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Pyke Build Guide by xDopii

Support Abuse the Meta as Pyke (Unstoppable Korean Builds)

By xDopii | Updated on October 15, 2020
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Runes: Standard

1 2
Hail of Blades
Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Ultimate Hunter

Second Wind

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Support Role
Ranked #25 in
Support Role
Win 49%
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Champion Build Guide

Abuse the Meta as Pyke (Unstoppable Korean Builds)

By xDopii
Hi I'm Dopi, a diamond 4 Support main in EUW and I mostly main hook champions. Pyke is my most played main champion and I made this guide to help you become better at him and improve at the game. I hope you like my guide!
Pros & Cons Back to Top

+ High Mobility
+ Gains a lot of gold with his Ult
+ Great Engage
+ Execute in kit
+ High damage


- Unable to gain extra HP
- Hook can be problematic in Teamfights as a lot enemy champions want to get close which Pyke allows them to
Runes Back to Top
Omnistone Hexflash (Main Runes):

Pyke has a decent amount of viable runes, for example: Aftershock, Predator, Hail of Blades etc. which makes Omnistone very useful. The main reason for taking the Inspiration tree is so you can have access to Hexflash.

Nimbus cloak increases your movement speed everytime you use a spell and this synergizes with Hexflash. You gain a lot of movement speed in a short CD flash which will allow you to make plays very often.


The main point of Aftershock is to make you more tanky when CCing enemies, basically when being in fights so you don't die fast and can tank most of the enemy damage. Zombie Ward works well with Umbral Glaive which is a core item in every build and Ultimate Hunter works well with your ult.
Why Tank? Back to Top
Pyke is very squishy and has a lot less sustain after his passive has been nerfed. Most of the times you won't do a lot in teamfights, especially if your ult is on cooldown and you can't reach the enemy backline with your hooks.

Being Tanky allows you to gain access to some of the best items for CDR and mobility such as Frozen Heart which gives you 110 armor and 20% cdr and Deadmans Plate which gives you a good amount of movement speed.

While normal Pyke does a lot of damage, this mostly falls off in late game which is usually the most important part of the game if you can't finish the game fast enough. Pykes abilities scale with Lethality but this isn't very important as it doesn't affect his gameplay that much and being tanky allows you to be a lot more useful than just using your Hook on someone and then running away.
What does Pyke do? Back to Top
Pyke's main objective is to start engages with his hook, usually on squishy champions. During teamfights, you want to look out for possible ults and hook killable enemies towards your team. Hitting ults is one of the hardest and most useful things about Pykes kit as it executes them and grants your teammates a lot of extra gold.

Pyke allows his teammates to gain kills and a lot more gold than usual while also providing some CC and dealing a lot of damage on his own.
Early Game Back to Top
The early game, laning phase, is one of Pykes strongest phases in the game as his Hook is very powerful and one of the easiest to hit out of all hooks. What you want to do during the early game is stay inside bushes and collect your support gold untill level 2.

When reaching level 2, this is the time where you can actually engage. If an enemy is close the wave and still level 1, you can E + flash to stun them and they likely won't react to it or will be forced to flash aswell which is fine for you because you still have Hexflash. If the enemy is stunned, you can auto attack them and position yourself in a way so you can hook them towards your teammate.

Most of the time during the lane you want to Hexflash out of a bush for the extra movement speed, then combine it with your W to move up very close to an enemy and combo them (Hook + Dash).

When returning to lane you should automatically walk towards mid and react if the enemy mid can be ganked. Notice that Pyke has some of the best roaming in the game and you will get a kill very often with a strong mid laner.
Mid Game Back to Top
The mid game is the stage of the game where usually a lot of fights around objectives happen. Pyke's job during teamfights is to hook anyone his team can kill and prepare to hit his ultimate. The best way to force teamfights is by roaming to mid and starting an engage. You can also sit in bushes and ping your teammates so they follow up to any potential hooks.
Late Game Back to Top
The late game is probably Pykes weakest stage during the game because most of his damage falls off and his Hook can be problematic. In teamfights you should look out to not hook champions like Malphite, Sett or Darius (etc.) into your team as it won't do a lot of damage and they generally want to be close to your team. Avoid hooking any champions that could kill your teammates or start their own engages.

It will be hard to hit hooks onto any carries in late game because they will be far in the backline but its possible when they are out of position or the enemy frontline is dead so always be ready to look out for picks.
Gameplay Tips Back to Top
Hitting Hooks:

Your hooks will be a lot easier to hit when you're very close to the enemy. You can achieve this by walking towards them in your W. By standing close to them, they have very few options to juke as your hook doesn't take that long to charge up and is already close to them.


You should use your ultimate as often as possible because it will always give you or your teammate extra gold which can allow you to get a very quick and high gold advantage over the enemy. This isn't as useful anymore when the enemy isn't worth a lot of gold (for example after dying a lot without getting kills) as Your Cut will also give less gold.

Pykes Damage:

Pyke has very high damage which is one of the main reasons he also holds a very high winrate in mid lane. Do not be scared to attack weak enemy ADCS or Supports in the early game, especially when they're close to execute threshold and you have one or more longswords purchased.
Conclusion Back to Top
Pyke is a very useful champion that has one of the best roaming in the game. With this runeset + builds you will be a lot more useful in teamfights and have your cooldowns up quicker, be faster and more mobile.

I hope you liked this guide and it helped you understand a bit more about Pyke and his playstyle aswell as help you improve and become better at him. Thank you for reading!
League of Legends Build Guide Author xDopii
xDopii Pyke Guide
Abuse the Meta as Pyke (Unstoppable Korean Builds)
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