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Warwick Build Guide by lucario200151

Jungle [9.14]The monster I always was: Warwick guide from a silver

Jungle [9.14]The monster I always was: Warwick guide from a silver

Updated on July 24, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author lucario200151 Build Guide By lucario200151 14 3 80,879 Views 4 Comments
14 3 80,879 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author lucario200151 Warwick Build Guide By lucario200151 Updated on July 24, 2019
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Press the Attack
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace


+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+65 Base Health


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None


Hello guys! My name is Nick, but my league account names are thezacisback and lucario200151 (lost password to lucario200151 and unable to recover). I am a silver 3 player that mains jungle and mid. I have about 100k or so on Warwick so far, and plan to play him more so that I can update this guide to the next level.
Anything I can do to improve this guide? please email me for suggestions!
A link to my previously finished Veigar guide

this guide will be much more detailed than my Veigar guide, because I play veigar a lot less.
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pros and cons

    lots of healing
    damage reduction makes you even more tanky and it fears
    great at 1v1
    w gives attack speed when enemy is low
    good early game means scuttle fights are easier for you.
    His passive can win you longer fights

    no aoe damage spell, so clear speeds are lower early
    you prioritize 1 champion and are not good at focusing whole teams
    w has no passive effect until an enemy is below half hp
    w is not whole map and does not prioritize targets you have vision of with the active
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ability max orders

there are quite a few ways you can go with warwick

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

these are all acceptable, but the one I do the most is the one where you start w,becasue that one has proved to be the most resourcful way to clear the first jungle camps and then use it to gain the movement speed to go gank someone.

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spells(all spoilers are videos)

passive : Eternal Hunger

This passive is a very strong passive that is basicly like a lifeline as it gives you extra lifesteal based off the amount of magic damage your autos do. the magic damage is just extra auto damage, and this helps so that you heal to the max. This is a passive that will help you survive.

passive video

q:Jaws of the Beast

This ability counts as an auto, making things like iceborn gauntlet and trinity items that you could actually run on him. You should look to use this ability when it is up, because it heals you and does more than your auto attack would do. Another thing you can do, is attach to someone and hold q as they flash or use their escape, and you will be right there with them, able to fight back asap.
q video

w:Blood Hunt

This ability, I usually start, as it will give me the attack speed an every clear that I have on a jungle camp as it gets lower. Usually,I will get level 3, and then activate w to go gank a lane early(more on that in the gameplay section below). Also, the lower they are, the more attack speed and movement speed you get towards them, so that will make for more of a chance to succeed in a gank that you are going for.
w video

e:Primal Howl

This ability is going to prove to be of much use, as it fears them when you reactivate it, or wait a certain amount of time. The way to use this, is to q to the enemy, and then pop your e to fear them so that your team can follow up. The fear lasts a pretty good amount of time, allowing for lots of reaction time from your team.
e video

ult:Infinite Duress

This ability can flip a 1v1 to make it go your way, or make a 1v1 easier to win. When you gank, you should definitly be looking to ult someone so that your team knows who to target. This could also be a good escape tool along with flash to get away from a bad fight. The semi-low cooldown makes it so that you are able to do that.
ult video
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These are the main runes I would run on Warwick

Here is a picture of the runes i take in case you don't want to read all that stuff below


Press the attack

This is the rune you should take in most of your Warwick games, but as I will explain, there are quite a few runes that could go well with Warwick. You should take this rune, because Warwick has tons of ways to proc it. He has the auto attacks that get faster the lower they are. He has his q, which counts as an auto. Finally, he has his ult. As far as I know, his ult can count as auto attacks(I haven't looked to see if PTA was proced from it, I just see the tiamat/titanic hydra procs from it). This allows for multiple ways to proc this, making it easier for you to \deal more damage faster.


Like I said, all the primary runes I list could be used. This rune will give you ad after 4 seconds in combat, meaning that the enemy could be down to a sufficient amount of hp to make your w grant you attack speed. This will allow for you to be an in combat scaling god, because conqueror gives you ad as your attack speed increases. So in the end, this rune is taken if you plan on having some long and drawn out fights(have not actually tested if this does more than PTA, but feel free to tell me your findings)

Lethal Tempo

This rune will scale really well with your w, making you possibly the best champion to scale with this rune. When you auto someone, it will grant you attack speed, meaning that you can get the enemy to low hp, granting you extra attack speed so that you can exceed the attack speed limit by some huge numbers... In my most recent game, with w while they were low, I was able to get up to a 3.0 attack speed! With healing and shielding supports with things like aredents, and things like a nunu w, attack speed limits can reach even higher numbers!



For a while, I was convinced that this was the best rune to take on Warwick, since statistically, I was doing best with it... this well could be the best rune to take on Warwick, since its damage you get off after 3 attacks, but the majority of the people end up running PTA. This rune is just as easy to proc I feel, and this would be the second best rune to take on Warwick at the moment.

Secondary runes



This is the main secondary rune in the first row of precision I take. It provides you with that extra advantage over enemies in a fight when you get an assist or kill where you would have died otherwise.It is also very helpful in gold income, making it a great secondary if you Warwick top(not making a guide on it, just a suggestion), if you want to go Klepto and get a ton of gold.

Legend: Alacrity

This rune will be very helpful to you in scaling up, as it gives you attack speed for takedowns, not only making your auto attacks faster, but the max point your w gets to higher! You take this instead of things like trinity for a reason!

Coup de grace

This is a good rune to take on most any champ that runs precision, as it will guarantee more damage to lower health enemy champs. This goes well with the w that Warwick has, as the attack speed and movement speed means more damage from you.


Cheap shot

This could be a good rune on Warwick, because when you e, you get bonus damage off... when you ult, you get bonus damage off. It is very difficult to tell you for sure which of these runes in row 1 of domination you should take, but cheap shot is worth investing time in to find out which one is the best.

Taste of blodd

This rune is a good rune on Warwick, because it will allow him to basically have an empowered passive, and for his q and ult to heal him more. It goes well with his kit, and you should try it out, but I think that the next rune is better...

Sudden impact

This ability might not go well with as much as Taste of blood does, but it does grant you more damage than taste of blood does, and I feel it is a better rune to take on Warwick.

Eyeball collection

This is a good rune to help any and all champs scale up to a certain point of the game. I feel that it is the best rune to take in this category, unless you are Lee sin, because it is a good way to help you get that extra ad you will wish you had earlier.

Ravenous hunter

This rune would work well with Warwick, as the 2 abilities that you have that deal damage already heal. This rune would simply amplify the healing and make it more worthwhile to use your abilities.

Ingenious hunter

This rune would not be a rune I would take, as the main only item active you will buy is titanic.

Relentless hunter

This rune amplifies your w movement speed. Sine your w only grants out of combat movement speed, I would run this if you plan to make lots of ganks or go into a lot of fights where there could possibly be lots of space in between 2 places.

Ultimate hunter

Take this if you think that you will want your ult a lot. That would be for if you think there is someone that will become a problem so that you can ult them and your team will not have to worry.



I usually take this run in my secondary path. This goes well with his w, and hakes his q(or ult) have a good amount of extra damage. This rune goes well with Warwick.


Since you need to go through the river in most of your ganks(maybe even all) this would be a good rune to run on nearly all junglers with celerity. Warwick especially gains form this rune, because he has his w where he can get more movement speed... overall, a really strong rune for Warwick.
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When to pick vs when not to pick

When to pick
    squishy teams
    teams with escapes since you can q to them
    high burst teams since you wont get 1 shot

when not to pick
    heavy cc as they can decrease mobility
    teams that can build grievous wounds
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Summoner spells

These are the only summoner spells to take on Warwick jungle


This is a great summoner spell for a dew reasons on Warwick... first, it will help you to get to them and engage pre 6. Second... it will help get in ult range, or if you miss ult, engage with other abilities. and then it is also a great escape tool if needed.


All junglers take this, but with Warwick, you go red smite so that you can get tons of damage off with it and your abilities. Not much else to say about it.
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Starting items

Hunter's machete vs hunter's talisman

I think this is one of the most debated things on every single jungler... Which one do you take on Warwick? Well, I feel that Hunters machete is the most useful on Warwick, because he does not have any aoe spell that does damage, and mana regen is not a must on him. Machete will get you further, and it helps early game clear speeds especially for Warwick.

Challenging smite vs chilling smite

Both of these could be run on Warwick to a decent success. I feel that with all of the mobility that you have, it is better to run challenging smite on Warwick, because it allows for you to deal more damage rather than try and slow someone so that you can get to them since you have ult to do that.

Core items


Some games, I will go this first as a first back if I dont have enough for Cinderhulk, as it will help me clear most of the jungle camps more effectively.


This is the jungle item I run. Usually, by first or second back, I have enough to buy this item in full. If you don'y have enough to buy it, then I would reccomend going Bami's Cinder first for the clear speed, and then the Skirmisher's sabre. It will help you a lot in fights, because it gives you the essentials for a jungler.

Titanic Hydra

This is the item that I usually go after cinderhulk and possibly after boots. It is a really helpful item in clear speeds, and helps you to survive and deal damage to multiple people as you q, auto, or ult. It goes well with Warwick's kit.

Sterak's gage

This item is a great core item, because it contributes to what Warwick is... a bruiser. We do not need to be blowing people up, and we also don't want to stand there and be beefy (in most cases). This item brings a happy middle to Warwick, and is a great third item for him to have!

Damage items

Trinity force

The most common place for me to fit this in to my build is as my fourth item. Third item could be good too, as this goes well with Warwick's kit. I would especially look to build this if you have another champ this is tanky on some sort of level in the front line with you(something like what Lee sin would be or Darius).

Blade of the Ruined King (botrk)

Build this if you are ahead and have a tank on your team. I don't take many damage items, because Warwick is supposed to be a fairly tanky champ.

Tank items

I will put them in order form most to least bought in my games, because there are a lot of them! Same order in tank situational in the build.

Warmog's armor

This is the item I buy most of the time on Warwick. It goes well with him, because he can re engage fights really effectively after healing up using this item. With cinderhulk, you will usually have enough to heal with the passive. Usually, I buy this to stall and see what kinds of defensive items I need to build next.

Spirit Visage

This is my go to mr item. Not only does it have decent tank stats, but it also goes well with basicly your whole kit! This is an item i find myself attracted to on most of the champs I play that are tanks.

Frozen Heart

This is the item that gives you the most armor. That is one reason why I build it so much.Another is because with Thornmail, these 2 items will decrease their attack speed by 30%! Good against champs that attack fast.


Boots of swiftness

The most commonly used boots by me... They go well with your kit, and I enjoy building these to have a bit more of offense than Otherwise.

Ninja tabi

These are built if the enemies have some strong auto reliant champs. They are a good resource that have saved me in many tight situations.

Mercury's treads

A strong magic damage dealer on the other team is enough for me to build this. These help with the cc that comes form the mage or assassin that will help you to survive against them.
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Early game

The early game is where you can look to get ahead. Start at blue, and look to gank the lane that leashes you, as the enemy will have the lane pushed out. Your probably won't kill the enemy, but you will more than likely pop a flash. After you gank, go to crab and take it. you want to always use w to catch the enemy off guard, and you want to get to them possibly with q, then e to make them flee.
These 2 videos are examples of a gank and then when I catch the enemy off guard and win a 1v1

most common Jungle route

Blue buff
gank(or go to gromp to wait for crab)
scuttle crab
gromp(if you didn't take)
gank when needed anywhere in there
after this, you will probably back.

mid game

This is the point where you have your ult. If you can, try to ult to catch someone off form a bush, or else to your q and e thing where you q to catch them and e to make them flee. The early game was most important, but you are still powerful mid game. You have lots of peel potential for your team, and you are a bruiser type of champion!

a good mid game video

Late game

The main goal is to ult the person of interest. You need to ult them to tell your team to
target them. If your team follows up and actually targets them, then you should be able to win the fights. Every single fight after the carry is gone is about peel.

this is a video of what to do late game... the end is not as good, but everything else is fine
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8.13: guide created

8.14: added more to my pros list based off game knowledge(scuttle)

8.15: not a big patch for Warwick, nothing new...

9.13: We are finally back to updating the guide! changed a bit in the build section.

9.14 pros and cons updated
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League of Legends Build Guide Author lucario200151
lucario200151 Warwick Guide
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[9.14]The monster I always was: Warwick guide from a silver

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