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Kassadin Build Guide by Slavador5

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Slavador5

A new age Kass

Slavador5 Last updated on February 9, 2012
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 0

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 9

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All info of Kass

Kassadin Skins

Kassadin Lore

There is a place between dimensions and between worlds. To some it is known as the Outside, to others it is the Unknown. To most, however, it is called the Void. Despite its name, the Void is not an empty place, but rather the home of unspeakable things, horrors not meant for minds of men. Though such knowledge is lost in modern times, there are those who have unwittingly discovered what lies beyond, and they have been unable to turn away. Kassadin is such a creature. He was once a man forced to look upon the face of the Void and forever changed by what he saw. Once a seeker of forbidden knowledge, he discovered that what he sought was something else entirely. He is one of the few that has found his way to forgotten Icathia and lived to tell the tale, following the scant breadcrumbs hidden in ancient texts.

Within a decaying cyclopean city, Kassadin found secrets of the kind that he will never share - secrets that made him quake with fear at the visions of things to come that were thrust upon him. The power of the place threatened to consume him forever, but Kassadin took the only route available to him in order to survive - he let the Void inside him. Miraculously, he was able to overcome the alien urges that went with it, and he emerged as something more than human. Though a part of him died that day, he knows that he must protect Valoran from the things scratching at the door, waiting to get in and visit their torments upon the world. They are only one step away... something to which the appearance of the abomination known as Cho'Gath attests.

If you look upon the Void, you can't put it behind you. If you look upon Kassadin, he is probably already there.

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Buenas, Mi nombre es Salvador y les vengo a presentar la siguiente guia que llevo elaborando con kassadin, cualquier tipo de dudas, traten de postearlas y yo te las resolvere

Nombre del Invocador : Slavador

Hi, My name is Salvador, and i submit the following guide which led being developed with kassadin, any type of doubts, try to post it and i will deal with

Summoner Nane: Slavador

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Para las runas agarro las 9 marks de penetracion de magia, para las 9 seals ability power por nivel, y las 9 Glyphs ability power por nivel, las 3 Quintessence son de Ability power planas, porque hago esta seleccion de runas? Asi logro tener tanto un buen comienzo, como un buen mid y late game, ademas que logro mantener el mana sin ayuda de las runas de mana regen.

For the runes i grabbed 9 marks of penetration of magic, for the 9 seals ability power per level, and the 9 Glyphs abylity power per level, the 3 Quintessence are ability power flat, because i do this selection of runes? This succeeded in having both a good start, as a good mid and late game, in addition to managed to keep the manna without the help of the runes of mana regen

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Skill Sequence

Para la secuencia de poderes, es sencillo pero a la vez no, porque? A nivel 1 empiezas con el Q, si en el mid, top, tienes un adversario que farmea mas que tu, y necesitas sacarlo a nivel 2 consigues el W para el sustento de mana al hittear y last hittear, nivel 3 Q tomando como prioridad este poder, a nivel 4 el E, puedes intercambiar el E a nivel 2 y el W a nivel 4, todo depende de tu linea, si tu jungler te regala el azul mas seguido, puedes optar por subir el E en vez del W, que hago yo? si siento que el mana no me esta rindiendo como deberia coloco 2 niveles al W y me mantengo con ello.

For the sequence of power, is it simple but simultaneously not, because? To level 1 you begin with the Q, if in the mid, top, you have an adversary that farm more than you, and you it need to extract to level 2 you obtain the W for the sustenance of spring to the hitting and last hitting, level 3 Q taking this power as a priority, to level 4 And, you can exchange to level 2 and the W to level 4, everything depends on your line, if your jungler gives you the blue more followed, you can choose to rise And instead of the W, which I do? If I feel that it runs not giving up myself since. I place 2 levels to the W and am kept with it.

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Con esto construyen, con el oro por cinco es realmente fácil para conseguir el dinero, pero no es una excusa para no hacer el ultimo hit a los minions y conseguir el dinero, tienes que aprovechar el juego temprano para farmear todo lo que puedas, yo por lo general molesto el enemigo con la q, y farmear con la W y la Q a los creeps, consiguiendo mana de la piedra fislosofal, masterias, y la regenaracion de la W, y cuando consigas nivel 6 puedes jugar más ofensivo y comenzar a matar a algunos campeónes, ganking, tomando azul, etc., etc. Farmeando sobre la linea de mi y ya que la alcanza el nivel 6 6 espera el Pulso de Fuerza (E) y comienza Ulti hacia al enemigo, la E y la Q entonces te mueves hacia atras ello y esperas que regeneres tu mana y repite el combo antes de que el enemigo este muy bajo sobre hp, y luego hacer un combo final con el destello y encenderse de ser necesario.

With this build, with gold per five its really easy to get money, but thats not an excuse for not last hitting minions, you have to take advantage of early game to last hit all you can, i usually harrass the enemy with q, and farm with W and Q to the minions, getting mana from philosopher, masteries, and W mana regen, and when you get lvl 6 you can play more offensive and start killing some champs, ganking, taking blue, etc, etc. When farming on mid since u reach lvl 6 wait for the Force Pulse (E) and start Ulti close the enemy, E and Q then back it and regen some mana, and repeat the combo till the enemy is very low on hp, and then make a final combo with flash and ignite if needed.

Down on the picture u can see the hugh difference that the gold per five items make on your gold on all the game long, see the difference on trynd and me :), the creeps

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Core Items #1 (Standard AP Build)

Core items #1 Stats (Without Passives of items, includes runes)

Health 2787 at 18
Health Per 5 sec 15.95 at 18
Mana 1565 at 18
Mana Per 5 Sec 17.7 at 18
Armor 121.6 at 18
Magic Resist 109.5 at 18
Damage 122.5 at 18
Attack Speed 1.039 at 18
Critical Chance 0 at 18
Ability Power 508.59 at 18
Armor Penetration 0 at 18
Magic Penetration 28.55 at 18
Movement 385 at 18

Core Items #2 (Melee AP Kassadin)

Core items #2 Stats (Without Passives of items, includes runes)

Health 1837 at 18
Health Per 5 sec 15.95 at 18
Mana 1390 at 18
Mana Per 5 Sec 49.7 at 18
Armor 71.6 at 18
Magic Resist 82.5 at 18
Damage 122.5 at 18
Attack Speed 51.039 at 18
Critical Chance 0 at 18
Ability Power 478.59 at 18
Armor Penetration 0 at 18
Magic Penetration 28.55 at 18
Movement 385 at 18

Core items #3 (Heavy Magic Resist Enemy)

Core items #3 Stats (Without Passives of items, includes runes)

Health 2287 at 18
Health Per 5 sec 15.95 at 18
Mana 2965 at 18
Mana Per 5 Sec 42.7 at 18
Armor 71.6 at 18
Magic Resist 109.5 at 18
Damage 122.5 at 18
Attack Speed 1.039 at 18
Critical Chance 0 at 18
Ability Power 443.59 at 18
Armor Penetration 0 at 18
Magic Penetration 28.55 at 18
Movement 385 at 18

All Core items Info

Catalyst the Protector: Catalyst Health/Mana and on every level up get health/mana back
: Rod of Ages Health/Mana/AP grows over time (Keeps the Catalyst passive)
: 140AP Plus 30% of total ap
: Sorcerer's Shoes Speed and Magic Penetration
: Void Staff 70 Ability Power + Magic Pen
: Abyssal Scepter 70 Ability Power + Magic pen + Magic Resist + aura for allies
: 65 Ap 50% ASPD 10 mana regen + 25% Cdr
: 75 AP 12 mana regen 20% cdr
: 80 Ap 30 MR 350 Mana 7% movement speed + Unique physical attack dmg with 100% of your ap
: 100 Ap 50 Armor 2 secs invulnerable
: 180 ap fully stacked and 15% cdr
: 45 AP 1400 Mana 25 mana regen 3% of max mana to ap
: 60 Ap 10 mana regen 15% Cdr and 30% Dmg of current health ( increased by AP)
: 80 Ap 500 Hp, Slow

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Items Early Game

Start Items

This will items will help you granting you Hp regen, when the enemy will harrass you normally and when u get 365G or 710G u can buy Philosopher's Stone (365G) or Philosopher's Stone (710G). With pHilosopher you got some HP and mana regen, and a boost to gold as we know kass dosnt have a high farming on creeps but it helps more than we think after philosopher you need to get (825G) and Kage's Lucky Pick (765G) with that, u will sustain your money problems HP/Ap/HPRegen/ManaRegen to get a HUGE Boost to your money on mid/late game. with these around to min 10/15 will end early game.

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Items Mid Game

After the 3 gold per five items next item to get is (750G) after getting the sorecer u need to get these items (1110G) Catalyst the Protector(1325G) here u will rush the and (U will say, this guy is crazy a rilay on kassadin? he already have a slow, but its more slow to your Q, when u hit with the W it slow too, and the ulti slow :D, so rilay can secure a kill for you or your team)

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Items Late Game

With all the items previously showed if u get kills, its better because u can get the following items more faster :D from these point u will rush this items afther this items u will go for and you will get the standard build complete :)

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Ranked Play

En las rankeds he tenido mala suerte con respecto al equipo... Casi siempre me baneaban a kassadin o si lo agarraba el equipo alimentaba al otro demasiado duro y entonces terminabamos perdiendo, pero aca les traigo unas fotos de las que tengo guardadas de rankeds con kass.

In the rankeds I have had bad luck with regard to the team... Almost always ban kassadin or if the equipment was seizing it it was feeding to other one his too hard and terminabamos at the time losing, but here I bring a few photos of which I have guarded of rankeds with kass

Ranked Stats