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Teemo Build Guide by Frosty114

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Frosty114

A really really annoying Teemo

Frosty114 Last updated on March 8, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Fiora Avoid engages early on. easy matchup with blinding dart
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Hey everyone, back again for a Teemo build this time. Hope you all enjoy it.

This Teemo build came about because I know teemo is usually super squish and his hurt falls off alot late game. This is because he will be comboed once in a teamfight and die. This is a solution that still keeps all of teemo's annoying pain, but makes him even more annoying becaue he will survive multiple bursts in a fight.

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Runes and Masteries

These are critical to Teemo's late game pain, follow this and you will be okay, deviate and you will lose alot of his ap power later on. AP runes are a waste of slots for late game. Early on they are ok, but late game you can have the same ammount of ap from your runes in a blasting wand. MP is invaluable because only so many items have it. The more you can get the more it will hurt for them. MP is the best option on any AP Character. I swapped Armor runes in Seals because it makes more sense for early game and Seals dont have MP.

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This is where Teemo gets his tank. Rod of ages rushed will set you up nicely. You want to rush this item because it takes 10 minutes to get full effect which is 80 AP, 630 Health, 650 Mana. This makes for an awesome ammount of sustain both in fights and shrooming.

Next is Liandry's, Also gives health, MP and burn for that extra pain.

And Nashor's tooth, which is a weapon well suited for Teemo. Extra magic damage on hit and in full build it scales nicely.

Everything else is to boost all of these core items. So chose as needed

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Team Work

When working with the team, always make sure they know to protect you. Tanks have alot more in fight CC than Teemo, and the best Teemo is the one that can laugh when they are all respawning.

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The Tricks to Teemo

So many of you dont know that Teemo can do some awesome tricks that really mess up the tempo of games for the other team. If you team is down or ahead, its always a good idea to drop shrooms in the lane. Right in the middle 3 at a time. Drop, walk 10 steps up, Drop, and repeat. It may not look like much, and youll think when will this come in handy?

The shroom in lane strategy helps alot on unattended lanes like your lane. You can drop the shrooms, go out get a coffee and when you get back your lane is just starting the get past the shrooms. Or alternatively, you can roam to other lanes and get kills while your lane is safe.

Late game this strategy is invaluable because it will slow the enemy teams progress down enough that your team will respawn after a big fight.

It can also drag games out that (with any other champion or strategy) should have been lost at 20 minutes to games that are an 60 minutes long and are a Win for your team.

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More to be added

Ill modify this guide sometime later....

Rev 1.0 Teemo