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Rengar Build Guide by 0Mercron

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author 0Mercron

A complete guide to full AD Rengar

0Mercron Last updated on July 14, 2014
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 9


Utility: 0

Threats to Rengar with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Yasuo This is one of your easiest matchups.Just max E and try to bully him at lane.If he gets advantage,call your jungle,he has almost no mobility.
Singed Do people even pick him?
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Rengar is an AD-mele-caster-assasin with a great potential to burst everybody in less than a sec.Rengar seems easy,but its actually really hard to master.In this guide you will basically learn everything about rengar and all his different combos(triple Q,oneshot combo,etc).

Lets get started!

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+High burst
+Easy to get fed roaming
+Leap has no CD


-Your ult can be easily countered(pinks,etc)
-Useless if you are out of CD's
-You have no scape in a teamfight

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Use this one to farm in early game.You can also dodge skillshots with it(nidalee spears,etc).Also awesome to make great outplays.

Main damage skill.Spam it at laning phase to get full stacks.

Use this skill at the start of every trade,it gives some extra armor and MR.Use Empowered Battle Roar to sustain or to 1v1 someone if you are low hp(you can outplay squishy targets like ADC's).

Use this skill to poke and farm without going to mele range.Awesome skill to chase people.Trade using empoweredE+E+Q to trade.

Use this skill to:
-Getting easy kills/oneshot people

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9 Marks of Attack Damage

2 Seals of Attack Damage

7 Seals of Armor

9 Glyphs of Attack Damage

3 Quintessences of Attack damage

Tons of damage.Get an easy First Blood and snowball as fast as you can.

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Skill order

We want to max Bola Strike before Q or W.
Why? Isnt Q better?

Maxing Bola Strike gives you a lot of poke and the possibility to farm without going to mele range.But that isnt the main reason. After Rengar's rework, empowered Savagery's damage doesnt scale anymore with it's level. So you want to max Bola Strike to get a higher burst, since your combo is empowered Empowered Savagery and a normal Bola Strike

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Ability combos

Triple Q:

+ + + + +

-Get 5 stacks
-Use Thrill of the Hunt
-Use Empowered Savagerybefore leaping
-Just after leaping(mid-air) use Bola Strike and Battle Roar (you have now 2 stacks and you have used 1 Q)
-Use Savagery, wait 1 more second and you will have 5 stacks(after using Thrill of the Hunt you get 5 stacks during 5 secs)
-Use Empowered Savagery

Oneshot combo

+ + + +

Use every single skill while leaping(mid-air)

-Get 5 stacks
- Thrill of the Hunt
- Empowered Savagery
- Ravenous Hydra
- Bola Strike
- Battle Roar



+ +

Unseen Predator, then use Savagery+ Mid-air Bola Strike
Go away after doing this.


+ +

Unseen Predator on a minion,before hitting the minion use Flash and use Savagery


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Empowered skills

Empowered savagery (Q)

Use this skill to:
-Oneshot squishy targets
-Trade damage

Recommended combo:


Empowered battle roar (W)

This skill is so OP in laning phase, just spam every single ability to get as soon as possible 5 stacks and use W.

Use this skill to:
-Kill someone when he's low(your autoattack is on CD,etc) or you might miss E
-Scape using it just before going into ult
-1v1 when you are low hp

Recommended combo:


Empowered bola strike (E)

Use this skill to:
-1v1 champions who block autoatacks(jax,panth,etc)
-Poke enemies(if you land Empowered Bola Strike use Bola Strike)
-Trade damage agaisnt full mele champions

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Teamfight is one of rengar's strongest points.The key is knowing to positionate and focusing the correct target. Focus the enemy ADC, but if someone is peeling for him, think about going for the midlaner. Always let your team engage,NEVER engage, or you will die.

After killing someone you will have a proble,you have no CD's and no more leaps. Try to fight near bushes, or hide in them just after kiling someone. But you wont have this problem if your team has a lot of CC.

IMPORTANT: Buy Blade of the Ruined King instead of Infinity Edge if they have a lot of mobility, it will help you a lot to chase them.

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Summoner's spells

In most of the cases

If you are playing against a full ranged team you should take instead of

I dont really think taking instead of is a good idea since as Rengar you must outpust the maximum damage possible, and ignite is great to pickup easy first bloods.

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Start buying Doran's Blade.


Get 2 more Doran's Blade

Get Tiamat>>>> Last Whisper>>>> Ravenous Hydra>>>> Youmuu's Ghostblade>>>> The Bloodthirster

Now, get either Infinity Edge or Blade of the Ruined King depending on their team(if they are very tanky take Blade of the Ruined King,if they are squishy, take Infinity Edge

Take Banshee's Veil or Guardian Angel as last item since you dont need boots(ult's gives movement speeds, youmuu's gives movement speed, you get bonus speed from your bonethoot necklace...)

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About the author

Hello everyone, my name is Mercron aka Alex.Im from spain and I've been playing League of Legends around 2 years and a half. I'm platinum and I just play rengar, and I played more than 670 matches as him this season! Here are some screenshots:

Platinum OP

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Q: Is rengar still viable as full AD after the rework?

Q:Which are rengar's main lanes?
A:I played rengar most in top lane, but I also played him a lot in midlane(around 300 matches), but I dont really like him as a jungler... he isnt tanky and his ganks arent really good if rengar isnt fed.

Q:How old are you?
A:Im 15

Q:Can I add you?
A:Sure! !My IGN is Mercron, from EUW.

Q:I didnt understand some things. Can I talk with you?
A:Sure!Contact me at, ill check this e-mail everyday.

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10-7-2014:Published! GLHF in the fields of justice, summoners!
10-7-2014: fixed some errors