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Ivern Build Guide by Fluddah

Support A Bronze's Kinda In-Depth Guide on Ivern Support

Support A Bronze's Kinda In-Depth Guide on Ivern Support

Updated on May 22, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fluddah Build Guide By Fluddah 5 1 16,822 Views 1 Comments
5 1 16,822 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Fluddah Ivern Build Guide By Fluddah Updated on May 22, 2020
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Runes: Aery

1 2 3 4
Summon Aery
Nullifying Orb


+8 ability haste
+6 Armor
+6 Armor


1 2 3
Ignite + Fash
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

A Bronze's Kinda In-Depth Guide on Ivern Support

By Fluddah
Who am I?
Well First off, I'm Fluddah, I'm a bronze player who just really enjoys playing off-meta picks. If you have seen my Kayn guide you would know that :) So in this guide ill basically tell you about how I play Ivern in the support role, list out some pros and cons, with some tips and tricks at the end!
Pros and Cons

Great Poke
Lots of CC and Utility
Daisy <3
Can steal enemy jungle
useful even if you are completely stomped

Super Squishy
Bushes can't be seen in unless warded, or allies are inside, so they can be easily used against you if the enemy is smart enough
Deals little to no damage
Easy to snowball on
Q is super slow

Ivern's abilites and my thoughts on them

P-Friend Of The Forest
Friend of the forest can be super useful, early game what I like to do is ask my jungle if I can take one of the camps for some extra XP and gold in lane. You can also take scuttle, plus the enemy jungle, and with mobility boots, it's super easy to just get in and out with your free camp.
Rootcaller is a very odd ability, it's not too fast, it doesn't root for too long, oddly enough you and your team can jump to the person rooted. I think this ability is super under-rated, if you get aggressive and aim it ahead of where people are running you will hit it a majority of the time. It has a pretty large range and you can hit people over walls with it. A good thing about the fact that you can reactivate it to jump to your rooted target is that escaping Ivern is hard because you can just jump over walls and follow the root. Its also super good to use as a reactive ability!
Brushmaker is another very underrated ability, you should use it for vision denial on objectives such as dragon or Barton. You can use it for vision, as you use it, it grants you vision around it for a short period of time. Also if you have a Cait, Nidalee, Jhin, or anyone with a trap they can put it inside of your brush. If you are lucky enough to get a Rengar ADC or just a Rengar on your team you can chain a bunch of Brush in a row, so Rengar can just keep jumping through them.
Triggerseed is honestly one of my favorite abilities in the game, a shield, that also slows. Triggerseed is the whole reason I even go Aery because the shield you get after all the items and runes proc is insane, it can be about a 1/4 of your ADC health. Since it has a slow it makes it almost impossible for anyone on your team to be jumped onto as long as you Triggerseed them. You can combo your Triggerseed with Daisy and your Q and just make it a living hell for the enemy whos getting slowed and smacked by Daisy.
What can I say about Daisy that hasn't really been said, she makes the game really fun. I've found that Daisy makes it viable to 4v5 team-fights and allow a teammate to split-push. She also can solo drag as long as you just keep shielding her, You can use her to tank turret shots, or just to be a huge meat shield. Daisy also dances with you when you dance :)
Reasons I go these items

Shard Of True Ice
This is just the normal support item you should take, its just the best fit for Ivern support
Boots Of Mobility
These are pretty standard on supports, you need to roam, you need to do it fast, get you a pair of Mobi Boots.
I rush Athenes as my "first" item because you should be 6 by time you get it, and all the poke damage you will deal just with autos are nice little heals, and its just a good general first item to go.
Now this is the one that everyone probably is confused on, now hear me out. So Rylai's slows on damage from abilities as well as on-hit passives like Ivern's W and Daisy slows people with her autos, so essentially every ability Ivern has can prob Rylai's
Ardents is just a normal Ivern and support Item no need to really discuss it, it has a Shield and Heal boost as well as it buffs ADC's Attack Speed
Redemption is another no brainer for Ivern although I have been thinking of changing it up for Knights Vow for Armor, but for right now I'm rocking with Redemption!
Stealing Enemy Camps
So stealing enemy camps is a super interesting thing because its very high-risk high reward. Once you are able to push your enemies minions back and finally get to tower, you can run over to / depending on which side the enemy is on and proc your passive on it, leave a ward and go back to lane. Once you see that you are able to go collect the camp, tell your ADC, and either try to start pushing the lane fast or have your ADC come with you to get the camp, and steal some other camps!

Now lets talk about ADC and which ones I prefer to have the most
I love playing with Kai'sa, me and a new friend I made have been running it, and have been just popping off with this combo, they have very similar attack ranges Ivern has 475 AR and Kai'sa has 525 AR. so When Kai is able to auto the enemy so are you. Ivern's Q and Kai'sa W also work very well together and if you hit Q Kai'sa should be able to hit her W! Also at LVL 6 you have an insane all in, with Kai'sa R and Ivern E and Kai'sa will get an insane shield. Once its late game and Kai'sa is fed and Ivern Has Rylais they can just chase everyone down
Cait is fun to play with because you can use your W and Cait's W and surprise people who run into the bush with a trap and do a **** load of damage to them. Also, and go well together since if you hit Rootcaller (Q) Cait should be able to hit her Piltover Peacemaker (Q)
Ill get to the rest of these Soon :D
Ashe is a very fun ADC to have, she slows on her autos and with her W, so it really makes it easy for you to poke and get stacks on your support item. And when you get Daisy killing lane is very easy for you guys as Ashe can just ULt and then you can .
Miss Fortune
Ill get to the rest of these Soon :D
Rengar and Ivern are possibly one of the most fun duos in bot lane, in the entire game. and Rengar's Passive synergize so insanely, it just looks like a blur. Rengar has an insane Lvl 1 if you take Brushmaker. If Rengar Hits his Bola then you have an easy to hit! If you are lucky enough to find a One-Trick Rengar ADC then I envy you very much!
Tips And Tricks

So some tips and tricks here we go
W Gives you vision for a brief moment after using it, you can use that to help chase enemies or check bushes already around the rift.
You can use as something to fake out the opponent, just spread them across the lane and some bot lanes, won't know where you are and will get scared.
Since your Q is mega slow try to walk up near people and then predict where they will go, or run up to them with e and slow them down to get an easy Q
You can run an interesting RengarX Ivern bot lane and just catch people off guard with Rengar being able to jump from anywhere in the lane.

Summon Aery
Aery is actually my favorite rune to take on Ivern I like the extra poke and extra shields it provides and I think that it rivals

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