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Ahri Build Guide by BicBee



Updated on April 25, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author BicBee Build Guide By BicBee 65 2 105,445 Views 0 Comments
65 2 105,445 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author BicBee Ahri Build Guide By BicBee Updated on April 25, 2019
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Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Ultimate Hunter

Manaflow Band

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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Champion Build Guide


By BicBee
About Me

Who is this guy?

I am BicBee hailing from the North American region. One of my main roles is mid lane and I specialize in assassins and mage champions. I've been playing League of Legends on and off since Season 3. I've peaked at Plat 1, 2-0 in series before I got reverse swept by Diamond. I remember using Mobafire guides when I first started playing League and they've been a great help. I'm hoping that my guides can do the same for the new generation of League of Legends players! I also make YouTube videos for fun so definitely check them out. Here is my latest video for Ahri.
How Ahri Abilities Work (Mechanics and Tips)

Whenever Ahri's spells hit a champion 2 times within a short period, she gains movement speed.

*This is usually proc'd by Q front and back or by W.

Ahri throws out an orb that deals magic damage out and true damage on the way back. Depending on how many champions/minions you hit you will get a stack for each. Upon reaching 9 stacks you will be able to heal for each enemy hit by the orb.

*Aim for max range Q's to easily apply true damage portion

*Use Q sparingly early on because it does very little dmg and makes it hard to CS

*Try to Q full waves with 9 stacks for sustain / during fights

Ahri releases 3 fox fires that lock onto a target. Priority of target is by whoever is charmed, whoever Ahri last auto attacked, and whoever is closest. Additional fox fire hits on the same target increases the damage by 30%.

*Win early trades by AA then W immediately after follow by Q or another AA --> Electrocute

*Fox fire always prioritizes champions > minions

*Fox fire procs your passive

Ahri blows out a kiss that damages and charms enemies making them walk towards her harmlessly. Ahri's abilities do 20% more damage on a charmed enemy for the next 5 seconds.

*E and then immediately flash to cancel animation for instant charm

*Against assassins this ability needs to be used wisely or you will die in lane

*Back off when charm is on CD

Ahri dashes forward and fires up to 3 energy bolts that can hit 3 different champions/minions. Prioritizes champions and can only hit an enemy once.

*R is used to reposition (to hit back end Q), catch, or escape

*1 sec CD inbetween each charge of ultimate

Popular Match Ups

Zed will always appear opposite of where he ulted from. This can be tricky for a lot of people so I'll show you 3 ways to outplay Zed's ult from hardest to easiest. *You will die from Zed's ult if you have a shuriken on top of your head.

1) Charm where Zed will land after ult. The cheapest and hardest way to deal with Zed's ult

2) E --> Flash (Charm behind you and flash immediately) This will charm Zed 100% of the time no matter where he ults you from. The only problem with this is the timing. If you flash too early you'll miss. If you flash too late he can dodge it.

3) Zhonya lasts for 2.5s. Zed's ult lasts for 3s. You need to Zhonya a little bit after Zed ulted. If you do it too early he will be able to kill you still.

LB dashes forward in a straight line if she's trying to hit you from max range

LB's Q is longer range than her W

If LB lands Q on you and continues to walk forward it means she is going to W in

Aim your Q at where her dash marker is

Ignite her if you can to differentiate from her clone. In this case I was able to tell because of the tower shot
Early Game Tips

*Every 2 waves will be cannon wave, it's best to back when canon wave is coming so you don't lose ton of CS

*AA ranged minions before you Q wave to CS easier

*You can 1 shot range minions with Q at level 9 (max points in Q)

*Pay attention to your minions that are low, enemy will try and CS, that's the time when you want to poke them

*Ward side of river that your jungler is on and play around that side

*Warding chickens can let you steal chickens with Q and spot jungler

*Always pay attention to your jungler lv 2-3 and help them take scuttle at river

Skillshot Tips

*Look or walk towards a different target than the one you want to aim for

*Throw Q out to cut off a direction before you E if target is dodging too much

*Get as close as you SAFELY can (auto attack range) to land easier skill shots

(works well vs someone over dodging)

*Aim for targets that have no escapes or are less mobile

*Wait for the middle of enemy's auto attack animation or skill cast animation to throw your skill shot (they won't be able to move)

Team Fight Tips

*Catch enemies from over the wall if possible

*Pick angles where enemies are clumped or standing behind each other to maximize Q damage

*Save charm for enemy's aggressive engages

*Engage and catch if you can kill or else you should peel if ADC is fed

*Don't fight when charm or ultimate is on CD

In Depth Look Into Items


This is the best start in the game and what I would go almost every time. You can go Dark seal 3 pots if you want more sustain (build path is still same whichever one you choose).


1300g is the magic number that you should aim for on your first back. Getting Lost Chapter is your first power spike and solves any mana issues you would have during laning phase. The 10% CD is also very nice.


If you had to back early before 1300g then getting another Dorans with Boots is what you're going to aim for. It won't be as good as having Lost Chapter, but it is still powerful enough for you to harass with. The extra AP also helps you with CSing as well. You will be looking to sell your Dorans later on when your item slots are getting full.


This is a good early buy against AD mids like Zed, Yasuo, Talon, Jayce,etc. It's difficult for them to kill you after buying Seekers. You will want to build this early on because it loses it's usefulness after they get lethality items. If you're up against Zed and he's not really good then you can be a bit greedy and just buy the stopwatch to prevent death from his ult and build more damage items instead. You will generally want to finish into Zhonyas, but when is entirely up to you. Sometimes you can get away with finishing Ludens first while just having the stopwatch which serves as a Zhonya until used. Other times you will have to rush it as first item before anything else.


Ludens is your first big item that you want to complete. It helps with wave clear while helping you reach 10% CD. By the time you finish this item you should be level 10 as well meaning you will have 30% CD total because of Transcendence. You usually finish boots after Ludens, but that's not always the case. Sometimes it's better to buy damage items like large rod or blasting wand if the enemy team only have tier 1 boots. Or if the enemy team isn't mobile (no dash, blinks, gap closers, etc). Deathcap is a great rush if you're able to get the gold for it. It allows you to start one shotting people or being able to secure dragon/tower by chunking people so hard they have to back. Sometimes if I can't complete my 3rd item I like to get a stopwatch because it allows me to be more aggressive and make plays whether I'm ahead or behind.


If you're even, behind, or up against a bunch of heals then this is what you want to build. When building Morellos if you have less than 1600g then you should buy blasting wand first.


If enemy team is buying lots of MR and have lots of HP then this is the path you want to go. Liandrys > Morellos if healing isn't that big of a factor. Liandrys helps you shred HP and is very useful during sieges or when you're taking towers because of torment. Madness from Liandrys allows you to keep poking while steadily increasing your damage up to 10%. Voidstaff shreds MR not HP so that's the key difference between buying Liandrys or Voidstaff first. Build paths are similar so you can decide. Voidstaff is cheaper, but Liandrys provides additional HP. You will want both eventually if enemy team is too tanky, but usually you can get by with having Liandrys or Voidstaff as a 3rd item while getting Deathcap as a 4th and then getting whichever you didn't build as a 5th.


You're going to want to get either one of these in almost every game. DON'T get both because it limits your value for damage. Which item is dependent on situation. If you're up against a Zed/Fizz who keeps killing you then you want Zhonya. If you're up against Syndra/Veigar who keeps one shotting you then you want Banshees. When to build these is also up to you. If you're more of a team fighter and like to get in and out of fights then you want to build these fairly early on maybe as a 3rd or 4th item. If you're able to avoid being targetted in most fights and like to sit back then it's more beneficial to get these as 6th items.


This is a good item for newer Ahri players who have a tough time hitting skill shots. Simply start off the engage or disengage with R or W to proc the slow then throw your skill shots. You don't generally get this item anymore on Ahri because of better items that have more value like Liandries or Morellos, but if you do decide to get this item then you would be replacing either Liandries or Morellos with it.

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