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Pyke Build Guide by Mootang

A Different Kind of Pyke

By Mootang | Updated on June 9, 2018

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LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Hey guys, Mootang here and happy to share my thoughts with you on this amazing champion. I have been playing Pyke A LOT since his release, averaging around 10 hours+ a day and trying several things. As a support main for several years I am excited to write my first guide for a champion who I believe truly fits my style of play. To me, Pyke as a support needs to be focused around supporting the entire team thanks to his amazing mobility. This guide is to help you be EVERYWHERE around the map. The other team will dread seeing you in a lane b/c they know they have to commit quite heavily to deal with you. The goal of this build is to create pressure in all lanes while still being able to be at team fights when your team needs you. Pyke's amazing kit lets him roam the map with relative ease and keep your team alert and ready for the enemy.

I am not a challenger player (yet) but with some testing I believe this build may help me get there. I currently have quite a strong win rate (over 80% across accounts).

Thanks in advance for taking the time to look at this guide and I hope it serves you well.
Please forgive me that it is not too fancy lol, that is not my forte :).
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Summoner Spells

1. Flash - A must pick as it allows you great mobility and can go over terrain.

2. Ignite or Exhaust[/color]
Ignite - Take ignite when you are fairly confident you can secure kills in lane, or when the enemy team has champions with big healing abilities such as Dr. Mundo, Warwick, or Soraka. I probably take ignite 99.9% of the time.
Exhaust - I generally take exhaust when I feel I need to hinder an enemy opponent with high burst dmg. Some champions I find I typically like exhaust for would include Zed, Yasuo, and Master Yi. (On Pyke I typically don't take exhaust over ignite)

3. Rest of the summoners - I don't really feel like there are any other choices for Pyke that are overly great compared to the ones mentioned above. Under certain situations you may want to consider some of the other options

Teleport - You REALLY wanna create some lane pressure
Barrier - You plan on diving a lot (harder than you should lol)
Heal - Perhaps for some reason your ADC didn't take heal and you are very nice guy
or girl
Cleanse - Cleanse is never terrible against team comps with heavy
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Item Selection

This is the general idea of the order I purchase items and the reason why. This is the FINAL ITEM COMPLETION list. You may want to pick up some pieces earlier (like getting the basic boots of speed before finishing Remnant of the Aspect).

1. Remnant of the Ascended - Ancient coin and the first upgrade will give you great gold and really help sustain mana during the early game. The first upgrade gives you 10% CDR so I usually don't fully finish it until last. 10% CDR, wards, and more gold/mana per coin is good enough for me <3.

2. Boots of Mobility - The focus of this build is to be as mobile as you can to impact the lanes for pressure using your items, ganking, or warding. Naturally the fastest boots help the most with this.

3. Banner of Command - Click it on a cannon minion and life is good <3. This will help a lot with pushing the lane, especially towers.

4. ZZ'Rot Portal - Use this to help lanes push. I love having these lil guys come in from the void and help me win some games :).

5. Black Cleaver - This is a big one for the 20% CDR. It also give you +400 health which means you will have MOAR DAMAGE!!!!!!!

6. Youmuu's Ghostblade - All I am going to say is have you ever tried to catch a predator Pyke with Youmuu's during his W? we talkin' well over 800 MS :) and you get it quite often thanks to Ingenious Hunter <3.

7. Guardian Angel - Hrmm wait we can't have 7 items.. It's fine. Play smart, watch the map and you wont need it :)
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P - Passive - Gift of the Drowned ones. Basically this passive explains the conversion of bonus health to attack damage. Also when Pyke is damaged by a CHAMPION you will notice a little grey area in your health bar. When you go into a place where the enemy has no vision you will regenerate that grey health. *This is a REALLY nice way to tell if the enemy has wards somewhere. If you go into a bush and you don't regenerate health, someone has vision on you :).

Q - Bone Skewer - This ability is Pyke's "Hook", but it has two parts.
1. If you give the button a quick push, Pyke will just shoot his dagger out in a quick little stab. This deals more damage than option 2 but will not move the enemy champions position.
2. If you hold Q long enough, you will move into the hook mode. It is a skill shot and will hook the first target in its line up to its maximum range. If the hook hits minions, monsters, or enemy champions, it will pull them a set distance. I would say it's roughly half of how far the hook can go out (that's not an exact statement). This hook can pull over walls if the enemy is close enough to the wall. Also if you are right next to them you can throw them behind you :).

W - Ghostwater Dive - This gives you camouflage and a big boost of move speed :). zoom zoom around the map with this baby!!!!. Beware when using it to enclose on enemies. They get a little swirl at their feet, so they KNOW YOU ARE COMING!!!!!

E- Phantom Undertow - Pyke's E ability is a nice dash that leaves his phantom behind. After a brief moment, the phantom will rush towards Pyke and stun all enemies in it's path. This ability is GREAT. It helps you CC those monster fed Master Yi's before they cut you down. Keep in mind this ability can go over walls. There are also some advance tricks such as flashing while using this, but I suggest you look to a video for that lil trick.

R - Death From Below - This is such a cool new mechanic for supports. Basically when an enemy champion drops into the "execute" threshold, you will see a box highlighted around their name and now it's time to use your ultimate. BOOM X MARKS THE SPOT. Pyke slams down a big X on his target executing them and securing the booty for his team. The great part about this is it will reward your ally who assisted you with FULL KILL GOLD. It's JUST like they got the kill themselves. Just try to remember this is your ONLY ability that does that. Kill stealing with your lil jabby skewer won't make you many friends :(.
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Game Play

Tips For Playing This Build

1. Don't dive in foolishly like you are a tank. Pyke is very squishy without mitigation items.

2. You have a crazy amount of mobility so make sure you roam frequently and are a factor all around the map.

3. Keep vision up as much as you can. Try to get vision around objectives before you want to go in to contest them.

4. Always be be doing something productive. Roaming to help another lane, roaming to get vision, helping your adc in lane. Don't just sit there hanging out. Be doing all the things :).
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Take Away

Well if you have made it this far then I really appreciate you taking the time to look at my first Champion Guide. I really hope you enjoyed it. If anything is unclear please let me know and I will try to make it more clear. Good luck with your matches as Bloodharbour's favorite Ripper.

P.s. I will try to make this guide fancy like all the other cool ones you see, but it might take some time. This was more for information on people looking to NOT have a 30% win rate on Pyke lol. If anyone reading this has tips on how to jazz it up feel free to let me know <3.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Mootang
Mootang Pyke Guide

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A Different Kind of Pyke
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