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Not Updated For Current Season

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Katarina Build Guide by The1panda

Assassin A katarina guide to go in and out of the jungle

Assassin A katarina guide to go in and out of the jungle

Updated on May 3, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author The1panda Build Guide By The1panda 2,385 Views 0 Comments
2,385 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author The1panda Katarina Build Guide By The1panda Updated on May 3, 2013
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Why did I create this guide

Well to put it quite simply there isnt a single jungle katarina guide out that wasnt made for trolling purpose and it ticks me off. Katarina's resets makes her ganks ridiculously strong, if you spot some1 bellow 50% health you basickly have a double kill coming your way. This guide was not made has a joke, I quite seriously think katarina IS viable has a jungler, at the very least bellow platinum elo. I dont intend to eternalize myself on katarina's mechanics for you can find information on those in other guides wich were previously made and those do not change wether you are playing jungle mid or top. I will explain my choice of items, wich ones to choose according to the situation and that will be about it. I do not suggest playing katarina has jungle if you are not used to how her mechanics work has a bad katarina is an ever worst katarina in the jungle.
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Those mastery are the only ones i would ever use to jungle katarina, you are EXTREMELY squishy early on, you SERIOUSLY need that ***********ing dmg reduction and armor. You are free to change it to a 21-9-0 now that you have been warned however it strongly advise not to.
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I use this rune set, Anything that will give you a boost of damage toward the mid game and wich helps you deal with the minions in the early phase will probably work, im guessing you can substitute some of the ap per lvl for flat armor in wich case it would probably be wise to exchange the flat attack damage for magic penetration instead.
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Is the cloth armor pertinent now that theres this kool item called hunter's machette? HELL ****ING YES IT IS. that cloth armor is the only thing preventing this nice Executed! message to go off.

I have my sorcerer's shoes, my revolver, my haunting guise and deathcap, WHAT DO I DO NOW.

Against AD heavy teams : put that cloth armor to use and get yourself a randuins omen. Dont forget to pop it when u blink into a team fight just be4 you ulti, it lowers the damage you take and helps keep people in range. If enemy team doesnt have a threathening amount of AD simply get a warmogs.

Now that I can survive team fights, what do I do.

If you are the center of atraction in team fights and your warmogs/omens just isnt enough to keep you alive, get an hourglass, once again dont forget to pop it, tough preferably not right after you started your ultimate. If you arent the objet of attention, a deathfire's grasp will be a better choice.

At this point you should have boots, deathcap 1 survivability item, 1 heavy ap + utility item, haunting guise and revolver.

You are the only one that can decide wich one to upgrade/change first.

Revolver: I personaly like hextech gunblade, the active is realy fun and the ad gives you an additional +150 dmg on your ulti right off the bat, however if you have a team wich is heavy on ap, you might want to consider Will of the Ancient for the aura.

Haunting guise : I usualy sell it to buy abyssal, wich reduces all of my enemys' mr, but you can also upgrade it to into lyandris' torment or switch it out for a void staff.

I would get abyssal in most games unless :
My team has very litle magic damage and cant benefit from the aura.
Enemy team just doesnt have enough magic dmg for me to use the MR.

I would get torments in games where :
Enemy team has a load of hp.
I feel like seeing those pretty particles effects.

I would get void staff in games where :
Enemy team realy hates me and decided to stack MR, Sad face.
I dont need the survivability the other two items would offer.
I feel like being kool because everyone knows void staff is kool.
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I am sorry for my painful english, I am aware this guide is full of mistakes but please bear with it for this is the one and only non-AD kat jungle guide to have been made. Please dont comment if you havent at least tryed this build or if you are a bad katarina player to begin with, in wich case this build isnt at fault. I am aware this guide is far from being great, and it was never meant to, all I wished to do was offer a global look at a legetimate katarina jungling build. I hope this guide will be useful to some people.
League of Legends Build Guide Author The1panda
The1panda Katarina Guide
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A katarina guide to go in and out of the jungle

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