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Kassadin Build Guide by xIchi

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xIchi

AD Kassadin v2 - Yes I'm still bored!

xIchi Last updated on October 28, 2011
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Yes I'm still bored!!! 3rd Build is the new one!!!
AND IT STILL WORKS - I'll leave it with no comment requiered to vote, and hope that people will upvote it again... since it got voted down from 71%._.



EDIT: I'm still trying some builds. This build may work but it doesn't always work. Sometimes it's because you have no tank (but thats pretty much not the fault of this build) and sometimes you just can't focus anyone, because you'll die in an instant (ok that may be the tank problem again) but I don't think 2.9k Live is too squishy -_-.
So Builds I'll try soon:
Triple-M-Kassadin: Mercury, Malady, Madreds, Frozen Mallet, and maybe some lifeleech
Longswordstyle: A very tanky build in which you use: Mercury, Wriggles Latern, Frozen Mallet, Youmuus, Madreds...
Hybrid Style (again): Well I already tried it but I'll try it again :o!
The same build with slightly changes: Yes, I'll try to switch Gunblade with something more usuable and maybe I'll try not to use Wriggles and change it to Bloodthirster later. Maybe I'll just rush Bloodthirster..?

EDIT2: This Guide contains 2 Itembuilds, the 1. is mine, the 2. Nighthawk ( His math will be updates later. Stay put! :D

AD Kassadin. Yes it's kind of aviable.

First of all: The Skill Sequence. No need to skill like I do. You can Skill Q first, too.
Runes: Since you got 50 ArPen through W there is no need to use ArPen Runes. So I decided to use AtkSpeed Runes.

So why should anyone even play AD Kassadin?
I bought Kassadin when I was a newb. After 350~ Wins I stopped playing him. Nuking everything was boring.
After the recent nerf, I tried AP Kassadin again. I never used Lichabane/Sheen. But it was really fun playing with that Item. So why not using a build which alows one to use thos 2 more efficiently?
After my first atempt to use Trinity on Kassadin, my stats were really good: 12-3-6.
Well the 2nd try was not as good as the first: 2-6-8
I build up a hybridish Kassadin and it worked only once. Thats when I decided to use a more common Itembuild. The result is right here.

Let's move on to the Pros and Cons:

- Really fun and surprising (for the enemy)
- You can chase every champ down.
- All skills can be used to be the superior one in 1on1-fights
- Your ultimate can be used for both chase and run
- No mana problems thanks to early W-max. Hitting minions will give you tons of mana

- Teammates may be wary of your playstyle early on (or in champion selection, where you're supposed to inform your mates about what's going to happen)
- If you die too often or your team is losing. It's all your fault. No other way. Anti mainstream Kassadin is at fault
- Unusual playstyle may be hard to familiarize

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So here i post my AD Kassadin matches. You can post screens in the comments aswell, so I'll put them into this, too :)

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Runes and Masteries

As you can see I'm using
Greater Mark of Attack Speed,
Greater Seal of Vitality,
Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist and
Greater Quint of Alacrity.

I already said that ArPen isn't needed since you have 50 ArPen from Lvl 5 - W

Masteries are just normal. Nothing special.

You can use other Runes aswell. I tried my ArPen Runes and got 81 ArPen without Youmuus.
So Youmuus+W and +6 (Masteries) are totally enough.

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Farming / Ganking

Your early laning phase can be very easy or extremly hard. It depends on your lane partner and on your enemy.

Last hitting is no problem Kassadin has a very fast attack animation and u have 0,899 AtkSpeed early on. Harrasing with Q is no problem aswell. When you're autohitting minons the mana will be back in no time.

And sure you can gank as usual. Just do your R+E+Q+W and autoattack. The AD damage Kassadin is dealing is pretty surprising I often find myself say ''WTF my damage ololol'' (okay maybe not so extrem)

The rest of the Game you should keep farmin aswell. Go into the jungle and grab red and blue buff if noone needs it. Doing dragon is easy, too.

When the game's getting long. Try to assasinate their carrys while they are alone. (If you see a lonely ashe or else running on lane and you're sure the others aren't near. Just bash her. If R is not needed run to the carry. Then silence and slow. Follow with W and Youmuus activated for a kill.

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So your Items.
Doran's Blade - Your start Item. Your enemy will figure out right away what your planning to do. Maybe they will be more aggressive, but thats okay. Just activate W and deal your damage

Berserker#s Grieves - To be honest, I often just get Boots of Speed and rush Wriggles Latern

The Brutalizer - Is next but don't upgrade it yet it's just for the constant ArPen, because the CD of your W is unfortunately not 5 secs.

Phage - A must have! Midgame ganks are starting now. And Phage is a big, big help.

Youmuu's Ghostblade - One of my favorite Items. And it's time to upgrade your Brutalizer to a Ghostblade! It will make chasing enemys with ghost much easier and you gain some good AtkSpeed and next is:

Phantom Dancer - This Item is just a Win! (Sad it doesn't give Dodge anymore) Anyway your AtkSpeed will raise and mana is really no problem anymore in no way. Together with Ghost + Youmuu's + Ult noone can escape!

Frozen Mallet - It's getting harder. You may get focused alot. So it's time to get survability!

Hextech Gunblade - It's already endgame. Your lifeleech lacks in %. Time to get a Gunblade so you deal more damage with spells.

The Bloodthirster - Finally change Wriggles Latern with The Bloodthirster. Your lifeleech is now perfect. Now your set is full. Don't forget to use elexirs!

But again:


i always have 250+

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Team Work

Working in a team.

As AP Kassadin you work with your team by nuking someone and run away, then do the same again.
As AD Kassadin it's no big difference. Just care you don't get focused and try to kill their carrys. Most of the time those carrys die within 4-10 hits. Don't forget to use Youmuus/Gunblade.

I already mentioned that ganking is important. Always look for a lonely carry and assasinate them. After all you are an assasin.

Then which lanepartners should you have?
Honestly I didn't have much lane partners yet.
But I succefully won against Taric and Trynd with Lux on lane.
and with Teemo on lane I owned Irelia and Veigar.

I suppose going with a tank is never wrong. Maybe supporter is good aswell.
But never forget you are squishy. Going with a longrange isn't always good. Try to lane with a stunner.

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So again why playing AD Kassadin.
1. It's fun
2. It's not a boring mainstream build
3. Maybe your enemies pump Mres while you're dealing physical damage
4. Kassadins passive (10% Magicdamage reduce) and all his other skills are very good for a melee DPS. (I mean taking less dmg from nukers, silencing an enemy to be save for a short while and slowing them if they run) Wtf!? Best for DPS1 Oh and I forgot: Your Ultimate, as if they'd get away.
5. No mana problems! Yes with 1,7atkspeed++ you can charge ur mana up really fast!! WUUUUHH
6. Your passive gives you additional attack speed ololoL!

Btw, I was inspired by Barman5000 from whom I found an AD Kassadin build!
Here a link to his page: