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Teemo Build Guide by Brutal Loser

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Brutal Loser

Ability Power Teemo: Don't eat those mushrooms!

Brutal Loser Last updated on June 16, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello guys, this is my first guide. I hope you like it. I may did some grammar mistake -I'm from Turkey-, sorry for that.

I decided to create a guide and I thought I should do it for Teemo. Cause he is one of my favourite champion.

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Teemo has poison and it takes damage from AP. So he must have a little attack speed and AP. Nashor's Tooth is perfect for him.

This item's passive is perfect for Teemo. When enemies pass your mushrooms it will be activated and deal some damage.

We'll use this item because of its passive. It says after using ability, the next basic attack deals bonus magic damage. Starting a combat with Teemo, you will firstly use your Q, and passive will be activated, you will do basic attack, it will deal some bonus magic damage. Nice.

This item will provide you some health and AP. Also its passive will slow enemies with your abilities.

This item will raise your AP so much.

When your enemies have really good magic damage or have good magic ressistance, you can buy this item.

When you need extra armor you can buy this item. This will also give you very good AP and you can use its passive very effectively. For example you are in a 1v1 fight and you understood that you can't kill enemy. Don't worry, place a mushroom over him and use your Zhonya's Hourglass's active.

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Mushroom Placing

If you go with this build, you should use your mushrooms very effectively. So you should place your mushrooms where enemies will probably pass. Also place them especially tight lanes.

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Trust me farming with Teemo nearly as easy as an ADC. Because you also deal damage with your Toxic Shot. Your basic attacks both include AD and AP. Even if you couldn't kill minion your toxic will do it for you.

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When you against an offtank try to harass him with your Blinding Dart and Toxic Shot. Teemo is so fast so you can harass them easily.

If you have to go 1v1 with and ADC, I think Teemo still can win. You will blind him -without basic attacks, ADC is nothing- and do basic attack him. You will attack him so hard because you already deal so much damage with your Toxic Shot, also when you use Blinding Dart, your Liandry's Torment passive will be activated. Even if you understand that you can't kill him, place a Noxious Trap over him. It will deal damage and slow him.

In teamfights try to focus on ADC -of course-. When you use your Blinding Dart, ADC nearly can't attack.

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I always prefer flash as one of my spell except for some champions like Hecarim, Warwick etc.

Teemo has really strong magic damage and toxic so I think you don't need damage spell like Ignite. I prefer defensive spells instead of damage spell. And barrier will be useful for Teemo.