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Kayle Build Guide by Neonblade9009

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Neonblade9009

A Detailed AP Kayle Mid Guide (Work In Progress)

Neonblade9009 Last updated on January 8, 2014
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Kayle is a strong AP mid with a huge burst ability and autoattack buff to shred the opponent's health. Kayle is an early game monster with an incredible ultimate that benefits all stages of the game and can turn the tide of a fight completely. Additionally Kayle has a heal that also provides MS, which is great for sustaining in lane. In this guide I will try to teach you how to master Kayle.

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Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power
I take for the extra ability power which helps a lot for Kayle's deadly early game. You can also take if you need the extra MS to start without boots or to help dodge/escape skillshots.

I take Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resistance to help with protection from lategame enemy APs. If you're against an AD mid/mostly AD team you might want to take the
instead, or to get more burst an AP, which is paticularly good against a more passive opponent, like a farming without 6. Additionally, if you're against another enemy AP which relies on early game kill potential, you can also take .

I take for more protection against basic attacks and/or enemy AD's. Taking this with MR seals gives nice, balanced level 1 stats. Alternatively, if you're going to spam spells in lane, it may be helpful to take to get that mana back faster. The mana regen seals are especially efficient against an enemy AP mid that does not rely on basic attacks much, (not someone like ) such as .

The main damage seals, I like to take to increase the burst with Kayle's Q especially, and E. I do not reccomend any other Marks, but you can take if you want the 20 AP at level 1 (added with your AP Quints) or 35 if you take Doran's Ring as well.

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Offensive Tree:
: Extra damage in lane provides for more kill potential, even if you sacrifice some of your own defence. Also rewards you with increased damage if you can outplay your opponent (eg. dodge enemy skillshots)
: Attack speed for your buffed autoattacks. Kayle ends up with a hefty amount of attack speed when this is combined with and .
: I only take one point in this; it is mostly just to advance up the offensive tree. I dont find CDR that effective on Kayle, unless you plan to keep your up constantly in lane. Nevertheless, it's helpful.
: More AP, more burst, more damage, more heals.
: See above.
: I love this mastery. More damage on -50% HP champions is great in lane for trading and kill potential. Finish off low health champions easier, much like
Combined with your , you gain 35% extra bonus AP. More AP, more kills.
Synchronises with Kayle's - more AP damage on basic attacks. 500 AP = 25 damage.
More magic pen, and the armor pen works as well, as Kayle's autoattack buff still counts as an autoattack - initial damage is dealt first, then the AP bonuses are added on.
More damage, more kills.

Defensive Tree:
: Health regeneration, simple as it sounds. Get health back in lane.
: A slightly controversial mastery for Kayle. Helpful against AD mids and champions like who use basic attacks a lot in lane, but otherwise, not too good for laning. Still helpful for AD junglers/ADCs that enter your lane or gank.
: Although Kayle has an autoattack buff with her , Kayle is still melee. This means you get the reduced 2 damage from any champion damage source, which however small is still an amount.
More early game health will help you with early game engages, trades, all-ins, and just surviving overall.
Increased health scaling. See above.

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Item Sequence

Mercury's Treads

Nashor's Tooth

Rabadon's Deathcap

Rylai's Crystal Scepter

Zhonya's Hourglass

Wit's End

A very important part to Kayle. First I will start with the core example build items, explaining why I chose them specifically.
-mercury treads Mercury treads are easily the best boots in the game. More MR, and tenacity, a very important passive to have on any item. Even if against an AD mid, you may want to take this for tenacity if there is any decent amount of crowd controls on the opposing team.
You should get this every time you play Kayle. More attack speed for your autoattack buff, more AP for your abilities and damage output, and CDR to spam the more, poke your opponent in lane with your more, and have your available more. Additionally the passive AP-on-hit autoattack buff is very helpful and synchronises with your .
Huge AP increase, with a base 120 and then 30% increase, which gives 156 AP on its own. A must-have for Kayle, increasing her heal amounts and overall damage.
A very nice item; 500 health increase and 80 AP to for survivability and damage output. Additionally the passive slow effect synchronises with Kayle's slow, giving her a great crowd control. If you want more kill potential or just simply do not require this item, you should buy a instead.
The stats on this item are undeniably good. 120 more AP and 50 Armor - The only other item in the game that gives both AP and Armor (excluding Moonflair Spellblade for Dominion, obviously) is the Iceborn Gauntlet, which you shouldn't get on Kayle. The armor is well needed - other than Locket of the Iron Solari, the only items with Health and Armor are Randuin's Omen and Sunfire Cape, which both require you to go into the heat and core of a teamfight, which you certainly should not do as Kayle, as you will be killed instantaneously. This makes the armor stat very helpful, and AP is good for obvious reasons. For the active, I have a positive/negative list explaining the pros and cons to it below.
2.5 second invunerability and statis means you can wait for cooldowns to come back up in the middle of a fight.
Skillshots and skillshot gap-closers (such as Lee Sin's ) will pass right through you.
Stall for time for your jungler, other ally or .
Completely deny ultimates like or . Alternatively, deny abilities if necessary.
Immunity to damage-per-ticks like .

Often when used in teamfights, will leave you very vunerable when the duration ends, as your opponents can easily predict with their eyes where you'll be next, meaning skillshots are not hard to land. Kayle is weak enough to gap closers as it is (will be explained at a later point). This also goes for , which I will also explain at a later point.
The above also goes for laning, opponent ganks on you, your ganking, and any other situation where you use the active with an opponent nearby.