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Shaco Build Guide by AcidDr3amer

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AcidDr3amer

Ability Power Shaco

AcidDr3amer Last updated on August 4, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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First of all to make things clear I'm not claiming to be a pro or that you will be kick *** with these builts .That's the way I enjoy playing shaco amd I just wanted to share it with you.. And just for the record AD shaco is way better i just find AP way more funny and enjoyable..

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Explanation for each built

The first Built is AP shaco the most valid build for a player who hasn't played shaco again
The second built is pure ap focusing on nuking and surviving requires some experience with shaco
The third and final built is hydrid shaco a ******* destroyer but Very Very hard to learn
Here comes the explanation for each built

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1st Built


Greater Mark of Magic Penetration Greater Seal of Replenishment Greater Glyph of Ability Power Greater Quintessence of Health Greater Quint of Potency
We chose red for magic pen. as it will help us vs tanks and increase our damage early and late game
We go yellow for mana rege. obviously for the mana reg. as it will help us stay in lane longer
Blues and quintessences for ability power for the biggest damage output early on
And one quintessence for health to help us stay on lane longer


We go normal mage masteries 9/0/21 explaining it is a waste of time

Summoner Spells

Exhaust and ghost hit them to escape ,finish an escaper or exhaust to destry a carry or a tough ad off tank


It gove's a nice amount of hp/ap/and mana regen perfect starting item
We prefer this vs the cd boots because we need the magic pen. and the cd of the blue buff and blue elixir are already enough
This is one of your 2 highest damage outputs among with Use this when the enemy is around 100% hp or under 100 hp otherwise is useless
Okey when you have this 4 items you dominate vs squishes .Nice movement bonus among with ap and magic resist and a nice amount of mana
One of the most croucial ap items make's your ability boost to the top
Slow/Hp/and ap what else do could you ask for?
Now you have to make a choise survivability vs damage here's your 2 optoins
Spell vamp and ad guarantee that u wont need to go back and also a nice active use it as a finisher or slow
HP hp and hp this item makes you a bit more tanky


Early Game (1-6):

At lvl one go to the closest bush and the place with JiBs w8 them to come ..2 way's to succed either you'll need to be low hp and make them follow or let them push .. When you take two shive use it to harass the squishe enemy ..When you feel sure ping and go for the kill (never solo thats why you ping)

Mid Game (7-12)

Hopefully you built up to lich bane this is when the fun begins.Here the steps u follow:
1st look for an enemy in your path
2nd place a jib
3rd wait him to come when he finally come's use the acrive of deathfir
4th 2shive and auto attack
5th stealth and auto attacl
6th if you tower dive wait ur hp to go 10% then press your ult .DONT AUTO ATTACK the turret will hit it and it will blow up doing massive AOE and u can stealth away
(if you have hemtex dont forget the passive )

Late Game (13-18)

Now you''l be to squish to dive in 5 so you wait for the battle to start and you press your ulti end stealth away then try to use ur combo at a squishe carry or ap/carry

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2nd Built


Greater Mark of Magic Penetration Greater Seal of Replenishment Greater Glyph of Ability Power Greater Quintessence of Experience Greater Quint of Potency
We chose red for magic pen. as it will help us vs tanks and increase our damage early and late game
We go yellow for mana rege. obviously for the mana reg. as it will help us stay in lane longer
Blues and quintt streight up ability power or exp quints..EXPERIENCE QUINTS ARE TOO UNDERRATED I"ll explain why to pick em later on


We go for more defence and regen 0/9/21

Summoner Spells

Clarity and flash nothing i can add clarity is used when your oom and dont keep it it wont save you the sooner you use it the sooner you re-use it .. try to combine flash with your stealth/blink


I have already explained these items
Nice amount of armor and ability power but its the active that pays off
More magic resist for you less for them! Plus a nice amount of ability power


Early Game (1-6):

Your point is to plant boxes and make them come this is easily achieved by running low hp ..And if the enemies got a jungler is extremly easy to kill him just choose a path he'll defininatly chosse and get him off guard

MidGame (7-12):

When you max your dagger you can follow the 1st builts playstyle

Late Game (13-18):

As you have a nice amount of armor and ap go for kills in team fights never close combat only lay your boxes and your clone and try to snipe squishes with ur shive(NEVER FFORGET HOURGLASSES ACTIVE it saves lives trust me)

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3rd Built


Greater Mark of Magic Penetration Greater Seal of Armor Greater Glyph of Magic Resist Greater Quintessence of Health
I have explained red twice no need to do that again
Now yellows blues and quints are used for survival this shaco built is special and very though to learn so don't be very sure you'll make a poositive score without practise


9/6/14 we try to balance things for this "hydrid" shaco

Summoner spells

Exhaust and ignite what you need for first blood and a nice carry destroyer later on.. PLus ignite saves ***es at tough 1 v 1 like mundo, fiddle, trynda or any support


Okey i won't explain rylai's crystal scepter nore doran's ring nore the boots note the hextech as i have done it before

Adds damage and attack speed among with a pretty usefull passive
Adds damage and lifestyle

Now how this built works is helps you keep up with both ap and ad needs so you'll be a god in 1 v 1 exhaust and ignite make it pretty easy and your main point now is to kill the support or the carry nothing else even if this means dying for it

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You can always use you're ulti to escape for a debuff because it make's you invunarable for a second use to to escape skills like ashe's ulti or karthus's or veigar's or even an auto attack that will kill you ..
Plus when you use your ulti turret's aggro goes to it so use it wisely for your advantage
Never forget to use your activie's and never forget to buy pots after you finished your built ..
YOU CAN take the blue buff once you're level one put 5-6 jibs wait it to spawn and make it go to the boxes it will die in a matter of seconds
And something I haven't mentioned above the boots are second item to each built in case you take first blood

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Always Rembember

You\re not a tank nore a god don't go in 3 people for a kill that might doess't even worth it and dont wait to be able to put up with champs like yi or trynda

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Most importantly

Have fun ;) That's what the game is for .. Don't be greedy and good luck ..
I would appriciate if you dont troll vote or vote without trying it