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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


Taric Build Guide by Saethwyr

Support [9.13] Taric: Please Fully Upgrade Your Support Item

Support [9.13] Taric: Please Fully Upgrade Your Support Item

Updated on July 28, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Saethwyr Build Guide By Saethwyr 4,432 Views 1 Comments
4,432 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Saethwyr Taric Build Guide By Saethwyr Updated on July 28, 2019
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Runes: Everything but Karma/Zyra

1 2
Perfect Timing
Biscuit Delivery
Time Warp Tonic

Presence of Mind
Legend: Tenacity

+10% Attack Speed
+6 Armor
+6 Armor


1 2
For all but 2 matchups
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Support Role
Win 51%
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Support Role Ranked #3 in
Support Role
Win 51%
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Champion Build Guide

[9.13] Taric: Please Fully Upgrade Your Support Item

By Saethwyr


Everything but Zyra/Karma

Right now, nothings going to top Flash and Ignite for aggro support summoners.


Take Exhaust Instead of Ignite. Will be covered in the Coin Duty Chapter. God Save you.


OH BOY. This is the part of the guide that i know is gonna make people angry. Lets run down every rune one at a time here.

> Kleptomancy

Right before season nine, riot did something meant to be a nerf to klepto users, but accidentally made it a Taric rune. They changed it to give two procs after each spell cast, aka the exact same as Taric's passive. Normally, that little coincidence is a pretty weak reason on its own, but the point where klepto truly shines is in the item drops. Looted potions and elixirs give you an edge in sustained fights over aftershock, guardian, and aery that except for Certain Matchups you're going to be so much better off with the drops since item drop rates scale up with time for melee, and Travel size elixirs stack with each other and full elixirs late. not to mention what an elixir of sorcery can do for you. The other, smaller helpful thing is the money per hit. It might not seem like too much, but Taric's build is VERY cheap and kelpto helps him get items much faster.

Tl;Dr: While aftershock and Guardian give better burst damage or sustain, Klepto will give more of both over a fight due to the item drops, Give bonus gold, potentially let you hit your level 11 power spike faster, and is incredibly easy to proc.

> Perfect Timing

It'd be a lie if I said stopwatch wasn't a strong rune right now. Having access to it when you normally wouldn't build a stopwatch is definitely nothing to sneeze at, and it makes Gargoyle Stoneplate an easier build.

> Biscuit Delivery

Fun fact! Did you know Biscuit is a dumb word and I hate it, to the point where I'm going to be calling these cookies from here on out? Anyways, cookies are a pretty good rune in general. The extra mana sustain is helpful, and along with time warp can help with baiting opponents into thinking you're in a much more vulnerable spot than you actually are.

> Time Warp Tonic

This is a rune I'm honestly iffy on, though I've been enjoying it so far. Time warp's immediate pop of stats is really nice and the downside isn't really that bad especially since it only applies to specific instances and you could hypothetically pop a pilfered pot, a regular pot, and a cookie for a BIG health bonus all at once. That being said, Approach Velocity definitely has its pros as well. I don't recommend Cosmic Insight too much though, since it kinda makes your rotation feel a bit off.

> Presence of Mind

Presence of Mind is without a doubt the best rune that Taric can take. I don't care if you disagree with everything else in this guide but if you take one thing away from it it's to run presence of mind. It completely solves Taric's early game mana problems given you play aggressively, it makes the ideal skill order of delaying rank 2 of ult less painful, and all around is such a perfect fit for his kit that nothing else can even hope to compare.

> Legend: Tenacity

And now, we run into the sole downside of Presence of mind: there aren't really any other good runes for Taric in the precision tree. the best in my opinion is Legend tenacity, which despite the grind it needs to reach full power gives a good chunk of tenacity.
Coin Duty...

So. You Got put on coin duty.

Realistically, you should Never play Taric into Karma or Zyra, you're so incredibly hard countered by the two of them it's barely even funny. though sometimes you do get counterpicked, and you've already dodged once today, so you're going to have to be on what I like to call coin duty for the game.

Coin duty is simply you get ancient coin, you play passive and with the adc, and depending on the rest of the team, you might be able to hook onto either the jungler or the top laner depending on how good they're doing once laning phase ends. You don't take klepto because you wont be able to use your passive, you don't take aftershock because landing your stun will be situational at best, and you don't take targons because you'll be bullied out of procs. You're going to essentially be playing a soraka on a handicap, and you're not going to have a fun time.

Core Items

> Eye of the Aspect

Fully upgrade support item? Are you insane?
i mean if this is the part that upsets you about this guide how'd you make it past runes

Eye of the aspect has an interesting quality compared to every other support item. While every single support item increases its gold output going from stage one to stage two, only the targon line upgrades your gold output, and it does so while also increasing your ability to safely get procs. In addition, the upgrade itself is more gold efficient than the other upgrades BEFORE you get into the increase to gold generation. By not fully upgrading it you're sacrificing a really good advantage that falls off the longer you go without upgrading it.

If you're on coin duty, do what you'd normally do and only upgrade the support item once.

> Mercury's Treads

More often than not Mercs are going to beat out your other shoe options. Ninja Tabi are only really useful if you're the one being focused, and in situations where other supports would roam and take Mobility Boots you're better off sticking in lane and drawing enemies into 2v3-4's that they'll lose.

> Chalice of Harmony

Chalice is a cheap and easy fix for Tarics big two early problems: low mr and heavy mana consumption. in addition to that, BOTH upgrades are really good on Taric and are something you'd want nearly every game.

> Knight's Vow

the biggest mistake riot has ever done is put this under "situational Items" instead of core items. You're going to want knights vow in literally every single game. it's 2200 gold of stats Taric loves and when stuck on your bastion target will let you get away with some really crazy stuff.

>What Do I Do With my Cup?

Ah, the age old question. a question that many a Taric main has spent sleepless nights pondering the solution to. Athene's Unholy Grail gives you a bit more oomph with the ability power going to your Starlight's Touch and Dazzle in addition to the bonus healing for dealing damage which is something you should be doing on Taric, while Mikael's Blessing gives you a Whopping 20% increased healing and shielding power, in addition to a cleanse. So what'l it be? whats the better pick to always build?

Well neither are the always pick. that's kinda the point of chalice. In general, you're going to want to choose based off of the enemy team, more specifically the enemy bot lane's cc. if you're into a lane with a Leona or an Ashe id say almost always go it with Mikael's, but that's not every lane. i definitely wouldn't pick it into a Sivir Yuumi lane or anything where you're not expecting to face hard cc often. Essentially, you want to pick based off of the cc you're expecting to run into. if you're expecting a lot then Mikael's, otherwise Athene's is gonna win out.

If you're on coin duty, you're getting Mikael's. even if theres no other cc on the team.

>Offensive Items

> Ardent Censer

Ardent's an interesting item, because you'd imagine you get it for the team or your bastion target, but nope. It's for you. It's cheap, good stats, and Taric will pretty much always have the buff up. In addition, there is the bonus of his heal can apply to the entire team giving them all the buff but that's not important since this isn't season 7.

> Frostfire Gauntlet

Iceborn gauntlet is a tricky one to put on here, because IBG to Taric is the same as Seraph's Embrace to Singed. it's one of those items you'd at first think would be core considering your first look, but overall it's really not a good general pick. Thats not to say Redemption is a never build, but it's far more situational than anything else on here. You buy ibg in one specific situation: they are a full AD team, your team is ahead, and YOU have a lot of the kills in the lane. The powerspike it gives you is MASSIVE but will leave your carry a bit out in the cold (Pun intended.) Icebornes main power is that the slow lets you keep a spell rotation going and pretty much enables you to become a serious threat to anyone you manage to hit a stun on.

> Locket of the Iron Solari

Locket is a solid item despite all the nerfs. It's a great way to finish off a build and adds a bit more defensive stats to cap off an offensive build. why is it under offensive then? because it's cheap and works more in favor of an aggro taric than a defensive taric. I'll cover using the active under the ult section.

>Defensive Items Items

> Zeke's Convergence

Zeke's is a nice, simple addition to Taric's gameplay and kit, though with some small catches. zekes is best gotten if you have a bruiser or melee carry that's doing well on your team, in which case you're going to put it on them and stick around them.

> Gargoyle Stoneplate

On first blush Gargoyle is gonna seem pretty odd as a buy for Taric, but gargoyle has an interesting interaction with Taric that goes a bit overlooked: Starlight's Touch scales with his HP. Because of that, a well timed gargoyle stoneplate active can double the healing that Starlight's touch can put out, which can make a MASSIVE difference in saving an ally.

> Redemption

Redemption is a fantastic item overall and while I dont knock anyone who builds it on Taric nor do I think i'ts bad, it's not an item I build to often. The specific stats you want from it you can get better from a mikaels, and most of the time the advantages that redemption gives aren't going to be as useful on taric as they are on other supports. Even then, there are some situations where against a heavy AOE team you're going to want it, and in those situations it's definitely a good grab. I'll cover using the active with the ult section.

General order

In almost every situation, the order Shown is going to be your best bet since it gives you a pretty safe time in lane while making sure you hit important level powerspikes at the right time. though let me address a few questions that I'm sure you have here:

>Why Bastion max over Dazzle?

This is one of my choices that I know is harder to justify, compared to the others, especially since while most taric mains understand the fidgeting around Q, the Bastion max is a bit weird compared to the more meta Dazzle max. To shorten things up a bit, I specifically max bastion because it lets carrys always win small trades even if they're behind a little bit due to the shield and the bonus armor. I'll cover this a bit more in depth in General play, but:

Tl;DR: Dazzle max is good for engage, Bastion max is good for Trading

>What about Starlight's Touch Max?

Honestly, if it wasnt such a mana drain early, id definitely be a fan of it. while the four point Starlight's Touch is incredibly powerful, until you have at least a chalice you're going to be really suffering on mana even with cookies, mana pots, and PoM. Remember, Rank four costs 100 mana, and your base mana will be at about 600 if you max it, aka you'll spend one sixth of your mana on just One starlight's touch.

>Why Do you put two points into Q and then max W?

Simply put, Taric's Q at rank one is a really heavy waste. each proc of your passive gives you back an entire charge, so when you only have one charge to play with you're going to be wasting a proc no matter what, so because of that its always good to get two points into Starlight's Touch, even if you're not maxing it.

>Why Did you delay rank 2 ult for rank 4 Q?

This questions tricky to answer in one go, so I'm gonna have to break it down a bit:

Just like how some items can give champion's powerspikes, taric has a powerspike once his Q hits rank 4. Specifically, it lets him get full effect from his passive, and maxes out the healing he gets from a well done rotation. its a HUGE buff to him, and more important than ult.

Taric's Ult, while it is effective, doesn't actually gain much from further ranks in it, and only gets some cooldown reduction off on it. while its a fair amount of CDR, you're not going to be using ult off cooldown and presence of mind makes up for the lost bit of time between level 11 and level 12

>Why Do you Delay rank five Q?

While Rank 4 Starlight's Touch is a Huge powerspike, Rank 5 is actually a downgrade. Since during a rotation you'll never be at 5 charges, you'll never get full value from the upgrade, and all it does is increase the mana cost of an already expensive ability, so you pretty much never want it.
General Play!

You keep saying rotations, what does that mean?

Great question, me! Spell rotations aren't a common thing in league, only really existing on champions like Ryze or Lucian, so its fine not to know what they are normally. Taric is a champion who, while he can be played fine without using his ability rotation properly, becomes INCREDIBLY powerful if you do it correctly. Plus, the rotation itself isnt hard at all!! your goal is to weave starlights touch between your bastion and dazzle casts, which if done right will have you constantly pumping out 4 charge heals, but also will allow you to have whatever ability you started with up again to restart the rotation!

How do I play lane?

Taric Laning is based off of two core bot lane tactics: trading stance and retaliation trading.


While TrAIDing Is specifically reliant on the carry, taric is fantastic at letting an adc win trades Via bastion. what you want to do is keep an eye out for the enemy carry to try and go for an auto attack or poke, then right when you see that projectile flying, cast bastion. Thats it. Most of the time, when an adc goes for a quick auto, they're going to be positioned in such a way that they're going to take a few minion hits afterwards. normally, thats a fair tradeoff because they're able to get the auto off which still puts them at an advantage over the other adc. but because of bastions shield and armor buff, you'll negate damage from literally any type of auto attack except for maybe a Caitlyn headshot, and even then it'l wind up doing a fraction of the damage it would have done. consistent, constant bastions blocking the enemy carry from quick trades will add up to a huge advantage as the lane goes on.

>Retaliation Trades

Retaliation trading is also an Adc tactic, but this one we're gonna take and use ourselves instead. The basics of the retaliation trade is that if your partner is engaged on, to engage on the enemy carry. Taric is the best champion in the Entire game at using this tactic, bar none. because of taric's heavy early damage and more importantly, bastions ability to cast spells off of both you and its target, you're able to not only all in the carry, but set up your own carry to survive and either burn down the support or move up to fight the carry. this strategy is the bread and butter of taric, and will win you games more than anything else.

Tl;Dr: use bastion practically off cooldown. when your carry is engaged on, Hard engage on the enemy carry.

What about post 6?

At this point, Three things will be happening: One, your carry will likely be if not fed then ahead. two, the enemy jungler and/or mid will be looking for a chance to come bot since you'll likely be pushed up as well . Three, you'll have ultimate.

This is the recipe for the bread and butter of taric, and probably the absolute best thing for climbing ranked. The Tiltv2. Whats that? Its simply having Taric Ult, Damage, and healing, and winning a 2v3-4, which is incredibly easier than it sounds, because of the power Taric has.
About the Author
Hi! Im Miriam, I'm a Taric main in mid gold who plays a lot of Taric and a few other beefy boys. I've played him since before the rework and even more after, and have been a huge fan of finding the best way to get his gems off. I dont do too much overall, but I do some art streams from time to time on my twitch!!

Feel free to comment with additions and critiques, but keep in mind that anything other than absolute glowing praise is objectively wrong /s
League of Legends Build Guide Author Saethwyr
Saethwyr Taric Guide
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[9.13] Taric: Please Fully Upgrade Your Support Item

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