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Fizz Build Guide by Futrikation

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Futrikation

AD Fizz Top

Futrikation Last updated on June 2, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Fizz with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Zed Easy lane, just don't get poked too hard and you should win, always W+AA+Q him when he's going to farm and he'll problably go back because he can't early trade with you.
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Hi everyone, I'm Futrikation, and this is my guide to an AD Fizz. That's my second guide actually (I have a Nidalee guide, but it's archived now), and english is not my mother tongue, I apologize for any mistakes I make on this guide. I would be thankful for any and all feedback that you guys may provide.

Fizz was a very strong AP champion for a long time, but in the last patch (5.2) he was nerfed as an AP champion, and after seeing Voyboy play as AD Fizz I decided to try it out, and change his build and try other things in the build, and I ended up liking how he is played now a lot more than before (I thougt it was a little broken if your team doesn't know how to play against him early on, so I didn't played him).

I recommend you to play Fizz on the top lane, because he can have disavantage early on against some of the ranged champions on the mid lane and also because his kit is better on top lane, but when you have mastered this way to play you shouldn't have a lot of problem with those matchups, but you farm will problably be better at the top lane, because usually the mid lane has a lot of wave clear or put a lot of pressure in lane, and you problably would have to wait they push the lane to farm.

In that guide I'll tell you a lot of ways that Fizz can be builded because you have so many good options, and that'll make you stronger against the enemy team you're facing at the moment, so when you're trying this build, keep in mind that you will have to think which is the best option for you, so please don't downvote because it's a little complicated.

I would like to ask to you read the guide and what I have to say, and I do implore to reconsider any downvotes, and I would like to ask to test the build(Not only one match, and consider how you've played in the match), and give me a feedback and tips, so I can improve the guide.

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Pros and Cons


+ Great Burst Damage
+ Strong in Early/Mid Game
+ Very hard to get gank
+ Can be builded in a lot of ways increasing his power against the enemy team
+ Good Sustain and Survivability
+ Fantastic in chase and escape
+ Very good at roaming

- Mana hungry if you aren't careful
- Hard to Master
- You team may lack AP
- You may have a rough lane phase against ranged champions

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With that masteries you'll have sustain by farming with Feast and a lot of on-hit proc with Expose Weakness , Blade Weaving , Spell Weaving and Frenzy, you can also put 4 points in fury if you want, but I prefer that way after have tested both.

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Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

+ Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed - With these Fizz have a nice amount of attack speed bonus since the beggining of the match. That helps you to activate the W passive and active more often, that's one very important thing on this build.
+ Greater Mark of Attack Damage - With these Fizz have a nice amount of AD bonus since the beggining of the match. That helps you to farm, trade and poke better, help a lot in the lane phase and early game.
+ Greater Seal of Armor - With these Fizz is not that squishy, but I only use when I'm against an AD champion in lane, otherwise I would use Greater Seal of Scaling Health which will have the same effect, but will have a use against AP champions aswell.
+ Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist - These will give Fizz a good amount of MR per level, that will help a lot in the lane phase.

You can also not use the Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist if the other team only have AD champions, and instead you can go with CDR Glyphs (6 Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction and 3 Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction) that will give you 10% CDR in the level 18 and that's great on Fizz because of his mobility skills.

And if you prefer you can use greater mark of hybrid penetration because you'll cause magic damage with your Seastone Trident, Playful / Trickster and Chum the Waters and physical damage with your AA and your Urchin Strike.

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Summoner Spells

- Ghost in my humble opinion is very useful on Fizz because he already have gap closers and how to pass through walls, so the movement speed bonus is more useful than another way to do what he already can do, but Flash still is a good SS.

- Ignite Is an awesome SS, mainly for mid laners and Fizz is not an exception, Ignite can ensure a kill, or reduce the regeneration of a Dr. Mundo, a Swain or an Ahri.

- Teleport is a useful SS that can substitute Ignite if you think you'll need more global presence than strenght in the lane phase.

- Flash is the most used SS in the game for a good reason, with Flash you can escape the worst situation, or grab a kill, or objective for your team. For Fizz I prefer Ghost depending on the matchup and almost always Ignite because Fizz in some matchup don't need the flash to escape/engage since he have the Playful / Trickster but Flash is always useful if you want to take it.

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Abitility Explanation/Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

- Nimble Fighter makes Fizz very good at chases, escapes and in trades early on, because the minions can't block his way and also they give less damage to Fizz because he takes (4/6/8/10/12/14) less AA damage (and that also applies to the minions), so if you both have big waves in the lane, you sould have an advantage trading with him in the middle of it.

- Urchin Strike is very good at AD Fizz because it does the total AD of damage plus some base damage and AP modifier, and it gives on-hit effect, like your Seastone Trident passive and active, the Trinity Force effect. I often focus this after the Seastone Trident because of the CDR, but I recommend when you're not used to this build to focus the Playful / Trickster because of the CDR on his main escape skill.

- You should always focus Seastone Trident first, even after the nerf, because still does damage based on missing health, the thing is that now, it is over 3 seconds, and hiting again only resets the timer, so AD Fizz is not as strong as used to be, but it's still a good situational pick. And since the active is not as powerful as it used to be, using it is not mandatory anymore, so remember that to save some mana.

- Playful / Trickster, Playful makes Fizz untargetable for 0.75 (that's so annoying to play against) and slow the enemies with the Trickster, so it's a very good skill to focus after your Seastone Trident is at the max.

- Chum the Waters now gives you 20% bonus damage in the poor tagged enemy for 6 second, early on you may have dificulties killing when you don't land this, but you are not dependent on your ult, also it slows all enemies in his area and ends knocking up everyone in the area.

You can opt by maxing the Playful / Trickster or the Urchin Strike AFTER the Seastone Trident, I almost always prefer the Urchin Strike but the other is as good as this one, it's up to you, and the matchup also interfet in which one you should focus, for example, against a Xerath focus the E after the W should be better, since he has a skillshot stun, and your Playful / Trickster should save you sometimes. Against a champion like Vladimir focusing Q after W should be better so you can trade with him everytime he tries to poke you with his Transfusion, and only use your E to dodge his Hemoplague or the damage that'll cause 5 seconds after he uses.

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- Ninja Tabi is very useful to you against an AD lane opponent like an Yasuo or Zed or when the enemy team leak AP and you don't need the tenacity (provided by the Mercury's Treads) early on]]

- You should always do a Blade of the Ruined King in this kind of Fizz because of the attack speed bonus, on-hit proc and the active, everything on this item is completely useful.

- Now that they change The Black Cleaver, it's, in my opinion a must buy, it gives you 400 HP, which is good because you're a bruiser, 20% CDR and that's great on Fizz kit, you gain movement speed the more you hit, kill (any creature) or get an assist on someone who had his armor shred (another great thing, the more you hit, the more you shred your foe's armor.

- Trinity Force is another item that everything on it it's useful to AD Fizz but it's more of one occasional item, that depends more on the enemy team, because if the enemy is full AD, or have one AD champion fed, the Iceborn Gauntlet may be more useful for its armor.

- Well, Youmuu's Ghostblade provides attack damage, critical chance, armor penetration, Cooldown Reduction, and have an actice that gives you movement speed and attack speed for 6 seconds, I think that says it all.

- The Frozen Heart is an amazing item when you're against a mainly AD team, or the adc of the enemy team is strong, it gives you 100 armor, 400 mana, besides CDR, and also it reduces the attack speed of enemy champions in 15%.

- The Iceborn Gauntlet is a very good option instead of Trinity Force if you are agains a mainly AD team, or needs the armor, and it gives CDR, mana and on-hit proc.

- This item can be very good, if their team is full ad, or only their adc is fed on the enemy team, or even a Yasuo a Thornmail will be a very good item, and it's a cheap buy.

- If you need MR, Maw of Malmortius is a very good item because it provides Attack Damage, Magic Resist, a Magic Shield, and the more your HP is low the more AD you get.

- If you need HP, they have a high mobility champion like LeBlanc or Kassadin, or they're getting away with low life Frozen Mallet will help you with 700 HP, 30 AD and you'll slow enemies by 40% with your AAs and your Urchin Strike.

- Guardian Angel will provide to you 50 armor and 50 magic resist, also will revive you with 30% of your max hp and mana, so if you are getting focused hard and think you can use this passive, you should build it at least as a 5th item or 6th never before, because I think that are better items to build since you should be tanky and very hard to kill with your kit.

- If there are a lot of annoying skills on the other team that the spell shield of Banshee's Veil would help and they've strong AP laners and/or jungle, you should build it, I would say as a 4th or 5th item.

- That maybe a very useful item on AD Fizz if you need MR, because it gives so much attack speed, but you only should build it if you can hit your enemies a lot because of the passive of Wit's End so if you're agains a LeBlanc that can Sigil of Malice + Mimic away fromm you for example, you'll have better options for MR.

- If the match gets in a point where you can sell your boots to build a Zephyr after you finished your build, you should do it, because you'll have a very good movement speed already, and it gives attack speed, tenacity, movement speed and a little attack damage.

- You can opt for Mercury's Treads if you are laning against an AP champion, or one that does a lot of magic damage, your you lane opponent is a hard/dependent CC Champion like an Veigar, Cho'Gath or Sion

- If you're in need of CDR and think that don't need armor or MR at te moment, that's the best option because it'll give to you 15% CDR that is absurd in Fizz.

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Lane Phase / Teamfights

In the lane phase you should wait until level 2 or 3 to do an extended trade, depending on your matchup, and if you both have big minions waves you should fight because your Nimble Fighter will problably give you an advantage at the fight.

As a top laner your early kit will problably be better than theirs early on, and you can take advantage since they'll problably think that you're trolling or that AD Fizz is just weak, depending on your mana, activate Seastone Trident when you're going to trade and think well before you use your Urchin Strike and Playful / Trickster early on because of the long CD, but don't hesitate to use Urchin Strike to finish someone off, even if you need to dive because you can use the Playful / Trickster to block the damage of the turret and escape alive. Keep in mind that your E don't do damage when you're building AD, so don't use to finish off kills and don't think that'll be enough to kill them.

When you're level 6 you should kill anyone easily if you're not very behind, remember to activate you W before you use your Q, and just Q him after he's tagged by Chum the Waters to deal increased damage, if he tries to run away your ult slow plus your Playful / Trickster slow should guarantee you the kill.

In team fights you should use your high mobility to get to their carries, try to ult and Seastone Trident + Urchin Strike and two or three AAs should kill they depending on how strong you're, and you should be tanky enough to don't need to use Playful / Trickster until is really necessary. If can't go to their carries or they're already dead, you can easily go for the tanks, because you have Blade of the Ruined King + Seastone Trident.

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Matchups, Situations and Tips

As requested (I'm looking at you DANTEavi), in this chapter I'll talk about the matchups, but not the especific matchups (since I already talked about that in the "Threat" Section of the Guide), but some tips on how you should play the game in general with AD Fizz.

If you're against a Melee champion, you're in a certain advantage already, AA him in every oportunity that you have, because your mainly source of damage increases the lower your target is, so when you can, AA him, when he's around 50%, 60% HP you can kill him, if you can don't use your Urchin Strike to get to him, activate your Seastone Trident when he goes to last hit some minion, and start AAing him he'll most likely start to run, but I highly reccomend you to Q him only to finish him or use in a minion to go back so you can secure the kill and/or your life.

If you're against a ranged champion it's more difficult, because he'll poke you all the time (In that cenario I reccomend that you start with Crystalline Flask), in this case you should farm, and when you've a decent amount of mana you can Seastone Trident+ Urchin Strike him and hit a couple AAs and use Playful / Trickster back to avoid losing the trade.

If your lane is very easy, well you'll (probably) snowball unless you get heavily outplayed or camped, but even camped you can still kill the top or the jungler, maybe even both.

If your lave is easy, farm and do some AAs when you can to open an kill opportunity, or just wait for your jungler to kill him, or your opponent make a mistake. And if's under the turret and you don't want to dive, simply roam and ward the enemy jungle to kill him or only steal some camps.

If your lane is neither hard or easy, farm, as an AD Fizz you'll most likely outscale when you finish your botrk then you start to trade and fight.

If your lane is hard, or you already died, don't worry, you're a Fizz, and a hard champion to get snowballed, because you've your Urchin Strike, your Playful / Trickster, and your Chum the Waters to outsmart, outplay and even outdamage your matchup, if your opponent try to dive, it'll more likely result in a easy kill for you, if he gets too cocky or greedy you'll have the possibility to ult him and even if you're behind you can kill him since your ult increases your damage on him in 20% for 6 seconds, I would say that you only should do that, if you've an idea of how much damage you and your opponent can make.

If your lane is hard enough that you can't farm, try to get experience and to roam, you can even do a camp of the jungle to keep track of gold and experience, for example in a lane against a Cassiopeia top (I played that some patches ago) even with Fizz countering her ult with his Playful / Trickster, she's still a lane bully, so I just got experience from the minions, some jungle camps, get some assists roaming, and asked for the jungle to come here so we could get a kill.

When you're stronger, your lane is pushed, or your matchup died, TP, or went B, you should ward the enemy buffs, if you're in the red team, ward their blue, and steal and/or kill their jungle when possible, if you're on the blue team, ward their red and try to do the same thing, that'll eventually give you kills or some buffs for you to get some kills.

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Updates and Thanks

I'm trying to record videos of the gameplay but the LoL replay is buggy, so may take a while to upload, and it's nothing confirmed since I couldn't upload videos in my last guide, but I'm trying.

And I'll be adding more matchups when I play them, I'll add every matchup that I know when I get to play it on ranked games.

Also if someone that had the patience to read until now, if you guys want I can make one chapter more to tell about some full builds and when they fit better for you to play, let me know in the comments.

Just notifying that I did not updated the guide for some weeks, but I'm back, notifying the botrk buff in the range of the active, the changes on black cleaver, that's now a very good item on Fizz, and the changes on Seastone Trident that now do some base dpds, and bonus damage based on how your target life is low, so the more you hit the more you do damage, but the nerf was that now since you do 4%/5%/6%/7%/8% of enemy's missing health damage over 3 seconds, and hiting again only resets the timer, so AD Fizz is not as strong as used to be, but it's still a good situational pick.

Thanks to Nogavis that helped me into testing the Doran's + Jungle Camp start. :)
Thanks to XProTaticzX for correcting my grammar. :)
And thanks to everyone that did a review.

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Fizz is a strong and fun champion to play, and with his kit and this build I think he's very good to play with a little pratice, and you should mainly play him in the top lane, play him in the mid lane that way should be a little harder depending on which champion you're against, if he's melee you should have a good lane phase and scale well to the mid/late game.

I spent a lot of time testing this build and its possibilities, and I want to thank all of you that read it, reading this guide you'll for sure have a better gameplay than only seeing the build, please give some feedback.

Upvote if you like the guide, and pelase only downvote if you feel that's absolutely necessary. If you downvote, please tell me why on the comments, and then I can perhaps adjust the mistake.

Have a good and happy game with your AD Fizz
- Futrikation