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Sona Build Guide by S1rNidu

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author S1rNidu

ADC Sona, defeat is impossible

S1rNidu Last updated on January 11, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Sona with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Vayne Vayne her range is low, she doesn't have very good escapes and you can escape her easily with your E. Vayne shouldn't be a problem just as long as you don't run into a wall. As long as she has a support with no stuns, this shouldn't be difficult at all
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welcome, this is my very first guide on Mobafire, so please bear with me.

This guide is about ADC Sona, which is very strong right now! It's great fun if you teammates will allow you to play her and I have yet to find an ADC to be effective against this.

So to give you a quick overview for this build. This build depends on the bonus damage Sona gets from her passive and Q and will allow you to almost instantly kill enemy squishy's and quite effectively kill tanks as well. The burst you get from crits and your Q plus Passive is extreme. On top of that, Sona can choose between damage, mini exhaust or a slow, and has an aoe stun in her kit, making her extremely annoying to play against

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your core item is Trinity force. Sona is squishy, trinity will give her health, which is a bigger boost then you would expect. Spell blade will deal so much damage with your passive and q that it isn't even normal, sheen also gives ability power and you can easily proc it with your spells. The extra crit chance and attack speed is nice but not the reason to buy this item. The extra AD and movement speed from phage and your e will allow you to chase and catch up to opponts really easy. The rest is usual ADC Items. You can switch out statikk shiv, but I wouldn't want to trade the crit change for an item that will revive me in the middle of the enemy team. Next to that you can use BT instead of Essence reaver, but the mana steal it gives is very handy for Sona

In total, this build should allow you to two shot squishy's as long as your passive is stacked. keep an eye on casting spells so you can proc sheen most effectively. Try to stay away from bursters or CC tanks by using E or, if really needed your ult.

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I start with my Q and use it once in the base, then again when helping the jungler. this way it will proc my passive on my next cast, so I try to hit the enemy ADC with it when I can. It's range is extremely big, but you want to hit them with your auto as well. This way they are forced to play a little safe or use their health pot, both are beneficial to ADC Sona

Your W gives you a heal and shield, doing the same to teammates. The heal and shield aren't big, but combined enough to keep you sustained in lane and keep you safe. You can also use it to lessen the damage output from the enemy ADC.

Your E gives you and your teammates around you movement speed and with passive can be used a s a slow. This will allow you to run to opponents and slow them so there is no escape. The slow isn't really needed tho if you get fed.

Your ultimate upgrades your skills which each level, so keep that in mind. It's an AOE stun, that can stun botlane or their team pretty easily. Also very good to use vs people who are chasing you.

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I do not get heal for sona, because she has her own. Ignite will give that kill pressure and the ability to lower the life steal or regen from your enemies. It's very handy to get first blood in bot lane.

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Overall: Your damage comes mainly from your passive and Q, so be carefull when you don't have it. Trinity force is a must. First dragon will ampilfy our ealy damage. Attack speed isn't really needed that much. You have huge burst, CC and sustain. Sona goes well with tresh, leona, nami and lulu but has troubles with assasins with mutiple dashes or ADC's with poke.

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Pros / Cons

- Huge burst
- Good CC from E and ult
- Good chasing skills with E
- Sustain with W (as well as for your support)
- Attack speed isn't a must, so you can focus on damage
- most damage comes from Q stack, so be careful with your spells
- you tend to do poorly against assasins with multiple dashes when your ult is down
- careful for poke as you will use all your mana for sustaining back
- weak against tanky supports like leona or braum
- leblanc or burst champions like her are your biggest weakness