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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheAl3csutzu

Ad Carry/Support Combo

TheAl3csutzu Last updated on May 17, 2012
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Welcome Everybody To My First Guide, Im In My "Team" The Ad Carry And My Best Friend Is Support, We Play So For 5 Months We Tryied Some Combos Now I Wanna Show u Some and How To Use This Combos and/or Why To Use This Combos(We Will try To keep it simple). Hope U Enjoy.

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Sona and Ezreal, Both Early Agression Champs U Need An Early Team Comp.Why? Cause If The Enemy team get a Hyper Carry Bot and has a nice partener, like Blitz/Vayne,Soraka/Graves,Kog/Nunu.
Late They Beat Ezreals *** :/. So U As Ezreal U Need To Spam Q,Q,Q and/or depending on Ezreal Build, If Ezreal Gets Tear/Sheen Early Then Sona Doesn't Need To Get Mana Manipulator But If Ezreal Goes "Hyper Carry Build* Then He Needs. :/
Sona Ezreal Ulti Combo Thats What We Like the most when playing this bot lane, We Scream at each other "WOMBO COMBO":D
Conclusion --->>> Be Agressiv Early, Ezreal Escapes Ganks Pretty good, And While They Got Ultis Up,The Guy Who Gets Hit Is Dead :) :>

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Kog and Nunu, I think u know About That From Tournaments, Very Agressiv After level 3 :S.
Kog Is That Kind Of Hyper Carry With Almost No Escape But His W gives Him Insane dmg agains high hp targets. If U Are Fed Enought U can Go For Madrez:D, To Make you a Killing Mashine, If They Start Going Armor, Just Take Last Wisper ;). Ohh And Nunu, Nunu Has Only To Put Wards, Max W then E, Ulti IN Team fights, Me and My friend Found That Zeke on this combo goes very well :O.
So We Like To Make Other player think they can kill kog in a 1v1, and go in the near bush nunu pops ulti and we get 2-3 free kills :D, depends if the jungler wanna die too ;)
Conclusion --->>> Agressiv All The Game, Wards have to be up (if possible all the time) because kog has no escape, Don't Hesitate a 1v1 As Kog, Unless Its A Graves/Vayne. :|

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Leona and Corky, very very good we love this combo how we just distroy everyone if gets hit by Leonas E even without ulti :S. Corky Has Such A Nice Passiv, Armor reduction, Escape tool, Long Range Ulti. U Can't Put Corky On The List Of A Hyper Carry, but his,lets say bursty high dmg is very good, Corky doesn't need PD that much, or GA because of the escape tool from W, QSS is best for him :D. So Leona has to land one nice E then there they die :| Simple as that, follow Up With Q W Ulti And Corky just comes with W if nedded popps E Q boom they go with leona passiv :D
Conclusion --->>> Leona can Start without Wards first, because corky escapes gank easly, Almost No Counter to this bot.

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Soraka and Graves, Just To IMBA and with imba i mean u almost can't kill graves or soraka depends on who u focus, at least if the other bot lane has no healing reduction carry/jungler(with that jungler only fizz has that ability :S ) Soraka heal is just to much and it gives tons of armor too :O, As I heard Soraka will get nerfed,remodeled,new particles, animations,maybe change her abilitis(good for the bot who is facing her :D). So Graves is a tanky,high sustain hyper carry, some say graves is the best carry :O some say kog,corky,varus :/. So Graves Is That Champ That Only E->Q->W maybe R in Your Face And Autoatacks :|. Soraka if they decide to play agressiv She stays In Bush, Comes Out E->Q->AA Zoning :D.
Conclusion --->>> Depends on Yours/Theyr Jungler How U Go Agressiv or Passiv, Thats all i think :D

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Cait And Janna, I Like it :D, Janna Q Cait Q = DAMAGE ^^. So Janna Is Good For All Ad carrys, But It Goes Very Well With Cait,Why? Cause Of Caits Range :S. So As Cait Who is Somethink Like Corky Not A Real Hyper Carry and cait doesn't have a nice ulti for team fights like ez/mf/graves :S, but she gives nice utility in lane, traps in bushes annoying stuff, Annoting Range, Can easly Harras with The Passiv Proc + a Nice Q In The Face :/. Janna has only to Follow up to get level, good to go W->,cait comes Q passiv nice harras :D Ulti In Team fights But don't use ulti When Your Jarvan traps the enemys in his ulti or when morganna ultis :O.
Conclusion --->>> Nice Harras(not agressiv) bot lane, Cait doesn't have nice team fights potential but its still a good carry and assasin(ulti) :S :D, janna all she does it to W Q ulti.

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To Come

Vayne/Blitz,Ashe/Shen,Tristana/Ali,Mf/taric,Sivir/????? :/


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