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Diana General Guide by EatMyChidorii

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League of Legends Build Guide Author EatMyChidorii

AD Diana: Scorn of the Other Side of the Moon

EatMyChidorii Last updated on February 5, 2013
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Ah, yes. AD Jungle Diana. I'm sure many of us have thought about it before but is it viable? I'm here to tell you that it is. Your passive cooperates with your attack speed to deal tons of damage. I've tried AD Jungle a couple times and this is still a working build, but it's done good to me so far. My first game had no deaths. I hope this build helps you out with more diverse Diana builds. AP Diana is good and all, but it may be difficult to play. AD Diana is fun and useful. Your ultimate brings you in close enough to melt the entire enemy team.

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You can choose whichever runes you would like. I pretty much set the runes for a reasonable build. Add attack speed and movement speed runes to make your jungle easier. The armor seals also help with your durability in the jungle. The armor penetration will make it easier for you to grab kills. Not much to explain with the runes. This build is not complete yet. Use whichever runes you desire. These runes have worked for me for the past few games. The movement speed quints really assist my ability to chase down kills and clear the jungle quickly. It also allows me to counter-jungle and gank with ease.

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The build that I suggest is DPS/Hybrid. Use items like Nashor's Tooth to attack really fast while also scaling some cooldown reduction and ability power. Items like Sheen and Tiamat will give you great bonus damage. Tiamat works especially well due to the fact that this build scales off of Diana's passive. Every 3rd hit, you cleave in front of you. Tiamat will add to the splash damage to make sure that you are doing the most damage in the team fight. In fact, you should be the centre of attention during team fights. Use your crescent strike and lunar rush to get yourself in quickly. Moonfall to grab everyone in and then use tiamat and your passive cleave to damage everyone at the same time. These items allow Diana to move quickly and do lots of damage; therefore, AD Diana is more of an assassin than a tanky initiator. Be careful. Watch your health. This build does not off enough health for you to go "balls deep" every time. You can do lots of damage, but only if you work your skills correctly and to think out your plan before you dive the carry. Use your skills and tactics to maneuver the enemy crowd control and use teamwork to easily ace the opponents. Also, don't underestimate your damage.

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Situational Items

These items are really up to you. How is the game going? Are you doing good? Build offensive then. Not doing so hot? Build defensive. They have strong AD champions? Build armor. The new item, Seeker's armguard, seems like a viable choice. Frozen heart counters ad carries and assists your own survivability. Get a Guardian Angel if you die a lot. If you seem to be falling off late game, try new items like Quinsoo's Rageblade. It's hybrid and since you attack a lot, it works well with you. Get some AP so that your spells work too. The AD has been fine by itself so far; however, I do tend to fall off, so scale some AP in there too.

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Skill Sequence

It's very simple with AD Diana. Just focus on your basic attacks. Once again, don't underestimate yourself. Your attack speed and passive work very well together and you will do more damage than you think.

Use Crescent Strike and Lunar Rush to get yourself to the middle of the team fight. Pale Cascade provides a very dependable shield to add to your survivability. Don't second-guess your shield either. With proper lifesteal and timing, your shield will keep you alive long enough to 1 versus 1 anybody. Constantly bring up the shield to take on any challenger who stands in your way.

Also, don't use skills like Lunar Rush or Moonfall straight away. Wait for them to flee a little and just when they think they're out of range, cast your skills to pull them back in or fling yourself closer to them. There's no point in using these mobility skills if they're right next to you. You want to maximize the time and pull with moonfall.

Smite whenever you can (unless you're saving for counter-junling, baron, or dragon). The mastery tree allows a bonus 10 gold whenever you smite. Little by little, it builds up and it speeds up your jungle clearing time. It's very good to keep this in mind.

The key is to work your magic properly with your skills. Don't waste too much mana with Crescent Strike. Your Lunar Rush and Pale Cascade are what you need most. The shield to keep you alive and the Rush to get to your opponents quickly. Make sure to use your skills perfectly to eliminate any chance they have in escaping.

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Pros / Cons


    No major skill required as it is not completely necessary that you land your only skill shot.
    Fast-paced killing action. Very fun build to try out.
    Lunar Rush provides an easy dash to your opponents and your attack speed + passive give an easy, quick kill on the squishy characters.
    Jungle time is much faster than AP Diana.
    Quick, high cooldown reductions, passive works with attack speed.
    Shield allows great 1v1 capabilities.
    People under-estimate you because of the wackiness of the build. It feels so good to prove them wrong.
    Great assassination skills.

    The build is incomplete.
    May fall off late game.
    Tends not to be as tanky as required. You will die a lot if you are not careful.
    You will die quickly if you are not careful.
    Your 1v1 is strong. Anymore than 1 enemy and you will need an extra teammate (you can't 1v3 like other champs; not too much of a sense of independence).
    Mostly just works as a jungle champion.

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Once again, the build is incomplete, but I went 8/0/15 the first time I tried it. AD Jungle Diana definitely has potential. Easy kills, easy to escape death. High mobility, high attack speed. If you have any suggestions to help this build or guide, feel free to comment. Any further questions into how to play this champion effectively, ask me! This build is only a suggestion, but I love it so far. Very good against squishy ad carries. You counter bot lane. Good.


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