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Twisted Fate Build Guide by codeihamster

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author codeihamster

A Guide From The Best Twisted Fate EU West

codeihamster Last updated on August 14, 2015
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 9


Utility: 0

Threats to Twisted Fate with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Akali Make sure you deal tons of damage before she reaches 6. Physical damage runes are unusually VERY USEFUL. If she plays extra defensive, go roam before level 6 AFTER pushing lane. At level 6, make sure you are within a distance to get BEHIND your tower before her 2nd R.
Azir He really pokes well if you let him. but each poke is not very powerful. Calculate the time, and just before his Sand soldier disappears, go full attack with W Q combo and then back. Repeat.
Ekko An easy matchup. Before 6, he can deal lots of damage at close range so keep a small distance. His R is very predictable.
Kayle Kayle's weakness is stun and Twisted Fate got one. You will find the lane very easy but teams hardly pick Kayle as a Mid laner
Karma Karma is as strong as Twisted Fate 1v1, and you might just win or struggle. But she does not have a teleport... you will eventually win the game.
Kassadin His R range & overall damage seem to have diminished recently. Easy lane even after level 6. In team fight, he will save R until you throw a gold card. Probably think of a smart way to deal with this.
Lissandra One thing to remember is that she does NOT deal a huge amount of damage, unlike Diana & Leblanc. Don't be afraid to go offensive. Her R is as powerful as your full combo, and will kill you at Level 6 if she has Ignite and you have 400-450 health left. This can be done directly under your tower, too.
Kha'Zix This matchup happens rarely, but early Zhonya components, rather than boots, will give an easy lane. Shut him down before 6.
Nidalee I see 2 types of Nidalee. One type is 24/7 throwing her Q and the other type is wait until level 3 and then starts throwing Q. The second type is more lethal because it is difficult to expect when she will throw her Q. At level 3, once she lands a Q, she will proceed with Pounce + damage combo + Ignite. One solution is to go full offensive on her and disrupts her Q timing. A few gold cards, she will die or go back to base.
Pantheon Get Zhonya components first to boost your Armour. He is strong, but very mana dependent. Wait until he runs out of it and then go full engage. He will have no choice but call for help/go back to base.
Vel'Koz I saw a lot of good players with Velkoz, particularly as supporters. Mid Velkoz is a little less efficient because her ulti affects only 1 person. Also, she has no way to dodge gold cards. Remember she can control her Q split time and all will be fine. Building Zhonya first may be effective (during her ulti) but going offensive is more effective in my opinion.
Vladimir Vladimir is one of those champions who deal a significant damage every 5-10 seconds and than retreat, and repeat. So he is effective against continuous damage output champs like Kayle. But Twisted Fate, of course, can ace Vladimir.
Xerath Xerath has a very powerful, extra-long range Q. If you let him, it will hit you every time. But not many people know it is more difficult for Xerath to land a Q if you stay closer to him (you need to make a more dramatic mouse movement to land a Q on a closer target). So do not stay behind tower, go throw gold cards at him whilst circling him around. Dodge his Shocking Orb with ease, because it is a skill shot and has a very long CD. Easy game. Be careful when you are low HP, he can charge his Q, flash, then activate. If you can, delay building Zhonya until late.
Yasuo Most Yasuos will be hungry to jump at you or even tower dive at Level 1. Remember he can move without CD through minions. His Steel Tempest (not the storm) needs a very accurate skill shot so you can dodge it easily. Build Zhonya first in order to boost Armour. After level 6, activate Zhonya when it is clear you cannot dodge his storm. Make sure you save your gold card until Yasuo activates Wind Wall, and hold the gold card for a few seconds to ensure you can land your gold card (particularly when he dives under tower). One problem is Yasuo players who DON'T DIVE and keep gathering a huge amount of CS. You need to shut him down with your jungler, but beware, such Yasuo players are usually very experienced.
Zed Not a frequent sight, and I feel like Zed's damage has diminished quite significantly in recent patches. For the first item, build Zhonya which will negate his ulti completely. Before level 6, make sure you don't get to melee range as Zed can deal a huge amount of damage with Shadow + auto attack. If Zed uses Shadow very often, call your jungler immediately as Zed can't escape.
Ziggs A rare champion these days. If you played against him often, you will realise that it is pretty easy to dodge his Bouncing Bomb. Once you dodged it, go full offensive and deal some damage. It is a good idea to build Zhonya in preparation for his R.
Kog'Maw Not sure why people take ADC to mid. ADC needs to deal continuous damage but Twisted Fate can deal a combo and then back off. Just watch out for his Q which is quite strong.
Jayce Jayce may be strong, but not against Twisted Fate. He is extremely vulnerable to stuns. But do not force it and poke him frequently with auto.
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Pros / Cons


All-round laning skills with his diverse Pick A Card
Ranged so can easily shut down Katarina Akali and other squishy champions
A very good option in Ranked Solo Queue, because he can win his own lane and help other lanes with his Destiny
His Gold Card can create synergy with any ally champions


Not many cons, but a few 1v1 champions such as LeBlanc or Ionian Fervor are lethal
Squishy, compared to those Mid laners building Liandry's Torment
His ultimate does not deal damage, so usually you need food for thought for 1v1

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Hello! I have been playing League since some time in Season 2 and Twisted Fate has been my main. I am currently Diamond in EUW (ID: Codeihamster) and here I want to share some comprehensive tips on Twisted Fate. I omit some basics and go into details, so this guide would be appropriate if you played Twisted Fate for more than 30 games or so. The highlight of my guide would be Vs. Champions section so please read that.

For Twisted Fate I currently hold the highest win rate in EU West with over 400 games played -

EUW Champion Master's ranking

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Summoner Spells

or less preferably

First and foremost, Twisted Fate must be played offensively in order to carry as a mid laner. Flash is essential as it will give you an escape when you are heavily camped, or allow you to engage with W Pick A Card, Q Wild Cards, E Stacked Deck, Ignite combo (Make sure you have Stacked Deck before engaging like this for extra damage). This will kill an enemy Mid laner with 300-350 HP with MR less than 35, depending on your Ability Power. This does not require any skill shot and I think this is what makes Twisted solid and strong.

I saw a lot of players replacing Ignite with Ghost. I guess their plan is to chase enemies with a gold card with extra speed... but I am not sure if it is worth losing extra bit of true damage in early game. Your main role is to KILL your enemy mid laner Katarina and you need extra bit of damage to finish her off. Also, Ghost + Gold Card is very predictable and chasing enemies for a few seconds puts you at risk.

I also tried using Exhaust against fast, melee AD champions like Yasuo (who also often uses Exhaust) but it kind of slowed down the mid lane and it ended up 0/0/0 until Level 6. That is not what you want, you need to play aggressive and get the First Blood (if you want to stick with this guide!)

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Main rune set

Greater Seal of Scaling Health x9

I have tried Armor in this section, but 215 heatlh at level 18 seems to be the best fit with the current full Ability item build, with Zhonya providing a lot of Armor and blocking heavy AP skillshots.

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration x9

I can't find anything better than these for Twisted Fate

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist x4
Greater Glyph of Magic Resist x5

If the enemy team is wise, they will never go full AD and you will need MR in any game. Also, ranked games usually last long and the match is often decided by one team fight at minute 40+. Scaling MR gives a great edge in late games.

Greater quintessence of Movement Speed x1
Greater quintessence of armor x1
Greater quintessence of Magic Penetration x1

A slight movement bonus is essential, as it will definitely help throwing gold cards at enemy midlaners who are, not surprisingly, embedded with full AP runes without movement bonus. The rest 2 are your choice, but pick something that will help the laning.

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The must bans are (if you can)
you must ban her O______O
You can fight, but you will have to play passive to stay alive

Optional bans are
can kill you one-shot, unless you activate Zhonya's Hourglass with good reaction
hardly picked but will destroy you
she will be much more useful than you in late game
Very strong champion, she is very easily fed unless you can shut her down

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First Items

Staring at the base, your first items could be
+ x2

Also viable are
Boots of Speed + 3 Health Potion for dodging enemy skill shots Xerath Viktor
Amplifying Tome + 1 Health Potion for fast building Lich Bane
Cloth Armor + 5 Health Potion for fast building Zhonya's Hourglass

However, Doran's Ring + 2 Health Potion is recommended as it will give a significant boost to your survival in laning with a slight boost to Ability Power and mana per kill. Avoid selling it until late game, unless you want to complete Zhonya's Hourglass.

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Laning Phase - Level 1~5

Laning is very different depending on enemy Mid laners. I recommend reading individual guides in the Vs. Champion section. However, in general, your Pick A Card will be the match decider. A Red Card will allow you a chance to fast push the lane, get out of the enemy midlaner's sight and then roam to Top or Bot. It can also be used to gain a little bit of extra range to damage enemy champions (by using AOE on a minion) or attack several minions who are both low health. A Blue Card will be your main harrassment against melee champions like Talon as it will return the mana cost and can be thrown indefinitely. Unlike what many believe, blue card is for MAINTAINING harrassment rather than RESTORING mana - level 1 Pick A Card restores only 10 mana and level 5 Pick A Card restores only 50, which will be only possible in LATE GAME. So don't be afraid to carry mana potions. Gold Card is the signature of Twisted Fate. The stun duration increases from 1.00 sec to 2.00 sec depending on skill level, and 2 sec stun is one of the longest stun available in LOL, only rivalled by strong skill shots such as Enchanted Crystal Arrow but its CD is ridiculously low, that can be further decreased by Ionian Boots of Lucidity. Use it when your jungler is ready to strike before level 6, but beware that holding a gold card or rolling Pick A Card for an extended amount of time gives an indication to the enemy that your jungler is nearby.

Another important thing, which most people know, would be Level 3-5 gank. Level 3 gank is pretty unexpected and effective, particularly if the fight at bot is quite intenstive and a small intrusion can make a big difference. Enemies may notice you walking towards their lane and back off and you lose CS at mid, but it may be a small sacrifice for the potential reward. So take risks if you think you might arrive in their lanes unnoticed. This will only work if you pushed your lane at level 3.

Enemy jungler will eventually gank the mid lane. Usually, if the enemy jungler decides to gank you for the first blood, you will be hit by his first skill shot at 03:20 which would be after the jungler took down wolves/golems + a red/a blue. In unusual cases, I saw some jungler ganking mid at 2:20-2:30 after doing wolves/golems only but usually you don't need to worry about it.

Below are the 4 essential ward positions
I saw some videos by Faker playing Twisted Fate, and he seems to enjoy getting Raptors whilst waiting for the next wave. I really don't recommend this, as Twisted Fate loses a lot of HP and loses roaming potential. Ok, you will level up faster but for what? Unlike other champions, reaching level 6 does not give you a damaging skill, like Shadow Dance. You may use Destiny a few seconds earilier, but your enemies know this regardless.

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Level 6

If you have done well in lane, you will have sufficient CS, more than 75% HP and the enemy mid laner will have less than 50% that forces him/her to go back to base. It is time to use Destiny to either Top and Bot, but this is kind of predictable once you reach late Gold/Platinum tiers, and enemies will stop pushing the lane because of you. If enemies keep pushing the lane when your Destiny is up, it may be an indication that their jungler is ready for your arrival or they got a plan for your arrival. Upon using Destiny, and indeed it looks like your introduction will only cause 50-50 chance of winning the subsequent fight, do not activate it. Probably think fast whether you can activate it at another lane or activate it to get back to your original lane or to blue buff... don't throw the game.

But if your Destiny is likely to net you a kill (such as an over-extending supporter level 4-5 Alistar Karma at bot or a vulnerable Top laner Cho'Gath, go for it after activating Pick A Card. But beware, do not target Champs like Ezreal who can easily blink to his tower. Morgana can negate your gold card, so throw it to Morgana if she decides to shield her ADC. Also, do not immediately throw a gold card after teleportation to Vladimir as he can become invulnerable. Also, be careful targeting strong melee champs such as Riven as she can easily get a double kill if your Top laner is not ready/low health. So think fast/smart.

If you have not done quite well in the lane, it is likely you are about 50% health and the enemy mid Laner is watching your movement intently. You need to be careful when using Destiny, as a midlaner such as Diana can not only cancel your Destiny but also follow you and kill you. However, you can still teleport if you manage to lose the enemy midlaner and change the tide of a fight at bot or top. If there are seperate fights in both Top and Bot, teleport to Bot for a bigger reward.

Also, whilst roaming, DO NOT be afraid to lose a few cs. It is not important for Twisted Fate. Even with 100 less CS compared to the enemy midlaner at the end of the game, you may obtain more gold due to passive and extra assists.

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Team fight

2v2 teamfight (midlaners, junglers) can take place at any time in early games. One instance is when a jungler decides to gank mid but the other jungler is prepared for the arrival. In this situation, you role is to quickly identify your stun target and inform it to your jungler by pinging.

Target the enemy champion with lower health. It is usually the jungler, who got his HP down by neutrals. Also, junglers seem to have an 'obligation' to take you down as he spent a lot of time travelling there. So they are likely to take more risks and you can more easily deal damage. At this stage, junglers and midlaners deal the same amount of damage and whoever goes down first will lose the overall team fight.

[/list]Target the enemy champion without escape. For instance, Katarina can ward-blink. However, if she is on CD, this won't matter and you may use this to your advantage.

[/list]Another instance of this 2v2 fight would be when your jungler invaded into the enemy jungle. The important thing here is the speed. You need to help your jungler quickly in order to take their jungler down and make the fight 2v1, as the enemy midlaner is sure to follow. Do not hestitate to use flash to gain early advantage, as an initial 1.25-1.50 stun can be crucial to the fight.

5v5 teamfights can take place in late games (Level 12-18). Twisted Fate can either decide to stay front to throw an opportunisic gold card and initiate the fight, or stay far behind in order to not get caught. Against strong 1-shot champions like Annie, you must stay behind because your death means your team are unable to stop strong melee champs like Talon from free kills. Once the fight starts, you need to be prepared to receive some significant damge to yourself but you must stun their carry, rather than the front lane such as tanky Shyvana, who are baiting you to target her. Target the enemy ADC if you can, but ADC is usually very behind the line and the best compromise you can make would be to target their Mid laner. If you can land a gold card + Wild Cards, you are in a serious advantage because their midlaner not only receives a significant damage but is also unable to attack. Use Zhonya appropriately to negate incoming attacks. But if the enemy can also stun you... but with more damage then it would be bad, which is why I avoid playing Twisted Fate against Annie.

A unique teamfight can arise due to Twisted Fate combo, which is Destiny + Pick A Card + Wild Cards + Zhonya's Hourglass. This is a very effective initiation if one of the enemy champs decides to push a lane alone and some of your teammates are willing to cooperate in your combo. This can be devastating if you use Destiny and gets insta-killed, so try read the game. A chinese player Misaya seems to be known to do this.