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Lux Build Guide by DeBeNoPrMa

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DeBeNoPrMa

A Compendium about Light and Lux

DeBeNoPrMa Last updated on June 17, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to the Compendium about Light and Lux

I've been writing this guide to gather as much information as I can about Lux, and to help you OWN with her. Enemies will cry and surrend as soon as they can if they realize what light is made of!

I will build her aggressive and powerful, not really a support but a carry. I may include some support section someday.

Give it a look before discarding it, I explain the "why" of almost everything I think must be explained.

I am writing the Team Work part. Stay tuned! If you have any questions ask them also constructive criticism is welcome!

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Pros / Cons


  • Awesome burst
  • Really hard to kill if played properly
  • You can do so much things for your team, you've a full set of tools to help them
  • You can change a fight even being far from it
  • Tons of pros really, but you don't want to read them, you want to own


  • Squishy early game
  • Very mana expensive early game
  • If you're not used to use aimed abilities you will suffer. For all Lux abilities you have to aim, not a big deal really but may cause you some headache

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Lux Marks are unquestionable, Greater Mark of Insight, a must have for all AP-based champions.

For Seals I go for mana regen because Lux runs out of mana really fast in early game. I use Greater Seal of Replenishment Greater Seal of Replenishment, because we need Mana Regen early game and not in the End Game.

For Glyphs is not so clear, I use CDR runes but AP runes could work too. I use a combination of "per level" and "fixed amount" runes in order to reduce CD at low level and increase this reduction for Mid and End game team fights.
My current Glyph build is:
Greater Glyph of Focus x 4
Greater Glyph of Celerity x 5

At level 1:
2.6% static CDR + 0.25% variable = 2.85%
At level 18:
2.6% static + 4.5% variable = 7.1%

As we said we could use Greater Glyph of Potency or Greater Glyph of Force

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I use a 9/0/21 (you can see the build above)
I will discuss why I pick some masteries (you can ask in commentaries below)

Good Hands (3/3)

Some friends of mine have asked why I pick Good Hands and not Perseverance. Well, let's look at Perseverance closely, Perseverance increases mana regen in a 4%, this means that every 25 MP5 another 1 MP5 is added, this Mastery is VERY bad, remember that we don't need mana regen in the mid-late game because we won't have problems, at that time we own without worrying about our mana, so we need it at Early game, and this is not giving anything to us at that moment. But once you hit 18 your Respawn Time will go up to a minute and a 10% reduction means 6 sec less, and this is a blessing.

Utility Mastery (2/2)

You're not a great jungler (obvious) not even in mid-game, you can't pick Blue Buff as fast as other champions can. So you may need help in order to get it quickly without the risk of getting ganked, but you can't always depend on the another champion to rush your Blue Buff. With this mastery you will need their help less often, as simple as that. :)

I think nothing else should be explained on why I pick this masteries. If there's something you don't understand, ask it below and I will add it to this guide.

Of course, if you decide not to pick Clairvoyance or Ghost you can skip their masteries.

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Summoner Spells

My choices:

: I think is THE Summoner Spell for Lux, it has a great synergy with your ult to kill runners through the jungle or too far in a lane to see them.

: To escape from ganks and to get to your allies faster.

Other good spells:

Teleport: If anyone in your team has teleport pick it, Lux can handle a whole team pushing a turret in the mid-end game and you should take profit from this.

From my opinion nothing else fits Lux

You may wonder,

Why not to pick...?

Why not to pick ?
Well, you'll not have mana problems mid-late game so, it's not needed at all, you'll have one summoner spell less from level 6-7.

Why not to pick ?
Lux has an amazing range, you can be as useful as anyone (or more!) from a very safe distance. So you don't usually use Cleanse, also, if you time your spells properly you don't have to care about this. You have Light Binding, so you can root 2 enemies in place for 2 seconds and they won't have range to stun you. If you didn't saw they are getting close and you find yourself in front of a Taric or a Sion, throw them a Light Binding too! If they stun they can't do nothing, and if they don't have time to stun you ¡RUN UNTIL YOU'RE IN A SAFE DISTANCE! then you can attack them.

Why not to pick ?
You'll be far from the battle, so you can't even use Exhaust from that distance, if they chase you, you have Light Binding and Lucent Singularity to slow/root them.

Why not to pick ?
You've enough CC to be able to escape, and you'll not be in the center of the fight, so no need to escape from there. I think is better for Lux, because of the smaller CD and because it gives a better boost if what you want is to reach something faster.

Why not to pick ?
You should take no damage at all, and if you receive damage it should be mitigated by your (weak) shield.

Why not to pick ?
Same as Exhaust, you should not be in range to use this spell. Ignite is usually used in order to kill someone who is running away, and you have Finales FunkelnFinales Funkeln for that purpose.

Why not to pick ?
Let your tanks pick that. It may work, but you'll loss tons of opportunities.

Why not to pick ?
If you wonder why not to pick this, you have a problem :D

Why not to pick ?
It is a misunderstood spell, sometimes it can be amazing, but not for Lux.

Why not to pick ?
Lux jungler FTW! Now seriously, NO.

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Skills & Skill Sequence


Worst passive in the game, only useful early game, when a skill-auto attack combo can work. Useless mid-late game when you will be far from being able to auto-attack. In Mid-late game it will only proc when using Finales FunkelnFinales Funkeln

Light Binding

Does quite high damage (50% to a second champion), and roots them for 2 seconds in a VERY long range. While rooted they can use spells and auto-attacks. Awesome skill with some amazing uses.

Prismatic Barrier

Quite weak shield, BUT if thrown properly you can shield all your team, mitigating some damage. Mid-late game with no mana problems use it everytime is off CD trying to shield all your teamates, if a friend has ignite/Teemo shrooms/any DoT throw the shield at them, so they won't receive damage.

Lucent Singularity

This ability slows, and deals a quite high damage, you can let it shine for 5 seconds or re-toggle the skill to detonate it anytime, you can also check bushes or any area with this. You can use it over walls too. A trully amazing skill, believe me. With tons of uses.

Finales FunkelnFinales Funkeln

With this skill the other team will call you OP. With 40% CDR you can use this little treasure every 24 sec. 3000 of range and 1000 damage end game, only thing I need to say. It has tons of uses. Check the tips & tricks section in this guide.


I always start with Light Binding, at level 1 Lux has very low health and is VERY easy to kill so we need control over our enemies. Afer this we need to max Lucent Singularity, is our main nuke and it helps to chase enemies with his slow. I level Prismatic Barrier at level 4 in order to have a little more survivability.

Skill priority for AP-nuker:

Finales Funkeln>>>


If you prefer a more "Support" role (why I write Support between ""? because Lux can Support while dealing tons of damage, so the difference is just having a stronger shield in early game) then alternate between Lucent Singularity and Prismatic Barrier.

Skill priority for "Support":

Finales Funkeln>=>

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Your core Build is:

You should get this between level 6 and level 8.

Why Rod of Ages? It gives you mana, health and AP. I think this item is vital, because of the really great bonuses it gives, when fully charged (10 minutes) it gives 630 health, 725 of mana and 80 AP, it also give you mana and health when you level, alowing you to stay longer in lane at the beginning.

Why Boots of Speed? Because it's the base for all boots, simply that.


If you can't reach the 40% CDR easily or you don't want to do Blue Buff constantly, pick Ionian boots of lucidity. (If you don't plan to do Blue Buff be sure to remove the 2 points of Utility Mastery)

If you plan doing the Blue buff and you think you can reach 40% CDR easily then go for Sorcerer's Shoes. Lux is very weak if the other team stacks MR, you'll need these and a Void Staff in order to deal some decent damage.

Okay now Situational Items:

Rabadon's Deathcap

I know, I know, this should be a Core item, it is an awesome item, but it's actually situational (although I buy it almost every game). Although it boosts your damage a lot (it's awesome), it gives no survivability (apart from boosting your shield). If you're being owned this thing is not going to help you a lot, go for another item like Zhonya's Hourglass or Rylai's Crystal Scepter. But pick it up if your doing well, (or you're of the opinion a good attack is the best defense)
To pick when... you want actually :D

Mejai's Soulstealer

If you're doing REALLY well at the beginning then pick it up. Very cheap item that gives a very good boost if Lux is played properly, if you pick this, get some survivability invested in not losing stacks. If you pick this you should pick because will boost this item by a 30%.
To pick when...[/color] you're doing really well

Rylai's Crystal Scepter

Good item that gives you survivability and some good AP, it also has some good passive, it adds even more slow to your abilities, including your ult. The only real problem is that the passive will only slow for 15% for Lux abilities because they are all multi-target.
To pick when... you lack health and you need a little bit more of CC.

Zhonya's Hourglass

Really good item, it gives you a boost in AP (a lot really), armor and a good active that will render you invulnerable and untargetable but unable to take any actions.
To pick when... you need armor or you're being focused a lot.

Morello's Evil Tome

Amazing item, mana regen, AP and 20% CDR, this item really seems to be done for Lux.
To pick when... you need CDR (if you are using Sorcerer's Shoes for example) if you have already a 30-40% of CDR do not pick this item and pick a Elixir of Brilliance, and some pure AP object.

Void Staff

If you have tons of AP but you don't seem to deal damage to the enemy champs it's probably because they have stacked MR (clever dudes). Then it's time to pick this item, that will boost a lot your damage (it will boost only if they have a decent amount of MR)
To pick when... the other team has stacked MR

Archangel's Staff

Amazing item, if you use this along with your Rabadon's Deathcap it will give you amazing amounts of AP. It will also give you so much mana you are not going to have trouble with going oom. Lux is a spell spamming girl so you will inflate this pretty quick.
To pick when... you need mana, mana regen and tons of AP, aka almost always.

NOTE: I recommend to pick Tear of the Goddess early game to increase your mana, and then when you're consolidated with your build, buy Archangel's, why? because the proc is different, both of them give you mana, but with it can proc twice in a six second period, so, if you use two spells very close (usual on Lux) you'll get both increases. With Archangel's, both of them won't proc because it has a 2 sec CD.

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Tips & Tricks

Lux is very versatile, so you can use it's abilities in some different ways. Here I will show some of the things I use.

Situation: Enemy team is pushing a tower that is far from your team and you, no one can reach on time So... what to do? You can use your ult ina defensive manner, if you get close enough to use your ult on them while they push they'll be frightened and almost everytime they will go back. Allowing your team to defend the otherwise destroyed Tower.

I use my Ult my ult to calculate the distance between me and the target, usually I click the Ult just for the template of the ability so I can be centered on what's happening on the target location while I track where I am, with no need to look at the map.

You can use Lucent Singularity to discover bushes or to watch multiple jungle lanes at once. Be sure to place it at point where multiple lanes intersect.

If you don't have any spell available and someone is chasing you, throw the shield towards them, sometimes just by reflex they will try to dodge it trying to avoid an imaginary Light Binding and they will lose a bit of speed.

Just that by now, I will add some more in the following days.

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Actualizations & ToDo list

17-06-2011 - Build created
17-06-2011 - Tips & tricks added


  • Team Work section
  • Gameplay
  • Support section