speed, critical strike to amplify damage on your Stormrazor, as well as the passive that helps you wave clear and pack some extra punch versus your enemies. A Zeal item is necessary as a second item no matter what, but Shiv is just the best one to grab first in the majority of cases. You can also consider building Rapid Firecannon if you are far ahead and plan on sieging early game.

Infinity Edge
Infinity Edge is the "damage" of the build. This amplifies all of that crit damage you built earlier, and gives a much bigger punch to your autos. You also will start dealing true damage with your crits, making it easier to kill tanks once you reach this item. Infinity Edge has always been crucial on crit AD Carries, just make sure you build it between your zeal items and it'll work out.

Rapid Firecannon
Rapid Firecannon is the final major part of this build. Completing this item means you will do exponentially more damage, and be able to get off some amazing poke. Because your passive grants you extra attack range as you level up, you can attack from 811 range once you're level 18! You'll also be critting 100% of the time, along with that bonus 10% true damage! If you ever want to try and farm to late game, building THIS final item will turn the tides of the match.
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NOTE: I am actively working on adding more comprehensive notes on matchups, so you will continue to see this guide updated with more information as I go along. Feel free to ask any questions about the guide as well! Thanks!
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Tristana vs. Jhin [new]

Jhin is a highly dangerous lane opponent for Tristana. His main advantage over you is abusing you with his higher attack range, in combination with his 4th shot. This allows him to easily zone you off of the minion wave, as well as get good poke whenever he feels like it. Your best bet in this lane is to try and farm as best you can, and wait for jungle ganks to hard engage. If you try to trade with Jhin, you might be too low to help with a gank!

Mid Game
During the Mid Game, you should have a much easier time being able to compete with Jhin. He will have lots of utlity for his team with his long range, but you are going to be pumping out FAR more consistent damage than a Jhin, as long as you didn't get crushed during lane. If you did get crushed during lane, try and focus on clearing side waves and pinging your team away from dangerous fights, unless you strongly believe that you can win the fights.

Late Game
During Late Game, Tristana and Jhin shine in their own ways. Jhin won't be a large concern of yours at this phase in the game, unless you find yourself always trying to fight him. Because Jhin doesn't hit as hard as you do late game, you can pump out all of your DPS onto the enemy tanks/bruisers while focusing on surviving. You can kill their frontline before he can kill yours (most likely) and your team should be able to finish him off afterwards.

Final Notes
* Make sure if you finish a close trade with Jhin post level 6, you commit to your disengages. If you don't he can easily catch you out with his Ultimate or W, and finish the fight in his favor.

* Jhin is completely immobile, so abusing him with your W slow sets up ganks very easily.

* Always keep an eye on his bullet count, if he has 2 or less bullets, DO NOT TRADE.

* Watch the HP of your minions during lane, because he wants to hit you with a Grenade bounce with as much amplified damage. The more minions he kills with his Q, the more damage it'll deal if it bounces to you. It is similar to champions like Miss Fortune, just position carefully in lane.

* Your best bet of disengaging from a catch is to jump as he is hitting you with his W root. Your jump will last throughout the entire duration of the snare.
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Tristana vs. Miss Fortune [new]

Miss Fortune is another highly dangerous lane opponent for Tristana. Her damage mostly comes from her deadly poke and one-auto trades that you are bound to lose because of her passive. Her passive gives her extra damage on the first attack onto a new enemy, meaning that trying to trade with her would be very difficult without some kind of extreme support catch. The main reason that this lane is so dangerous however, is because of her Q. If she manages to Q a minion and let it bounce onto you, you will lose 1/3'd of your health, even in the early game. This is possibly the highest damaging ability from one single hit from any AD Carry. Your job in this lane is to farm as much as possible, avoid poke/harrass, and stay healthy enough to help your team with all-ins from the support or jungler.

Mid Game
During the Mid Game you'll have a hard time dealing with her in terms of poke, but your job during this time is mainly to 1: Farm, and 2: Wait for a good potential opportunity to grab some kills. If you managed to get a lead in the lane phase and get a turret, you can rotate top and extend your lead by taking advantage of your brilliant siege using your E and Q. Overall, just be ready to jump away from a well-placed Miss Fortune Ultimate, and don't be afraid of going all-in versus her 1v1. You will win 100% of the time if you are alone together and don't run into a turret.

Late Game
Late game versus Miss Fortune isn't really about the matchup anymore, it's mainly focused on who can output the most damage. MF's ultimate can be lethal to an entire team, and not something you can usually control. However, if you can force her into bad spots and away from those good scenarios, you should be able to win with your mobility and DPS. Don't walk into her unless she is caught by CC and you are confident you won't die. As scary as it sounds, Miss Fortune can reach a point late game where she can simply Auto Q you, and you'll die. This is because of the lethality dark harvest build that they currently run. As long as you do your job in fights and don't get caught out, you will always have a better chance of winning.

Final Notes
* You can cancel Miss Fortune R with your R.

* Watch your minion's throughout the whole game so that you don't get one shot by her Q bounce.

* Check to see when she buys Duskblade, then make sure you don't let her abuse you with a bush, ward it!

* Because of her immobility, you can all in her at any point as long as she doesn't have a significant item lead.

* She has very high base movespeed because of her W, so don't be afraid to jump away if you feel like she's coming a little too close for comfort.
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Tristana vs. Vayne [new]

Vayne is a champion that you can easily abuse throughout all of the lane phase. She trades just as poorly as Tristana does, but your all ins are almost always more effective. In this matchup, you can follow up on most of the aggressive moves your support makes in lane, because most of the time it will work out. Vayne is extremely weak in lane, even weaker than Tristana, making winning lane pretty easy for her. You should try and mostly focus on all-ins, but acknowledge her win condition. Be careful for ganks and position yourself away from walls so she cannot condemn stun you!

Mid Game
During Mid Game, you’re going to out damage her pretty much always. You’ll win almost every teamfight, skirmish, or 1v1 you take because of how much stronger you are in these areas. The only case where she wins these is if she outplays very hard, but this usually requires her to have flash for it to be possible. Keep track of her flash timer, and make sure you are prepared for her at all times. Additionally, Vayne players will always want to take cheese 1v1’s vs. enemy ADC’s, but if you are prepared for her to fight you, you should be able to burst her and win 90% of the time.

Late Game
Late game is when Vayne finally begins to match your level of damage. The only problem is that she is very mobile and has a lot of outplay potential as well. Your job is not to get separated from your team, and be ready to focus her down with your range advantage! Just don’t jump on her in a teamfight unless you are 90% sure it will be successful.

Final Notes
* Be aware that Vayne could be in any bush while you are pushing up a lane

* If she surprises you in a fight, your best bet sometimes is to just immediately ulti her and run away, instead of trying to take the fight

* Don't let her get off three full autos when taking trades in the lane phase.

* You can very easily disengage from her ultimate and escape a bad fight. Similar to leaving someone on read.

* You can usually bush cheese a Vayne 1v1 before she cheeses you, and kill her before she can say “Final Hour.”
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Tristana vs. Twitch [new]

During the laning phase, Twitch is at his very weakest. Tristana can take advantage of her mobility in lane to all-in at an opportune time. Similar to Kog’Maw, you mainly want to abuse them in the early game as much as possible, and get yourself far enough ahead to mitigate their late game presence. Luckily, laning versus Twitch is very simple. All you need to do is harrass him when he walks up for CS, and avoid his W auto E trades. To explain, Twitch in lane will generally want to throw his cask on you, which slows. Then he will walk up to auto you with his support, and then E once enough stacks of poison are applied. Sometimes your best way of avoiding these unfavorable trades are to just jump as soon as he throws a good W. Additionally, when you have the choice, always focus Twitch in fights, because the longer you let him hit you, the more damage he will deal with his E, expunge.

Mid Game
During the Mid Game, Twitch will eventually hit a very big power spike in his build. Once he obtains Runaan’s Hurricane, he will become a monster in teamfights. At this point in this game, you have to pay extra attention to his position in fights, because he can single handedly decide every teamfight depending on how long he stays alive. You must be ready to either fight or flight with your W and Ultimate when he reveals from stealth with his Ultimate ready. When handling Twitch in a losing fight close range, just immediately ulti him away from you and your team and jump away to reposition. When handling a Twitch in a losing fight long range, just jump away and ping your team back as much as humanly possible, because they’ll likely get slaughtered. You are much more likely to win fights when Twitch doesn’t have his ultimate ready, because without it, he’s not nearly as impactful. Keep in mind however, that you can almost always win versus him in a full HP 1v1, so try and cheese him when he tries to greed for minion waves. Also, be mindful that he might even try to cheese you, so be ready to either react and fight back, or disengage as described earlier.

Late Game
In the Late Game, you are dealing with the same kind of monster, but he is now a little bit scarier. His teamfight impact is going to be severely higher than you, because he is arguably that hardest teamfight hypercarry in the game. Your objective is to do consistent damage and stay away from him in fights until his ulti is down. Most Twitch players will position themselves to hit you and have runaan’s spread to your teammates, so be ready to jump out of there ASAP. At full build, remember that Twitch should be able to kill you in 4-5 hits from stealth. Your best option is to just keep your distance from where you suspect he is hiding invis, and just mentally prepare yourself for what’s to come.

Final Notes
* Try to play for aggressive All-Ins Early Game, in order to grab a lead versus him.

* When you see Twitch go for farm in a side lane and then leave, you can sometimes predict which path he will take to go mid lane. If you cut him off and surprise him from a bush, you can pick up some free kills.

* Twitch’s kit relies on burst damage for about 5 seconds, so make sure you play back for DPS, and then engage on him when he no longer has his steroid.

* Twitch is extremely similar to Vayne, where disengaging out of range with jump will just make his Ultimate a complete waste for him.
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Tristana vs. Xayah

Xayah isn't the hardest matchup, but can be quite annoying due to her range and ulti. Jumping onto Xayah won't usually work, she can hit you with all of her feathers this way, making her extremely dangerous at level 6. When versus Xayah, just focus on farming and only jump in when you have ganks or flash. **Make sure to jump the the side of her feathers.** If you are falling behind, ignore all of this and just farm the best you can and wait for ganks.
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Tristana vs. Draven

Draven is possibly the hardest matchup for Tristana. His Q damage early game makes it extremely easy to all in you. If he is a GOOD draven, he will be able to E and cancel your jump, making escape impossible without flash. Your best chance of winning vs. Draven is to let him push the lane, and request ganks in order to kill him before he cashs in his passive, or to avoid fighting and farm as much as possible.
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Tristana vs. Kalista

Kalista benefits from her constant mobility, but slowing her subsequently reduces her attack speed. IF you jump on her early game with a good engage from a support, you can easily shut her out of the game. Kalista ALSO falls off very hard late game, making farming a safe route to take if you are unsure.
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Tristana vs. Jinx

Caitlyn can be very dangerous to Tristana if she gets a lead. Caitlyn generally builds the same items as Tristana and beats her in range throughout most of early/mid game. Caitlyn also highly benefits from pushing out the lane as much as possible, and because Tristana suffers to farm under turret due to her E passive, I recommend waiting as long as possible to skill your E to farm more easily. If you hit late game, you do have a much better chance of winning because of Tristana's mobility compared to Caitlyn.
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Tristana vs. Ashe

Ashe is an easier matchup due to her immobility, but can still be dangerous if you let her kite you out. Luckily, Tristana's jump has massive range and allows her to both hard engage on Ashe, as well as buffer-jump away from Ashe's Ultimate.
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Final Note

If you guys liked the guide and want more info added, and/or more guides like this one, leave an upvote to help me out (top right :D) ! Any feedback is heavily appreciated, and if you have any questions about anything, feel free to pop in my stream when I'm live, or just post a question in the discussion thread! I respond to all questions as thoroughly as I can, so you can rely on me for any confusions you might have about Tristana, ADC, or just league in general! Thanks for reading :)

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