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Senna Build Guide by RedNBlue

Support Actual Senna Build [The Best Senna Build EVER ] S11

Support Actual Senna Build [The Best Senna Build EVER ] S11

Updated on November 5, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author RedNBlue Build Guide By RedNBlue 2 9 21,256 Views 0 Comments
2 9 21,256 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author RedNBlue Senna Build Guide By RedNBlue Updated on November 5, 2022
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Runes: Regular Runes

1 2
Grasp of the Undying
Second Wind

Eyeball Collection
Relentless Hunter

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


Senna Summoners ALWAYS
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

Actual Senna Build [The Best Senna Build EVER ] S11

By RedNBlue
About the Author

About The Author by Red

I am going to be real honest, I am deeply deeply deeply deeply tired of losing ranked games with Senna supports building like a Darius and it is the reason why I am making this build. As you can see how far I have made it into this build you can tell that I am serious about this. I have played Senna a decent amount of times enough to give me a certain understanding of how she works and how she feels and lethality is not the vibe. Truly, so this build is for people who play Senna in competitive environments and want to know a possible new and better way to win.
Threats & Synergies
Champions that will be a threat to Senna are champions with high kill pressure. These types of champions make it hard for Senna to farm souls off of champions safely without a death toll for making a positioning error. So aggressive supports will not be your friend.

Champions that Synergies well with Senna are aggressive early game attack damage carries that have preferably higher mobility and follow up when you start poking them low. Champions that fit this kind of area will build a lot of critical strike chance and not so much attack speed(in general standards)
Why These Items?

Why These Items by Rednblue

I am saying this is a possible winner for the best Senna build style is due to the fact that Senna is not some assassin who builds lethality and Fighter style omnivamp I mean like Eclipse??? Thats nuts and that should be a thing, that build is ok but as Senna you just aren't that much towards the damage type of champion to build lethality. You have A LOT of utility and you should be able to live to USE IT. Building Lethality and Omnivamp isn't allowing you to be sustaining in-game as don't have enough DPS to use that omnivamp effectively and I don't ever see Sennas do a classic global ult snipe across the map for a shield and damage to close call fights in top lane, middle lane, or in the jungle and I feel that's what you should be trying to do. Get free assists and kills while allowing your team to stay alive and pretty much your Shen ulting them minus the part where Shen shows up and helps.

For the Were Going to Lose Senna Build if you wondered why the Shurelya's Battlesong and the no boots, the Battlesong gives you movement speed as a mythic passive allowing you to not have to waste money on boots where its not clear which enemy you want to build against, like if you wanted Plated Steelcaps for a Yasuo or Mercury's Treads for that Zyra you just skip that decision and not need to spend money on that and just be able to pass that decision and just get more items and speed from the Battlesong faster for a quicker recovery or buildup to your later game damage with your item curve and your souls.

The reason why I say to take Grasp of the Undying is due to the tankiness it gives you and the damage, The reason why I say to take a Sunfire Aegis is due to the sustain it gives you and the damage, believes it or not Sunfire Aegis can really rack up some damage in those team fights where the enemy's assassin is targeting your adc and you go into help and root the threat and when the enemies engage and tanks come in to follow up hoping their assassin would break the line and cause a collapse in formation which they will definitely jump on you and you will need that sustain and tankiness to live plus you will now be damaging them with your Sunfire Aegis. I know stacking up Sennas passive can be very slow but with this build you going to have to suck it up if your too used to the normal damage you will have if your building a lot more damage rather than sustain. Eventually you will rack up a lot of damage, lots of people don't know but, Dead Man's Plate is a ridiculously powerful item damage wise and sustainwise. It is a great item vs blunt Attack damage(I call it blunt attack damage) and it provides a lot. I have two types of classifications for a basic analysis of attack damage based enemy champions. Blunt Attack Damage which is for non-attack speed based champions that do a lot of physical damage but don't use their attack speed which means building a wardens mail or similar will not be handy to stop a threat an example or two of these types of champions would be champions like: Talon Kha'Zix Darius. Then I have Attack Damage Attack Speed which is champions who build a lot of attack speed and attack damage like Master Yi or [[Tryndamere].

I made these builds the way they are counting on the fact that you get an average to above average amounts of Mist Wraiths every minute and in time allows you to do a lot of damage and be tanky. I balanced out the items between sustain and then leading to major power spikes later game as you start to curve out of a lot of tankiness to more damage and turnaround power along with your mist wraith stacks this could be very powerful if you are on the right track.

The ToolBeltV. Build is for full utility, healing, and just very enchanter style support Senna playing. Now you also will be trying to include some tankiness and some damage or extra healing with a Dead Man's Plate or a Spirit Visage. You want to keep your power spiking curve to be more squishy but Healy early game enough to be a problem to kill or get Grevious wounds and then you curve your items over to a more sustain and tanky style of building and then you just want to top it off with like I said Dead Man's Plate or a Spirit Visage depending on the situation. If your going against a lot of mages or ap damage dealers go for the Spirit Visage and attack damage threats go for the Dead Man's Plate

Dont be fooled by Spirit Visage's power, if you didn't realize somehow already Senna heals herself quite a bit so when you get a Spirit Visage last item you will be able to do a lot of damage and get back your sustain fast before the enemy adapts and gets to you not building more sustain. This relies on you being able to get a lot of gold fast middle to late game which means you should have gotten a lot of stacks and money around 30-40 minutes which allows you to build damage and then before the enemy adapt sand gets more damage and sustain enough to fight you with your damage(You will want as much stacks as possible so really try to get those) and then you lock yourself in a safe box with a giant cannon on top with a Spirit Visage and make yourself unkillable as long as your with someone else. You want to get Spirit Visage as your last item if your on a killing spree later in the game and you can 1 v 1 or 2 v 1 the enemy team but you get in trouble when to many people jump on you. You will need a teammate around to be most efficient so make sure you fight with a teammate with his item as you will be healing a lot more in total of the game if you do and im sure you will not be trying to 2 v 1 or 1 v 1 if your in these very late game situations where its a back and forth winning and losing.
Wrap Up
Thank you for taking a look at my Senna build and I thank you even more if you use it. Obviously if you want to you can vote which is appreciated and if you feel like it you can comment in the comments and now I sound like your classic YouTube man I have to stop now before I get to far into the rabbit hole and end up dying.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RedNBlue
RedNBlue Senna Guide
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Actual Senna Build [The Best Senna Build EVER ] S11

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