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Team Guide by Pharana

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pharana

AD Carries That Knock Your Socks Off

Pharana Last updated on August 5, 2011
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Team 1

Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

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Chapter 1


This is my "first" guide. So i don't know if anyone will like it, but be brutal please. I will be adding videos and pictures and all that cool stuff when i learn how.

To start off this guide of 2 AD carries I will say, I have tried this build out on both of them, and to my abilities I find them a good way to get a positive KD ratio.

Ashe is a very good carry to have when you have to chase down enemies and kill them ASAP. She does very good single target damage and is good early game when she gets her Frost Shot. She is a bit squishy early game (like most carries) if you don't have any runes. But, with an early game Hawkshot you can look for potential ganks coming towards you.

Miss Fortune like Ashe focuses on winning the game for her team. She has Impure Shots to get more damage early game and an attack speed buff to push towers faster. Double Up is also a good skill to get you the first blood kill you greatly desire.

Miss Fortune and Ashe are very good to have on your team, they are great if you want to get first blood and get that extra hundred gold.

Miss Fortune Pros and Cons


High damage
Aoe ulti and slow
Attack speed buff
Can pick any lane


Loss of speed when hit
Gets focused in team fights

Ashe Pros and Cons


High damage
Across the map Ulti
Slowing attacks


Focused in team fights

Summoner Spells

Flash is a very good spell to use when you chase after an enemy. You can also use it to make a great escape!

Teleport lets you get back to laning when you need to heal up in your base. You can also use it to get into team fights, or backdoor the enemy base by teleporting to wards.

Clarity helps you lane longer if your soloing a lane or just using your mana to get that final hit on a nearly dead enemy champion.

Ghost is like Flash but lets you run faster instead of just 1 quick teleport. I would much rather choose Flash because of it's ability to go over walls.

Ignite is good for those champs that heal or just don't die when you attack them. Ignite screws Tryndamere over with his Undying Rage.


Greater Mark of Desolation Great armor pen early game, and helps late game too. Armor pen items cost a lot in game and may be hard to find.

Greater Seal of Armor Helps get you more armor to shield you from early game deaths. Better than getting items to buff your armor late game.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist Pretty much the same as armor, only protecting you from magic damage early and late game.

Greater Quintessence of Desolation The best armor pen you can get without buying items in game.

Why not pick attack damage runes?

Armor pen helps you out more than Attack damage would early and late game. Attack damage runes only give you a slight boost in damage. With this much armor pen you deal a lot more damage to minions going through all their armor and giving you extra damage.


For masteries I go straight damage. I also pick up Utility Mastery to get a little bit more time on the red and blue buff you need. Awareness lets you level up a little bit faster than other champions.


Ashe has good skills when it comes to chasing or just plain killing. Here is a brief summary of all her skills.

Focus: Ashe's passive which increases her crit chance every 3 seconds while out of combat. A good first hit early game.

Frost Shot: Uses mana per attack to add a slow effect to each of your normal attacks. Good for chasing enemy champions.

Try to use it only on enemy champions to decrease your mana usage
Use it to help allied champions get away from ganks

Volley: Fires 7 arrows in a cone shape dealing damage to each target it hits. Each arrow only hits 1 target.

Try to find an opening in the enemies minions so they cant use a meat shield to block
Fire it into bushes to scare potential gankers

Hawkshot: Fires an owl to scout out potentially harmful areas. Each level increases the range it has by a lot. Hawkshot also gives more gold when you kill a minion or monster.

Use Hawkshot on bushes to increase your survival rate in dangerous areas.

Enchanted Crystal Arrow: Fires a large arrow that stuns the first champion it hits. Champions around the hit champion get damaged and slowed as well. This arrow has no range so it can go across the map.

Fire the arrow close range to stun an enemy champ and get a kill
Fire the arrow to kill a really low hp champion that's running away
Save your allies by shooting from the spawn when you have just respawned

Skill Sequence

You want to try to max out your Volley first since its a good damage spell early game. While you max Volley you also need to raise your Frost Shot with it. You need to get at least 1 in Hawkshot before level 6. Like most champions you want to get your ultimate ( Enchanted Crystal Arrow) leveled at 6, 11, and 16.

Skill Combo

Initiate with either Volley or Enchanted Crystal Arrow, if you can't get a clear shot with Volley initiate with your Frost Shot and keep it on til you either kill or are out numbered by the enemy champion(s).


Strut: This passive increases Miss Fortune's movement speed out of combat. If she is struck in combat then you lose the gained speed.

Double Up: This skill does physical damage to 1 enemy and then if there is another enemy behind the first that enemy will also get hit.

Use a minion near a turret to hit a recalling enemy champion (Makes em mad :P)
Good for farming a large crowd of minions

Impure Shots: When active it increases Miss Fortune's attack speed, and makes healing and regeneration on an enemy hit decrease. When not active it does extra damage per shot that stacks on that enemy. Each attack increases the damage added.

Activate Impure Shots when attacking turrets
Activate Impure Shots against an enemy like Dr. Mundo

Make it Rain: Fires hundreds of bullets into the sky slowing and dealing damage to enemies in its range.

Save your allies with the slowing ability
Farm more minions in a smaller amount of time

Bullet Time: Fires lots of bullets in a cone formation dealing damage to everything in its range. damage increases the more Attack damage and or Ability power you have.

Use Bullet Time on big mobs of monsters to gain a lot of gold and experience
Use Bullet Time in team fights to do major damage against the enemies

Skill Sequence

The first skill you want to get is Double Up, it's a good damage skill that helps get you first blood. The way I do it is, I max Double Up and Impure Shots to maximize my damage output early game. You need at least one in [Make It Rain] before level 6. Like i do with most of my champions, I level up my ultimate ASAP.

Skill Combo

First off, initiate with either Double Up or Make it Rain, (in team fights make sure you start with your Bullet Time to kill their team faster). Your auto attacks also do most of your damage.


For items I use the same build for both Ashe and Miss Fortune. Start off with Boots of Speed, 2 Mana Potions, and 1 Health Potion. This will let you chase or escape enemy champions. The potions will let you lane longer if needed.
The next item I get is usually the Vampiric Scepter or if I have enough gold I get a B. F. Sword (After i get my upgraded shoes Berserker's Greaves). The first upgraded item I get is The Bloodthirster. Then I start to build an Infinity Edge for crit and more damage. After that, I stack 2 Phantom Dancers. Then i finish off my build with another The Bloodthirster.


Miss Fortune can farm easily with her Make it Rain and Double Up with her normal fast attack speed. She can one shot minions late game with her high crit rate.

Ashe is pretty much the same way but without a good aoe skill, Volley can only hit 7 enemies instead of Make it Rain's unlimited hits. Her normal attacks also one shot minions late game.

Team Work

Miss Fortune is a great match for a lot of champions. Her ultimate works really well with Amumu's to mop up everyone in team fights. Miss Fortune works with many snare and or stun champions.

Ashe works well with fast high damage champions. She slows while they kill.


I personally like laning with a partner instead of soloing mid. You have more chances to get fed and more chances to take down turrets and gank other lanes. Ashe is great with a partner early game because of her, Frost Shot. Miss Fortune is a major damage dealer so shes good with support champions.


Ashe and Miss Fortune are the best AD ranged carries in my book. They do lots of damage early and late game, work well with others and excel in what they do best, winning the game for their team.

That is all I have for this guide for now, please look back later for more content, i hope you guys have fun with my build and start playing ranked games with it. Just remember, its not always about winning, just have fun and its all good. If you have any suggestions please leave a comment and I will look at it and reflect on what i can do to make it happen.

Have fun gamers


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