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Ryze Build Guide by Indeed545

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Indeed545

A big red ball right in your FACE!

Indeed545 Last updated on November 17, 2011
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Hello everybodey! Im Indeed545 and today im presenting you Ryze the rouge mage. This is my first build guide, so i wouldn't like to see some bad troll comments pls. ^^

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Pros / Cons

1.Easy to play
2.Can cast Q always
3.Awesome passive
3.Low CD on ultimate
4.It's just Ryze^^
1.DPS enimies can kill u in 2 sec
2.Mana problems early game
3.Useles when stuned
4.Useles when silenced

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Magic Penatration... I think this is a must for Ryze. More dmg ^^

Greater Seal of Replenishment
This is a very good rune for Ryze. Mana is the main thing for him. It's very good in early game, because he has mana problems in early game.

This rune is always good on Ryze. Especialy in early game. But you can always put another point to defese mastery tree. I preffer runes over masteries.

Also a really good rune for all game periods. Never enugh speed.^^

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Summoner Spells


Actualy this spell works well on just everybodey. Good for running away of ganking. U can even help your friend by flashing in the battle, u Rune Prison the enimie and finish him off with Overload, Spell Flux and Desperate Power.(if needed)

It's a great spell on Ryze . Goood for chasing and running away


Always a great choice for Ryze if u don't preffer Flash or Ghost.You can switch exhasust and Ghost if you want to play aggresive.

Classic low lv. players choice, but i sometmes take it. It's a great spell.

The other spells are not soo good for Ryze (my oppinion)

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Core Items

So these are the best items for Ryze.
Sorcerer's Shoes- The best boots for Ryze. When you get Void Staff, the combination of magic penatration is tramendeous!Plus it makes your Overload deal more damage!

Frozen Heart-I take this item before Banshee's Veil because of armor and CDR. Ryze is very squishy so extra armor doesn't hurt. And CDR makes your Q castable always!

Banshee's Veil-This is also a great choice for Ryze. Nice magic resist and spell block. This would be a great mix with Mercury's Treads. A lot of magic resist, but this would be only viable if the enimiy team has spellcaster's, or if you are laning with one.

Rod of Ages-This is for health and mana. I think that this item is only viable for mana. It doesn't matter if build's AP. But some AP doesn't hurt.

Archangel's Staff-Mana, mana, mana, mana, mana, mana......Again more mana Ryze more powerful abbilities are!!!!

Void Staff- Like I sead in Sorcerer's Shoes section, combined TRAMENDEOUS damage to your Overload and other abbilities too! ^^

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Strategy/Items-Early Game


> > >Catalyst the Protector>

Sapphire Crystal-Someone takes Meki Pendant first, but I preffer takin Sapphire Crystal because it gives mana and Meki Pendant gives mana regen, and we all know that more mana Ryze has that he's abilities are stronger.

Tear of the Goddess-The main early Ryze item. Mana regen and mana!

Sorcerer's Shoes-Magic Penatration and SPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED

Catalyst the Protector-Health, mana and health and mana regen per level.

Glacial Shroud-This is a great item because of CDR, and with that CDR you can use your Overload like Urgots Acid Hunter.

Ok. If you are going for first blood,just Rune Prison, Arcane Mastery and try not to get killed! When the battle starts use your abbilities and stay behind your allies. If you aren't going for the first blood, stay behind until minions come. Don't go check the bushes by yourself! when minions come just farm. If the enimies attack you Rune Prison the enimy that dels the most of damage.

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Strategy/Items-Mid Game

These are my mid game items:

> >
And I would add a few Health Potions^^

Frozen Heart-This is a very nice item. Armour, mana, CDR and lower's attack speed by 20%.
This is a very good item when you are against some attack speed champions.

Banshee's Veil-This is a must for Ryze. Health, mana, magic resist and the thing that is the most important, the shield that block any negative spell!!

Rod of Ages-AP, health, mana, AP every 1 min, health and mana every 1 min and every lv it restores some health and mana!

This is the time when your kill's would should come.You have Frozen Heart, Banshee's Veil and Rod of Ages. This items work awesome togather! Just do your combo on the enimy. Don't charge on a tank or dps by yourself, ask an ally to help you kill him/her. When you are alone in the lane just farm, farm, farm, farm... But be careful always have your finger close to W button. If your ally did't say ss, ask him is it or not. And Check your map frequenty!

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Strategy/Items-Late Game


Archangel's Staff-AP, a LOT of mana and mana per second...

Void Staff-AP and magic penatration.

Ok, we have come to the most important part of your round. This is the time where you destroy turret's and GANK! Always tell your ally what are you going to do.And ask if he can help you or not. And ping the place on the map to show your ally's where to go whre not to go... Here try to stay in the battle for some time. In late game I suppose you are lv 18. You can cast your Desperate Power in a half of a minute, (a half of a minute includes
Arcane Mastery) you can kill a spellcaster based on ap in a few seconds!! Use your regular combo and KILL KILL KILL! If you see a Veigar walking around the jungle and trying to gank, you just kill him! It's that easy.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

When Ryze casts a spell, all other spells have their cooldown reduced by 1 second.

This is one of the best passives in whole LoL! U can cast your abbilities anytime!!It's awesome!


(Passive):Ryze gains 2/4/6/8/10% cooldown reduction.

(Active):Ryze throws a charge of pure energy at an enimy unit, dealing 40/65/90/115/140F+20%of ability power)magic damage plus additional damage equal to 8% of Ryze's maximum mana.

This is your main skill. 3.5 CD + your passive + Frozen Heart makes your overpower castable all the time! This is like Urgots Acid Hunter.


Ryze traps an enimy unit, preventing them from moving for 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/ 2 seconds and dealing 60/95/130/165/200(+60% of ability power)magic damage plus 5% of Ryze's maximum mana.

Not the best stun in the game, but one press on that W button can stop an enimy unit with 200 hp and finish him with overpower! It can also save many lives.


Ryze unleashes a bouncing orb of magical power which bounces to enemy units or himself up to 5 times. Each bounce dealt 50/70/90/110/130(+35% of ability power)magic damage and reduces the target's Magical Resistance by 15.

This is your farming tool. Can hit 5 minions in one shot. It doesn't does a lot of damage but It's still viable. It's also good for It's magic resistane.


(Passive): Ryze gains 75/150/225 bonus mana.

(Active):Ryze becomes supercharged, gaining 15%/20%/25% spell vamp and causing his spells to deal AoE damage.

This is a nice ultimate. Mana, spell vamp and AoE damage! You can also use it for farming minions since It's low CD and your passive.

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Team Work

This is my team fight combo:

> > > > , and agin the > > combo.

This is how I play.^^

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Why Rune Prison First?

As the name of the chapter says why Rune Prison first? Well most of people take Overload first, but they dont relize that they're loosing a lot of mana! Ryze has mana issues in early game! If u cast Overload all the time u will have to recall! And snare is great for assisting your team at first blood. ^^

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Anyway this is my Ryze build. I hope u have fun reading it and that I helped u somehow.^^

Special thamks to my cousans svijetiljka and Falleo