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Jhin Build Guide by TheStartofTheEnd

AD Carry Achieving Over 800 AD with Jhin

AD Carry Achieving Over 800 AD with Jhin

Updated on February 2, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheStartofTheEnd Build Guide By TheStartofTheEnd 49,271 Views 0 Comments
49,271 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author TheStartofTheEnd Jhin Build Guide By TheStartofTheEnd Updated on February 2, 2016
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Hello, I am TheStartofTheEnd or now AKBunnyPush, and I am here to enlighten some of you with this brand new Jhin guide. I will do my best to explain why I chose certain things, but take note that this is my first guide.
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Runes and Masteries

-The runes I chose are just very basic for an AD Champion. Jhin will not benefit from any attack speed so there is no point in taking attack speed runes.

-The masteries is where I may lose few people. but please let me explain. First off as I've stated Jhin does not benefit at all from attack speed, so with that said take sorcery. As a caster this is great for him because either way it at least benefits him. Another thing people may question is taking double edged sword, but you do not have to take it. I just believe Jhin is extrememly strong at the moment, and hey what is a little more damage going to do. Well it will do a lot.

-Alright, now that I've explained some questionable stuff the rest is really just basic masteries. Jhin benefits from ad and ap so take natural talent, he is an ADC so get bounty hunter, armor pen is nice, and he has an automatic crit so take warlord's.
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How to achieve over 800 AD

It is really simple if you just do the math and follow my guide.

His base AD at level 18 is I believe 113, now add the 355 bonus AD from items and the 25 from runes and masteries, then add the bonuses from his passive. Assuming you have an elixir of wrath and at least one dragon you'd come to exactly 866 AD.

-For you insane mofos out there that are like me think 866 isn't enough AD I have a treat for you. Find a buddy and have them go Janna because her e at max level gives a base of 50 additional AD. but since you're Jhin you will actually get more. If that still isn't enough get 5 drags and a baron with Janna by your side, and you will surely get over 1000 AD.
League of Legends Build Guide Author TheStartofTheEnd
TheStartofTheEnd Jhin Guide
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Achieving Over 800 AD with Jhin

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