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Aatrox Build Guide by Fakoter

Top Aatrox Guide [7.8] Now we turn the tide!

Top Aatrox Guide [7.8] Now we turn the tide!

Updated on May 4, 2017
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fakoter Build Guide By Fakoter 3,562 Views 0 Comments
3,562 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Fakoter Aatrox Build Guide By Fakoter Updated on May 4, 2017
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  • LoL Champion: Aatrox
  • LoL Champion: Aatrox


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Hey! i am a aatrox main and this is my first time making a mobafire guide, So i would appreciate if you guys give me some feedbacks. I hope you guys learn something and enjoy this guide!

So Aatrox is a Top Lane/Jungle champion that has a great sustain and is really strong in teamfights. He is mostly dangerous in 1v1 or 1v2, Combats in general.
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Core items
Blade of the ruined king is a grea-- No the best choice to aatrox you get that Attack damage, Attack speed and lifesteal.

Spirt Visage is Really great pick for aatrox its really useful against Mages not only that you get a Increases effectiveness of all sources of health restoration by 25% which means your healing on your w is greater.

Honorable Mentions

Guinsoo's Rageblade I usually buy this item for being more safe in combats. Every 2nd Basic attack Heals or give more blood well and Damage.

Death's Dance is a really great for teamfights cause it heals 15% of the damage delt and increases by 33% for Aoe Effects

Randuin's Omen is good against adcs or other crit chance Champions and you get more Health and Armor and 10% less damage from crit damages

I would not recomment

Warmog's armor
This items is useless cause Aatrox doesn't need heal out of combat he is a fighter who is save INCOMBAT.

Nashor's tooth its good but.. there are many items that makes aatrox more helpful and useful then Nashor's tooth

All Crit items it never worked out for me with aatrox crit i can't find any good reason to buy crit items

All ap items do i need to explain?
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Pros / Cons

He is really strong in mid-game and late-game
He counters Darius and yasuo
He isn't weak when it comes to fight
He has a second life
He can turn the game around
His Knock up is really useful in combats
He can poke
He can heal the pain away
His lore is badass as ****


He has a bad early game
His Knock up has a really small hit box
Full hybrid isn't as good as the casual aatrox
He is weak against kites
Hard to recover in early or mid
Can't do anything about pantheon
Slow movement speed
He needs to be incombat or else he'll pop
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Creeping / Jungling

As a Top lane aatrox i would recomment use your e to poke while farming. Always farm with your Blood price and if you are below 70% of your health i would highly recomment switch to Blood thrist. If you have 4 stacks of your Bloodwell but the enemy isn't close enough to engage then switch to Blood thrist to keep your Bloodwell at 4.

Start red buff and start off w and put Blood Price, if your are below 40% Health i would highly recommend Switching to Blood thrist or if you are below 60% and you got your hellbent switch to Blood thrist.
Ganking Always land your q when ganking.
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Ranked Play

Aatrox is great pick in ranked especially now since his rework came. Aatrox has low ban rate, No one expects him to be picked. Aatrox is really good top-lane that counters what most top-lane fear to be against for example. Darius,Yasuo and mundo basically every champion who is strong in combat and doesn't have much cc, for the most part.. But there are some Champions that is really hard to 1v1 for example. Jax,Kalista,Lucian,Pantheon,Tryndamere(Sometimes),Illaoi,Fiora,Renekton and so on. I always go defensively in early and go Aggressively in late game. Why? Because in early game Aatrox is just weak so i keep farming and poke with e but of course i go sometime aggressive if they are in bad spot then i quickly go agrressive until i know the enemy jungle is missing then i go back to go defensively. If you don't trust your teammates then don't be the one that goes first in teamfights Chances are that they'll just leave you dead and makes the fight pointless.
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Team Work

Aatrox is amazing when it comes to teamwork for example Sona and Aatrox. As soon as Aatrox lands his q and sona ults. OH ******* ISN'T THAT SATISFYING, Thats the turn around for a guaranteed a win. Combos with aatrox that has a Aoe stun or any hard cc For example. Sona,Jarvan IV,Orianna,Yasuo,Azir,Zilean and Morgana. In teamfights you should always be the one that goes in use your q to engage ult and you have to find a target to hit Wither its Adc, Tank, Mage, you have to find a target to stick on to so you can't die by damage delt by enemy champions (Unless someone stuns you), That will buy sometime to let your teammates know they must go in and attack(If not they are *******s). If an enemy adc is in your melee range attack the adc.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fakoter
Fakoter Aatrox Guide
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Aatrox Guide [7.8] Now we turn the tide!

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