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Zilean Build Guide by FwuffyMilk

Support [9.8] I've seen your Death, it was painful. [Support]

Support [9.8] I've seen your Death, it was painful. [Support]

Updated on April 18, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author FwuffyMilk Build Guide By FwuffyMilk 17 0 33,942 Views 0 Comments
17 0 33,942 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author FwuffyMilk Zilean Build Guide By FwuffyMilk Updated on April 18, 2019
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Runes: Tenacity

1 2
Summon Aery
Manaflow Band
Gathering Storm

Presence of Mind
Legend: Tenacity

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+65 Base Health


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Champion Build Guide

[9.8] I've seen your Death, it was painful. [Support]

By FwuffyMilk
Hello you beautiful people, my name is FwuffyMilk and currently I am a Diamond 4 support main. I peaked diamond in season 5 but quit until near the end of season 8 and ready to kick some *** in season 9.

I love playing mage supports and feel like they are the superior choice in the current meta. If you want to ask me any questions or see how I play Zilean check me out on Twitch.
Why Zilean?

+ Chronoshift is a game changer
+ AOE stun with Time Bomb
+ Insanely fast clear if needed
+ High burst damage
+ Can speed allies or slow enemies heavily.
Zilean is a very interesting support that can change the tide of many games with the use of his ultimate. Hitting an aoe stun in a team fight can be very satisfying especially when you see their carries take 60%+ of their HP bar instantly. Even though you don't have sustain your other utility makes up for it in spades.


- Squishy AF
- Mana intensive at first
- Using your Time Bomb and Chronoshift effectively can take some practice at first.
Summoner Spells

IGNITE: Ignite gives you kill pressure, helps kill enemies escaping with low hp, and if you use ignite before they heal it will reduce the amount the heal does which is huge.
EXHAUST: Exhaust can be very useful for Zilean especially if enemy has assassins like Rengar and Zed.
FLASH: Flash.. taken by pretty much every champion in the game. It helps you secure kills, escape ganks, make montage plays by dodging that CC ability the enemy is throwing at you, and much more. Always take it!
SORCERY Keystone: Summon Aery
// Summon Aery is the best keystone you can pick up in the Sorcery tree. Aery will damage enemies if you hit an enemy with an ability or give your allies a shield if you use a skill on your team mates.

SORCERY Second Line: Manaflow Band
// Take this rune for the second line in the sorcery tree. Every time you hit an opponent with a spell you gain 25 maximum mana up to 250 mana total. After you finish stacking the extra mana it will restore 1% of your missing mana per 5 seconds which is super useful since you will be casting a lot of spells as Zilean.

SORCERY Third Line: Celerity
// When it comes to the third line of the Sorcery tree you have two options. Celerity is a good choice because of Time Warp essentially allowing you to escape bad situations more easily, roam quickly, and get wards placed safely.

SORCERY Third Line: Transcendence
// Transcendence is another good choice for the third line. It gives you 10% CDR at level 10 which is crucial for you as a support. More CDR means more Chronoshift, more Time Bomb, and best of all more Time Warp. The best part is that when you have too much CDR from items it will give you AP for that extra CDR!

SORCERY Third Line: Absolute Focus
// Absolute Focus gives you bonus AP whenever you are over 70% hp. This rune got nerfed in patch 9.2. I personally feel like it is not worth taking this rune anymore.

SORCERY Last Line: Scorch
// Scorch is very good rune for the laning phase. When you hit an enemy with a spell you burn them for some extra damage. The damage it does isn't super high but still can make a difference in an early fight.

SORCERY Last Line: Gathering Storm
// Gathering Storm is a great scaling rune. You get more AP for every 10 minutes that passes in game. The bonus you get for a long game is HUGE, for a 40 minute game you get 80 AP. This rune is also a great choice for Zilean so pick what you think will help you more.

PRECISION Secondary Runes: Presence of Mind
// This rune is great for Zilean for the simple fact that you will get a big burst of mana back and will help get your ult off CD faster if you help kill an enemy champion.

PRECISION Secondary Runes: Legend: Tenacity
// Legend: Tenacity helps get out of cc effects faster. This way if you get cc'd before you can use your ult you have a much better chance of getting it off last second. It also helps you get away from a bad engage.

TIME IN A BOTTLE (Passive): Zilean saves up exp every second, when an ally is near a level a gold circle will form around them. If you click on them you will give them enough exp to level, you also gain the same amount of exp you gave. This skill is amazing and helps keep you and your allies the same or higher level then the enemy especially when someone on your team is close to 16 you can level them real quick to get their ultimate to level 3. You also can help level jungler so his smite is stronger.

TIME BOMB (Q): This is Zilean's only ability that does damage. You throw a bomb at a target location, it sticks to the first thing it lands on generally prioritizing enemy champions. If you hit two bombs on the same target it will explode the first bomb instantly and stun everything in the circle. This skill can also wave clear very easily by throwing your bombs in middle of the wave. You have to be careful using this skill in lane, if you try to throw it on enemy and it sticks to their minions you will end up stealing CS from your ADC.

If an enemy champion dies with GA or uses zhonya you can drop two bombs on top of them which will make sure they get stunned as soon as they get out of the effect.

REWIND (W): Rewind shaves 10 seconds off your CD of Time Bomb and Time Warp it does not effect your ultimate. You can use this skill to throw two bombs making it explode and aoe stun. You also can use it to speed up you and another ally or you can slow an enemy and speed up an ally to help them catch.

TIME WARP (E): This skill slows an enemy down or boosts the movement speed of an ally. The amount of speed it gives or reduces is really huge. You can slow an enemy making it very easy to land your bombs or you can slow them to allow your allies to keep up with ease. This skill also makes roaming much quicker so even if you didn't follow your laner instantly you can get to the situation in a few seconds.

CHRONOSHIFT (R): Chronoshift is what makes Zilean such a strong champion. You put this on an ally that is being focused, if they die it will revive them with a huge chunk of hp. You want to try and use this as they are close to dieing because it is easy to see when you use this ability. If the enemy is smart they can wait out the time it is on your ally and them kill them after, but this can be useful to because it gives your ally time to use more abilities or even escape. With Presence of Mind you will have this skill off CD a lot.

Eye of the Watchers

This is a must have as support. Wards are a very crucial thing in the game and can save your team from feeding their *** off. Remember the point of wards is to get vision on your enemies so where you place your wards is important. I suggest watching this video from bunnyfufu he gives a very good explanation of where to put wards in laning phase.

Luden's Echo gives you AP, Mana, and CDR, all things that help Zilean immensely especially the mana because you will most likely be spamming your speed up and bombs. Also the component Lost Chapter helps with your mana problems until you finish the full item. The passive is the best part when a bomb blows up on an enemy they will take an extra 100+10% AP damage making your bombs quite deadly especially to squishies.

Luden's Echo


This item has provides you with a good chunk of AP, HP, and magic pen. The HP will help you survive longer in fights and the magic pen will make sure enemy champions take more damage from your bombs. When you combine Sorcerer's Shoes and this item you will do true damage to more squishy champs.

Crazy amount of AP! When you finish this item if you land a two bomb stun in the middle of the enemy team you will MELT them.

Rabadon's Deathcap

Void Staff

Lots of AP and 40% magic pen. Now those pesky tanks will be scared of your bombs too just as they thought they were safe :)

Twin Shadows is an interesting item. It gives you AP, CDR, and Movement Speed all useful stats. The active sends out two ghosts that hunt nearby enemy champions. If it finds champions it will give vision of them and slow them. Twin Shadows will allow you to chase enemies easier or peel them off you and your adc.
Twin Shadows

Spellthief vs Ancient Coin / Luden's vs Seraph
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League of Legends Build Guide Author FwuffyMilk
FwuffyMilk Zilean Guide
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[9.8] I've seen your Death, it was painful. [Support]

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