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Anivia Build Guide by ISterbenI


Absolute-Zero - Anivia Mid Lane Guide (S8) With Matchups!

By ISterbenI | Updated on June 11, 2018
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Arcane Comet
Manaflow Band
Gathering Storm

Perfect Timing
Biscuit Delivery


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Who am I and why did I make this guide?

Hello there! My name is Noah but you can call me by my ingame name: Hisame (Ice storm). I'm a gold 1 player trying to reach platinum this season. I started playing Anivia pre-season 8 and at the moment im actually one-tricking her.

So why did I make this guide? Well, the answer is quiet simple: I love playing Anivia and I want other players, regardless of rank and experience, to fully experience how awesome it is to play this champ. (My twitch)

PS! This is my first guide so it may not be very proffesional.
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Pros / Cons

-Easy to kite with
-Difficult for the enemy to all in you
-Fun to play (many things to master)
-Good to climb with
-Can hard-carry games if used correctly
-Wall (w) is one of the best ability in the game
-Great AoE stun and ultimate
-High burst potential in mid/late-game
-Most champs are easy to play against thanks too her good survivability in lane thanks to her passive
-No damage earlygame
-Difficult to roam with
-Bad wall (W) can make you loose games
-Difficult to use effectively
-Hard to farm pre-6 due to slow auto-attack animation
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Arcane Comet:

We choose Arcane Comet for the added bonus AoE damage both early, mid and lategame. It's better than Summon Aery is on Anivia because it deals more damage.

Manaflow Band:

We choose this rune because it make your mana-pool bigger. If you're wondering why we not take Nullifying Orb it's because Anivia already have good survivability thanks to her passive "Rebirth".


Gives you more movement speed to dodge enemy abilities with. Also boosts your ability power a bit. Is especially good combined with Magical Footwear.

Gathering Storm:

We choose Gathering Storm because it makes Anivia even stronger lategame.

Perfect Timing/Magical Footwear:

Here we have two options. Either you go Perfect timing or Magical Footwear. I personally go Perfect Timing if you need to buy Zhonyas Hourglass during the game and otherwise I go Magical Footwear due to it giving you more movement speed and saves you 300 gold.

Biscuit Delivery:

It helps you in the laning phase with health and mana-sustain and is the best option to choose from.
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Summoner Spells


The best summoner spell on Anivia. It makes you have a better laning phase overall. It helps you roam aswell as being able to escape if you use it right before you die (while you have egg). You can also splitpush with it late game.


Second best summoner spell. You can use it to get an early kill if the enemy underestimates your damage. It's worse than teleport because of its bad scaling into late game.


Good vs Twisted Fate and Lissandra to remove their important stuns.


Good vs assassins like Zed and Talon to keep them from bursting you down.
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PASSIVE (Rebirth):

"Upon taking fatal damage, Anivia transforms into an egg, Rebirth dispels all debuffs, with 100% of her maximum health for 6 seconds, during which she cannot act. While in her egg form, Anivia gains -40 / -25 / -10 / 5 / 20 bonus armor and bonus magic resistance. If the egg survives, Anivia is reborn with its current health."
- League Wiki

Makes you survive easier in lane and make you die less. You can use it to bait people to dive you if you're convinced you'll survive.

Q (Flash Frost):

"FIRST CAST: Anivia launches a massive chunk of ice which flies toward the target location, dealing magic damage to enemies it passes through. At maximum range, Flash Frost detonates automatically.

SECOND CAST: Anivia shatters the orb, dealing magic damage to enemies within the detonation and Stun icon stunning them.

Enemies damaged by Flash Frost are Slow icon slowed by 20 / 20 / 30 / 40% for 3 seconds. Enemies can be damaged twice by Flash Frost."
- League Wiki

Use it combined with and E to poke the enemies for decent damage early and insane damage mid/late-game. Try to stun multiple enemies in team fights. Try always having your R under the enemy/enemies before using it to make it easier to land (thanks to R slow) and do more damage (thanks to the R doing damage to the enemy while stunned).

W (Crystallize):

"Anivia summons an impassable wall of ice at the target location perpendicular to which way she is facing, Airborne icon knocking enemies away from it. The wall lasts 5 seconds."
- League Wiki

You can make people go around the wall automatically if you place it in front of them. Use this to your advantage and throw a Q at the spot where they will walk. In team fights you want to separate anyone, who comes to close to you, from the rest of their team to make them an easy target for your team. While chasing an enemy in the jungle NEVER block of the path completely if they can flash/jump over it, because if you do they might flash over and you have to burn your flash aswell. You can also zone the enemy from farm by placing your wall (W) infront of them when they're going to last hit.

E (Frost Bite):

"Anivia blasts the target with a freezing wind, dealing magic damage that is doubled against targets stunned by Q within the last 3 seconds, damaged by a fully formed R within the last 2 seconds or frozen by for example Ashes auto attacks."
- League Wiki

Almost never throw this on an enemy who won't take double damage from it because that's a waste of mana. In teamfights try to hit one with double damage on the enemy carries.

R (Glacial Storm)

"PASSIVE: Increases Flash Frost Flash Frost's Slow icon slow.

ACTIVE: Anivia calls forth a driving rain of ice and hail at the target location, dealing magic damage each second to enemies within, Slow icon slowing them for 1 second.

The blizzard increases in size over 1.5 seconds. At maximum size, enemies within the area take 200% increased damage, and are Slow icon slowed for 1.5 seconds by an additional 50%.

After Glacial Storm has been active for at least 1 second, Anivia can cast the ability again to deactivate it, dealing one last tick of damage. The ability will deactivate automatically if she gets too far away or runs out of mana. Additionally, Glacial Storm is deactivated by all forms of Silence icon interrupting crowd control."
-League Wiki

Place this under the enemy to slow and be able to throw an easy Q or a strong E. You can place this under an enemy and then block of their path out of it (with your W) for extra damage. In laning phase you can zone your enemy from farm by placing it between their minions and them. In team fights try to place it under as many people as possible or to zone the enemy.
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Dorans Ring + 2 Health Pots:

Always pick Dorans Ring thanks to it's health, mana-sustain and ability power stats. Because of you having 100 gold left after you've bought the ring you should pick up 2 health potions.

Tear of the Goddess/Seekers Armguard:

Always buy Tear of the Goddess on your first back, unless the enemy is an AD assassin (in which case you rush Seekers Armguard), because you want it fully stacked ASAP. If you have to buy Seekers Armguard first you have to buy this item on your next back.

Rod of Ages (RoA):

After you've bought Tear of the Goddess always rush RoA!

Haunting Guise/Sorcerers Shoes/Ninja Tabi:

After RoA you buy Haunting Guise for its passive or buy full boots for the movement speed and passive. If the enemy team is full AD always buy Ninja Tabis.

Archangels Staff/Liandries Torment/Zhonyas Hourglass:

After this you can either finish your tear of the goddes to Archangels Staff or you buy the full Liandries Torment. If you feel the need of having the Zhonyas Hourglass passive you should finnish tear, buy zhonyas and then finnish your haunting guise to liandries torment. However, regardless what you're up against you always wanna get these three items.

Void Staff/Rabadons Deathcap/Rylais Crystal Scepter:

After you have your five items you need to pick up one last item. Here you usually only have three choices. Void Staff, if the enemy is stacking magic resist. Rabadons Deathcap, if the enemy isn't buying magic resist. And last but not least you can buy Rylais Crystal Scepter, if the enemy isn't buying magic resist and the enemy team consists of alot of melee champions.

Abyssal Mask/Zz'rot Portal/Banshees Veil:

You have a couple of other options aswell, but I do NOT recommend these if you don't REALLY need them due to them being extremely situational. Abyssal Mask is decent if you have a team with many ap champs and are up against a heavy ap comp. Zz'rot Portal is decent if you wanna have more pressure in the lanes and banshees is decent when you need that spellshield and magic resist (if you're up against a fed Fizz or Brand for example).
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Pre-6 Combo: Q-E-aa
This will do decent damage and doesn't cost a lot of mana. You can also trade pretty easily with this combo because of Anivias range.

Post-6 Combo: R-W-Q-E-aa
This combo can one-shot a squishy target in mid/late-game. If fed your E can literally ONE-SHOT the ADC. In teamfights you can also hit multiple targets with your R and Q and trap them all with your wall (W).
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Early game/Laning phase

In this part of the game you want to farm up as much as you can and try to roam/take their raptors when you've pushed up your wave with the use of your ultimate. At level 6 you can easily kill blue buff so you should ask your jungle if you can have it. You should also try to poke the enemy with either a Q-E combo or with your auto-attacks (which has one of the best range in the game).
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Mid game

Now you have a couple of items and it is now your time to start shining. You will deal a bunch of damage with your combos (Read combo part). Try to roam and group up to get objectives.
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Late game

This is when Anivia becomes one of the best champions in the entire game. She deals massive amounts of damage with both her E and R and her wall (W) will be able to block of entire areas. All of Anivias abilities are great in team fights and if used correctly will win you fights easliy.
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Tips and Tricks

-When taking blue buff try to put a wall between you and walk to both sides back and forth while Q and E and R the buff. This will stop the buff from reaching you.

-Try to bait dives in early game with your egg. Dumb enemies will forget your egg and dive or flash you just for the "kill" which they won't get.

-Use your ultimate (R) or wall (W) to zone the enemy from farm under their turret.

-Use your range on auto-attacks to your advantage and harass the enemy in laning phase.
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Please leave a comment on what I should change/add to my guide!

My goal with this guide is to make it as perfect as possible and it's difficult to do it without your help! Regardless if you enjoyed the guide, please leave your feedback in the comment section!
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100k views! THANK YOU! <3