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Ezreal Build Guide by EZ Zythian

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author EZ Zythian

AD Ezreal - Official Team EZ Guide by EZ Zythian

EZ Zythian Last updated on February 12, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello, I'm EZ Zythian, I currently play AP Mid for Team EZ, though when I began writing this guide I was swapping constantly between AP and AD carry roles. I saw no reason to give the guide up though, even though it's no longer my role on the team. I promise my next guides will feature nothing but AP Champions ;). On to the guide!


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The rune setup I use I originally put together for Talon and found I loved it on Ezreal.

I use Armor Pen Marks with Attack Damage Yellows/Quints and Flat MR blues.

Greater Mark of Desolation

Armor Pen Reds

Armor Penetration really shines early game on Ezreal. Since Mystic shot as well as your auto attacks are physical damage you're dealing near true damage early game between masteries and runes.

Flat AD Yellows

Flat AD yellows allow you to continue last hitting with extreme ease even if you don't have a Doran's Blade start. Another alternative is Greater Seal of Armor in bot duo lanes, but I definitely prefer flat AD as farming is really the main concern and easier last hitting while playing out the lane is always useful.

Flat MR Blues

Flat MR blues really come in to play through early game, which is the only time Ezreal is ever really vulnerable to much AP damage. Later into the game the runes will still help, but typically if you're caught by an AP carry in the type of position where these runes would come into play, you're not playing Ezreal. This helps you get through the game to the point where Arcane Shift is on a much shorter cooldown for repositioning.

Flat AD Quints

Same reasoning as AD yellows. The combination gives you a solid amount of AD through early game. The only alternative I would consider in your quint slots would be Greater Quintessence of Desolation.

The combination of ArP and Attack damage keep your damage up on heros early game, especially AD's running armor runes and your attack damage high to keep last hitting extremely simple.

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While the new masteries are still a bit of a mystery for most people, the page I've put together for my ezreal play is 25/5/0 or 25/4/1.

I make sure to take both penetration masteries and all the necessary damage amplifications as well as Vampirism. I definitely look to maximize damage as the main concern so some of the early talents in Utility don't appeal to me quite as much as the added survivability given in the defense tree.

There are several different ways you can go with masteries in the new trees and taking crit damage over magic pen is also a viable option especially since I recommend IE as an item. This is simply personal preference.

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Depending on my lane partner, like most AD carries, my starting item options are Boots of Speed/3 Pots or Doran's Blade. Against extremely aggressive lanes some players even go Cloth Armor/5 Pots. This cloth armor would later turn into your Wriggle's.

The first core item I get is Wriggle's Lantern. The proc from Wriggle's can proc on mystic shot and makes jungling/dragon/baron kills extremely fast. It also allows you to jungle your own buffs in the jungle very quickly/easily.

After Wriggles I work on Trinity Force. Trinity Force is an item that was absolutely made for Ezreal. The slow from Phage makes kiting/chasing much easier, Sheen procs on every Q you throw, and movement speed all packaged in one item, it's simply put the absolute best item in the game for Ezreal.

Either after my Phage/ Sheen are done or after I've completed my Trinity Force I'll upgrade my boots to Ionian Boots of Lucidity, depending on game.

Following Triforce I work on Infinity Edge. With the large amount of attack speed you get from Ezreal's Passive you don't need to stack a phantom dancer or anything like that with IE, just having it in general is extremely strong and allows for much higher damage output when you're able to auto attack than any other item in the game.

Following IE there are a few options. If the enemy team is stacking armor, a Last Whisper is necessary at this point. If not, I'll typically go for a The Bloodthirster. Because Ezreal has the advantage of being able to do his damage from extremely long ranges, items like Banshee's Veil typically aren't necessary, but if there is a game changing stun or root that you're being hit by it could be a good choice, or possibly a Quicksilver Sash if they have a suppression that is keeping you out of the game.

My typical endgame build is Ionian Boots of Luicity/Triforce/IE/Last Whisper/Bloodthister/Bloodthirster. With full pots running and Baron this nets you over 500 AD and 50% armor pen without runes.

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Pros / Cons


Incredible mobility, chasing, and kiting ability

Very high overall team fight damage and a large amount of utility in pushing/defending

Strong lane presence

Very strong 1v1 fighter

All Skillshots means every ability is high risk high reward.

Can be shut down by heros with extremely strong gap closers (Singed, etc.)

As opposed to other AD carries, silence has a massive effect on damage output since most of Ezreal's damage does not come from just right-clicking (caitlyn, trist, vayne, etc.)

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Skill Sequence

My skill Sequence is very self-explanatory once you've played Ezreal.

Mystic Shot is your main source of damage output throughout the game. It couples perfectly with Sheen/Triforce and is very spammable. It also lowers the cooldown on all of your other abilities (and mystic shot) when landed. I max this first.

Essence Flux only ever really requires one point. This is used mainly to getting your rising spell force stacks up when attacking towers with your team. You gain a stack for every hero you hit so you can easily get 5 stacks going by just using it on your team even if no minions are around. It also increases ally attack speed and decreases enemy attack speed and does a small amount of damage so it can always still just be used for both purposes during team fights.

Arcane Shift - Possibly the most important skill Ezreal has. Since all of ezreal's abilities are skillshots positioning is extremely important. You can't shoot mystic shots through minions so this ability gives you a way to get around minions and land your skillshots effectively. It also gives you an escape and more damage and chasing ability if you need it. I level this ability second to lower the cooldown. Once leveled it can be used much more liberally.

Trueshot Barrage is Ezreal's ultimate and is an incredibly strong ability. As a global ultimate it has several purposes. It can delay tower pushes by clearing minion waves, farm from across the map, pick off enemy champions, or assist in team fights from across the map, and help push towers/get your rising spell force stacks up to 5 instantly. This is all of course in addition to doing massive damage in team fights, especially when a team is lined up for fights in the jungle or smaller fighting choke points. I level this ability every time it is available.

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells I choose Exhaust and Flash.

Ezreal is not a strong champion when the enemy team's melee are allowed to beat on his face and Exhaust can be used as an extra slow mechanic as well as a damage reduction to give himself the time to get out of melee range again. Exhaust can also be used offensively to slow champions down and guarantee skillshots landing on top of them taking bonus damage due to improved exhaust.

I choose Flash as my second summoner spell. The combination of Flash and Arcane Shift provides incredible mobility. There are many times where you need the damage from arcane shift where you'd want to flash and then shift for the damage or your shift is on cooldown but you still need to dodge a skillshot. Flash is still the strongest summoner on Ezreal in my opinion.

Other viable options would be Ghost and Ignite. I've never really felt like I needed ignite to secure kills on Ezreal, but I've seen it run with decent success. Ghost is a more viable option in my opinion and I've toyed with it in the past with a lot of success, I'd say Ghost Vs. Flash is a lot of personal preference.

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Early Game Play

Early farm on Ezreal is very important. Ezreal was an extremely strong solo (and still can be) because level advantage was extremely good on him, much like Corki. Early level advantage gives a ton of damage to Ezreal as well as a much needed shorter cooldown on Arcane shift for positioning in team fights.

Since the current meta supports Support/AD carry bottom lanes, Ezreal doesn't typically have this same level advantage which means the only advantage you can truly take advantage of is farm. A strong lane phase is essential to Ezreal and most games if you're hard shut down in lane you'll have a very tough time coming back. Luckily Ezreal has a very strong lane presence.

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Laning as Ezreal

The lane phase is extremely important for Ezreal so here I'll be going over some tips on how to be dominant in both solo and duo lanes.

The #1 priority is always farm in lane. Ezreal is extremely farm dependent early game. Last hit with auto attacks whenever you can, saving your mana for Mystic Shot harrass and ALWAYS have enough mana to Arcane Shift. If you don't save the arcane shift mana you're an easy gank for the jungler every time. With Arcane Shift up and the mana to use it, Ezreal is typically ungankable, especially when combined with flash and exhaust summoners.

Looking for ideal harass shots is key in lane. You should be watching for patterns in your enemy's movements. You'll notice most players have a routine when it comes to last hitting, whether they move back then forward for the last hit, or side to side, if they last hit when the minion is a bit higher health or if they wait until the last sliver. Noting these things is really important when laning a champion like Ezreal.

If you notice they always come in on the last sliver, you can wait until your minion is about to die and shoot the mystic shot where they are about to auto attack from. If they go for the auto attack the animation forces them to eat the mystic shot every time. This exact same time can be used to get an auto attack in. Remember that even while you go for these harass shots, not to deny yourself out of farm. A good ezreal player needs to be able to both farm and harass simultaneously, not choose one or the other.

Duo Lane Only Tips

This goes for any hero in a duo lane, but I feel it's worth mentioning here anyway. If the enemy lane does not have a heal and/or an enemy against you does not buy health potions, focus all of your harass shots on that champion. Forcing an AD carry out of lane because they've been poked down is extremely strong. Forcing them simply to be passive to avoid being poked and missing CS is equally valuable. AD carries need their farm and every time you deny them you are getting a step up towards late game.

When laning against a healer it's important to note who the healer is. Taric's heal and Alistar's heal both have x2 modifiers when used on themselves so harassing those heros rather than their carries in lane is much less valuable.

Soraka has an armor buff attached to her heal and it's on a very long cooldown. Both are important to remember. If she heals her AD carry, typically switching and getting shots in on the Soraka is the best way to go since the carry has the armor buff and forcing the Soraka to heal herself next time means you can go hard on the AD carry. Typically extremely early pressure on a lane with Soraka before her heal outpaces your damage will win you the lane.

Keep up pressure and always farm. If you begin getting zoned you can always use mystic shot just to last hit since the range is so ridiculous.

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Mid Game

It's important to remember that as any AD carry you can't let you farm fall off during midgame. You're what your team is counting on come lategame to pull it through and if you stop your farm after early game your build won't come to fruition.

By around the 20 minute mark you should already have easily completed Wriggle's Lantern and should be about done with or completely done with Trinity Force. (This requires a solid amount of last hitting only, if you get kills this goal is even easier, or with dragon control, which I'll get into next.)

Most of midgame is about buff and dragon control. Ezreal with Wriggles can easily solo any buff or even dragon if the opportunity presents itself. Since Wriggle's Lantern procs off of mystic shots as well as auto attacks, Ezreal is an ideal candidate to push for early dragons and even early barons if your team so chooses. Keep you farm up at all times and be sure to maximize farm around the map, using your ultimate if no one else can get the waves.

Mystic Shot reduces the cooldown of your ult every shot so you can use your ult rather liberally to farm as well as for any teamfights that break out during the midgame.

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Late Game

A lot of this section will echo 'Team Fighting' but I figure it needs to be here anyway.

Ezreal excels lategame and midgame in poke comps. (Comps where you can always disengage out of fights you don't want and can simply 'poke' down the enemy until they're too low to defend objectives, such as towers.)

Ezreal is probably the strongest hero in the game when given both blue and red buffs combined since red buff applies on his Mystic Shot and the cooldown reduction and infinite mana allow him to poke, kite, and overall team fight with extreme effectiveness. Come Lategame (~30 minutes and beyond) you should probably have completed your Infinity Edge.

Your options from here can go anywhere. Most games teams have caught on that you're destroying them and pick up armor to the point where a Last Whisper would be in order, however, offense is not always the right buy going into late game. If the enemy team is constantly jumping on you with suppression ultimates, such as Warwick ults or flash skarner ults, a Quicksilver Sash or similar item may very well be in order first. A dead Ezreal does far less damage than a living one.

The final item choices really come down to the game. Quicksilver Sash, Last Whisper, The Bloodthirster, Banshee's Veil, are all viable options depending on your opponents and position in the game. You'll figure out where you need to go on a game by game basis as you become more comfortable with the champion.

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Team Fighting

Ezreal is often limited in target selection in team fights since his Mystic Shot is a skillshot that does not pass through creeps. Often times in fights your mystic shot is going to hit creeps or the enemy team's tank or something similar since they're going to be frontlining.

Arcane Shift is your most important tool in team fights. It lets you consistently reposition yourself to land skillshots and stay out of danger. Ezreal is strongest as a jungle fighter since his ability to jump over walls and land skillshots in choke points makes him deal massive damage and still be untouchable.

As soon as you can hit multiple people with your ult, throw it. The damage is the important part. Saving it to attempt to last hit a running hero or something similar is going to win you far less fights than using it to damage an entire team.

Essence Flux is used as a consistent source of DPS for your team and anti-DPS for their team. This should basically be thrown off cooldown assuming mana permits. The cooldown is rather short assuming you're landing your mystic shots.

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Final Comments

I absolutely find Ezreal to be the most fun AD champion in the game. I really hope this guide helps you come to enjoy him like I do while dominating games.

I'll add videos and some other stuff to this guide over time once I can get LoLRecorder and Fraps and whatnot to all coordinate with me on the task.

Please leave comments, feedback, criticism, or anything you have for me in the comments section below. Let me know what I could have done better so I can improve on my future guides here on mobafire and I look forward to reading it.

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