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Yorick Build Guide by Kokou

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kokou

A Yorick Build, By Kokou

Kokou Last updated on December 5, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello yet again guys and gals, for those of you who haven't read any of my builds yet, I am Kokou(co-coo) and I'm here for you guys. This build is on one of my favorite characters, Yorick. I will be providing you will my tanky-dps build that focuses on health and mana and a little on how I play with this fun and exciting champ.

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Greater Mark Of Desolation:Armor pen; A key ingredient to an AD(Attack Damage) character.

:Flat Armor: Makes your early game much easier and makes you a little harder to kill overall.

:Cooldown Reduction; This is just a personal preference of mine, I don't like long cooldowns, and I do not purchase much in the way of CDR(Cooldown
Reduction). A good alternative is for some more MR(magic resist).

:Health; One of the two things my entire build is based on, so more of it only helps out in the end. Good alternatives are Greater Quintessence Of Desolation for more armor pen, or for more CDR, if you want it.

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Offense tree: Grab some extra armor pen, as well as some CDR and the upgraded , trust me it's worth it.

Defense tree: Grab the health regen based on your mana because you'll be getting a bunch of it. And I get Bonus health from because that's the other thing my build is based on.

Utility tree: Just the upgraded as a safety measure.

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Summoner Spells

: Great tool for escaping or chasing. My personal must have with Yorick.

: Great for a quick get away or chasing down , you know what I mean.

: If you feel you have trouble securing a kill or what ever, go ahead and get this instead.

: If you're a flash addict I find it acceptable as well.

: If your team needs it and your tank doesn't want it, you may want to get this one.

: I guess, not one of my first choices, but if you can prove it's good, good for you.

Anything else: Probably don't need it.

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Skill Sequence

Skill Importance: > = >
: This is one of your most powerful skills. It hits for over double your attack damage and gives you a little buff. I do not get this first purely because it is an on-hit ability and you would have to run up to your opponents to use it.

: Now that it scales with AP(Ability Power), this is one of your most useless abilities. The slow is nice but it doesn't last long enough or slow enough to be significant. A good harassment tool, but I only keep one level in it.

: This is Yorick's most important and powerful skills in my opinion. This little guy is like a dps/ranged/lifesteal tool. Great for harassing and staying in lane. I get it at level 1 to stay for as long as possible.

: Yorick's ult is not as unique as you may think. It's sort of a cross between Zilien's and 's ults. Not extremely useful in my opinion out side of getting that extra damage in to take down a turret.

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At the top, I give my items that I have at the end of a game, or strive to get. That is not the exact order you should always buy them in. You need to use a little thought.
Starting items:
If you have a support in your lane: and and then get yourself a Philosopher's Stone. If you begin a game this way, get basic boots, then , and this start on your key items.(see top)

If you do not have a support in your lane: and 2 's. This way you can hold on to some of your mana and still heal from your . If you start this way I recommend getting right after you get your basic boots. If you have any space cash, grab some money makers like Philosopher's Stone, or .

Key Items:(What I Buy)
: This is one of two key items in my build. It turns all your mana into AD.
: This is the second key item in my build. It turns your HP into AD.

My Preference:
: Gives the most HP in the game, which means a bigger benefit from .

: A bunch of HP as well as a slow on hit. Makes chasing much easier.

: Gives both HP and mana, benefiting both and plus the spell shield.

: Great amount of AD and lifesteal. Not bad.

: Lots of mana for as well as armor.

: Health and armor as well as a great DOT aura.

: You will have a bunch of health, so you will get a bunch of health regen with this one and some MR.

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Well there you are, this is my way to play the gravedigger of the League of Legends. Hope I helped you out in some way or maybe inspired you to try this guy out. GL;HV all, and I'll see you on the fields of justice.