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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Thresh Build Guide by Klazsh

AD Carry ADC Thresh, King of Souls

AD Carry ADC Thresh, King of Souls

Updated on June 4, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Klazsh Build Guide By Klazsh 1,873 Views 0 Comments
1,873 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Klazsh Thresh Build Guide By Klazsh Updated on June 4, 2013
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Hi, i'm Klazsh and this is my ADC build to thresh, I usually play ADC and Thresh is one of my most played ADC champs I play. I have dominated many champs with Thresh and he carries just as hard as any other ADC. Though I am not in a high elo, this build works for what i have played with and many others do agree. IF you follow this build and play correctly then you can even demolish an ADC
when its almost an hour into the game (yes even a late game trist you can demolish)demolish)

ALSO I am not going to be doing anything fancy with this guide, just going to talk about the basics!

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Marks are for the early game advantage which will help you quite a lot

Seal is for the ability to take punishment while you dish out tons of damage

Glyph is well, you're mana hungary and this fixes it somewhat and most likely will

Quints are debateable, you can either choose the AD ones for the early game damage, or do what a lot of people are doing now and buying lifesteal quints, either way works but the AD ones help you more early game
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This is a really standerd offensive build for the early quick kills, that will still be able to give you an advantage late game. Since we put 21 points in offensive you should be able to outdamage almost any adc at this level and at soon as you hit


you can just go right in and kill, though be careful you might be a bit tanky from you're 9 points in Defense, you can still die and dont get ahead of your self, AND REMEMBER TO USE BARRIER THAT'S WHY IT'S THERE
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Starting Items

Good starting items, and will most likely be all you need, you can also replace a health pot with a mana pot

Huge Set of Core Items

Its recommended that you build those items in that order, but you can build the zephyr before you finish blade, also with these items you should kill almost everyone as long as you dont go overboard and be careless in where you go, things can happen quite quickly
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Skill Sequence






When you're Level 6 you want to initiate with your Q then insta-pop your Ultimate then E and W for the shield and they should be dead before they run very far
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it is what makes you really good as an adc, while you are playing you collect souls, this passive give you Armor and Ability Power. You will slowly stack so much armor get so much ability power, that all of your abilities will deal so much damage and that you will be quite tanky to the enemy AD team


Death Sentence is a amazing ability, if you do this correctly under the turret you can get so many kills. Basically when you Q to them you throw your hook, if it hits you will slowly drag them towards you for a brief moment of time, if you hit Q again you will fly towards them and start fighting, i recommend if you do this use your E to flay them in any direction (preferable backwards)


W is your Lantern, this is used to make amazing plays, if an ally RIGHT CLICKS it they will fly toward you and make for some sick ganks and plays. Keep in mind when this is thrown down it does shields you and your allies it landed on, also when it snaps to you wether or not someone jumped to you or you went out of range.


Your E (Flay) is an amazing ability, it moves the opponent a VERY shoort distance and knocks them up for a brief moment, when this is used effectively is can make the difference of a enemy tower dive, too a double kill on your side. This ability bases it arround you and where your mouse is pointing, flay will knock the opponet the direction the mouse choose, so its recommended you click behind you so they fly towards you, so you can eat them up like


The Box, its a really hard ability to use but when used correctly no-one can escape....ever....Anyway to use this correctly I found is when you use your Q and dive onto them and insta-use your Ultimate and the only way they can escape is when they flash out or they have a good escape mechanism
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Overall this build is quite fun and most people don't expect an ADC thresh and will try to counter a support, then when it comes time to fight, you will be there and ready to brawl just like a misfit. This build has not been tried out in ranked and if anyone has any build items they would likely suggest I will try them out and see if they would work in this build and if it would be neccesary.


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League of Legends Build Guide Author Klazsh
Klazsh Thresh Guide
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ADC Thresh, King of Souls

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