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Ashe Build Guide by KappnK

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author KappnK

ADC Ashe: The Champ-Poker Gone Mad

KappnK Last updated on June 30, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Bounty Hunter
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Threats to Ashe with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Morgana If you are not careful, you can quickly turn a Morgana support into an ADC. Her stuns are deadly, and only get worse as the game goes on.
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Ashe is a fun champ to play, and one that I think is great for both beginners and seasoned summoners. I started playing her when I started playing league a few years ago. After a very long break, I picked up the game again and have really enjoyed having her as my go to ADC (and occasionally top, though not recommended).

This guide is an ongoing culmination of the things I have learned playing Ashe for 300+ games. It is not perfect, but I try and keep it up to date and build on it regularly. It is my hope that everyone reading this will at least have a decent idea of how to pick up this champ and be successful in player matches within 3-5 games. It is broken up into 3 main parts: Quick Tips (General notes), 3-part Gameplay guide, and a deeper description of Abilities/Spells and their usage.

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Quick Reference Tips and Tenants

General Tips/Rules:

    -Be OK with taking an assist in lieu of a kill, ADC also means you initiate.
    -Maintaining your Focus stacks can be tricky. One method to keeping 4 stacks is detailed here:
    -Do not be greedy with Ashe's ultra. It can benefit the whole team to land a far away stun even if you will not be there for the kill.
    -Get skilled at last-hitting minions as Ashe's items provide a massive advantage when built early.
    -Use the Buddy-System! Never go further than your teams first line of turrets without a buddy as shown in the spoiler below:
    -Be Agile. Constant short movements can keep em guessing.
    -Have fun.

While playing draft pick, if you have the chance to ban a champion, and no other teammate has selected them, banning Blitzcrank, Thresh, or Nautilus are some of your best options for your own lane. If you are practiced in handling them, then feel free to offer your ban choice up to a team decision.

Method Details:

Maintaining a "pool" of minions is helpful in keeping Ranger's Focus stacks at, or near, their maximum. Maintaining a "pool" is just the act of prolonging/timing the deaths of nearby targets for the purpose of lowering the time it takes to build stacks for Ranger's Focus. This is done by repeating the following cycle:
-Shoot 1 auto-attack arrow at a minion, champion, monster, or tower(tower does not add, but maintains stack levels).
-After firing arrow, right click the ground near Ashe to move. Make sure to keep in range.
-Quickly(within 2-3 secs.) stop movement and fire and auto-attack arrow by right-clicking a target. This adds a stack to Ranger's Focus if there are not already 4 stacks present. If stacks are full(4), then it will maintain that stack count.
-REPEAT until ready to use Ranger's Focus(Q)

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Gameplay Guide: Open, Mid-Game, and End

This guide is for Ashe in the role of ADC in the bottom lane. I call it the "Champ-Poker" because, while laning, it is best to poke enemy champs and wear them down with your long range before going in for the kill . Ashe has been my favorite champ from the day I started playing and I still use her regularly. Below is my advice on how to work Ashe into your regular lineup.

I like to start by either being leash for the Jungler or waiting for minions, and placing a ward just prior to attacking, here(spoiler below):

Our Item build order may seem a bit strange at first, but it ends up being more efficient and giving us longer laning times in between backs. Focus on farming minions and taking any clear opportunities your support creates to kill champions. Keep a close look at your Mana as you do not have a lot to start with and may need at least 1/3rd of it for a champion encounter. After leveling Q ( Focus), try and maintain 4 Focus stacks at the ready.

Mid Game:
If the game is moving fast, this may be skipped altogether. After downing your 1st tower in the bottom lane, be wary of venturing to the 2nd tower without your Support and/or Jungle. After leveling R Enchanted Crystal Arrow (ECR), you may benefit the team by assisting the mid lane in freezing a threatening champion. Using the E Hawkshot is invaluable to your teammates, especially your Jungler after the opposing Jungler has reached level 6. Early on, if your E Hawkshot is ready, yet there are no jungle fights going on, place your shot ahead of your Jungler to give him an advantage.

Your goal now is to stay at the back of the pack (at least until you have most of your full build). As the team pushes forward, maintain a distance (just shy of the length of your W Volley range) behind your teammates. Ashe has no true escape ability, so Flash becomes an exclusively defensive measure unless you outpace your opponent by a large margin. Maintain your Q Ranger's Focus stacks as much as you can so you unleash Ashe's Q within 1-2 auto-attacks. These stacks will become invaluable in team fights once you have Runaan's Hurricane, and even more so after The Bloodthirster as your attacks will be quick, multi-targeted, and sustain your health.

Summed Up:
Ashe is best when she is with teammates or just slightly behind them; also venturing off by herself is never a wise option. There are ONLY 2 Exceptions to this: when you are guarding your lane while your support is dead/buying OR when you are cleaning your lane of minions once your team has begun to advance up the mid. Dealing damage to multiple targets with Volley(W) and slowing them is a big part of playing Ashe. Keeping the Ranger's Focus(Q) stacks in the 3-4 Range is key to winning team and solo fights.

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Spells and Abilities


is an essential spell for Ashe. Having no effective method of escape, Flash offers Ashe a last chance to survive. It can also provide a means of finishing off a low-health enemy by closing the gap enough to use W Volley, or your auto-attack to slow and kill your target.

Heal offers Ashe a way to rapidly recover when teammates have been killed. Use this in conjunction with Flash to increase your chances of getting out of combat.

*note* W Volley will most likely be your go-to ability. Leveling this early in the game can help secure your lane and make you a more effective crowd-control. Using this will generate/maintain a stack for Ashe's Q Ranger's Focus.

Frost Shot:(Offensive Passive Buff)
Basic attacks and abilities apply Frost Shot to affected enemies, slowing them by 5% - 25% (based on level) for 2 seconds and causing subsequent basic attacks against them to deal:
10% + (Crit.Chance) × (1 + bonus Crit.Dmg.))% AD bonus physical damage while they remain slowed. Ashe's Critical critical strikes deal no additional damage, but instead double Frost Shot effect slow strength to 10% - 50% (based on level), decaying over the 2 secs.

Ranger's Focus(Q):
PASSIVE: While inactive, Ashe is granted Focus for 4 secs. on attack, stacking up to 4 times. After 4 seconds, each stack will fall off every 1 sec.

ACTIVE: For the next 5 secs., Ashe gains bonus attack speed and causes each of her basic attacks to fire a flurry of five arrows. Each arrow deals modified physical damage that benefits from Frost Shot and life steal.

ACTIVE: Ashe fires 9 arrows in a cone in the target direction, dealing physical damage to all enemies hit and applying Frost Shot's doubled slow effect to each enemy champion(s) hit.

PASSIVE: Ashe stores a charge of Hawkshot periodically, up to a maximum of 2 stored at once. Increasing ability level results in shorter cooldown times.

ACTIVE: Ashe sends a hawk spirit toward the target location, granting sight of its flight path for 2 secs. and in a large radius at its destination for 5 secs. The hawk's sight is not obstructed by brush or terrain.

*Note* This can sniff out certain enemy-placed items such as wards or traps.

Enchanted Crystal Arrow(R):
ACTIVE: Ashe fires a Enchanted Crystal Arrow in the target direction. The arrow shatters upon hitting an enemy champion, dealing magic damage. Enemies near the main target also take 50% damage. The main target is stunned, while enemies nearby are slowed, for 1-3.5 secs., based on the distance the arrow traveled.

Ability Upgrade Order:
Your W Volley will be your 1st priority upgrade (excluding ult upgrade levels), followed by your Q ( Focus), although it is important to have upgraded E Hawkshot by level 4-5.

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Author's Note

In the interest of full disclosure:

I am not a veteran player. I have a skill level that is more than likely much lower than yours. That being said, I have been working and modifying this build for a solid amount of time now and have found it to be very useful. Thanks for reading, and leave any questions or comments down below.