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Kayle Build Guide by AoKazeRyu

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AoKazeRyu

ADD Kayle: With an emphasis on DAMAGE!

AoKazeRyu Last updated on June 14, 2012
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Ok guys, this is my take on a heavy AD Kayle carry build. Title of the guide is "ADD Kayle: With an emphasis on DAMAGE!". It focuses purely on bringing out the best damage in Kayle without sacrificing any AS, or AD, or CDR. You really have it all.

I have included two item build paths in the case that you are not doing too well in the early game.

This build is for experienced players who want to play a little risky, for ridiculous reward.

Enjoy :D

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As you can see, I am using almost all of the AS (Attack Speed) runes. The reason behind this is because Kayle's damage relies upon AS. It will either unlock her damage potential, or be the greatest limiter to it. Her passive 3% armor shred per hit maxes at 5 stacks, giving 15% resistance penetrations, however, you must first hit them 5 times to maximize your damage. The Black Cleaver also gives you 45 flat armor pen (15 per stack), but only once you hit 3 stacks, meaning only after you hit them 3 times can even your black cleaver be most effective and only then will you be using The Black Cleaver to do as much damage as possible.

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My masteries are very simple. I maximized the damage. The Executioner mastery stacks well with Kayle, and thus you should get it. Reckoning gives you extra 10% damage to the target at level 5, and this stacks with Executioner which gives you another 6% if they are under 40% hp. All together, you will do 10% more damage on the target, and 16% extra damage if they are under 40% hp.

I got both armor and magic penetration. This is because Kayle deals great physical and magic damage. Thus having both seems reasonable to me. These penetrations also stack with your passive Holy Fervor which gives 15% penetrations at 5 stacks, meaning that in 5 hits, you have 25% armor and magic resist penetration.

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Items if you are DOMINATING

Now, my mindset behind these items is to balance out AS and AD (Attack Damage). Kayle will either be limited by one or the other. Thus I buy my items so that I will always be increasing my AS and AD throughout the game, so that my damage is not hindered by either and rises greatly from every item I purchase. For if you have a lot of AD, but no AS, then Kayle is useless, and if you go AS heavy first, but no AD early, you tickle, and are once again useless.

Late game you will need max CD in order to be a ranged carry 100% of the time, as well as have your ultimate: Intervention (which is amazing) off CD and usable as much as possible. Thus, throughout the build I also buy CD items slowly that give me the AS or AD I need, when I need it.

Now I first open with Boots of Speed and 3x Health Potion.

This is because you are slow (or I think Kayle is slow) and MS (Movement Speed) will help you harass or escape. Someone smart must be thinking, "Well why cant you just use Divine Blessing to do both of those instead of buying boots first?" This is a great question. The problem is that Divine Blessing costs a lot of mana to use consistently, and will cause mana shortage. It lasts only a short duration. Not only that, but if you were to get ganked by a fast jungle, your buff will not make you fast enough to outrun them, but merely move at the same speed of them (if even that) for 2.5 seconds. While if you had bought boots early. You might not need to use Divine Blessing to escape, and if you have to, your MS will shoot up to over 400 allowing you to outrun most champs early game with ease.

Now I buy Berserker's Greaves first because even with AS runes, your damage is mostly hindered by your AS. Righteous Fury will give you enough damage early game, with all the bonus damage from Righteous Fury what will mostly limit your damage is your AS.

After my level 2 boots, if I am doing very well, i buy The Bloodthirster. After buying Berserker's Greaves you will need some damage with your decent AS. The Bloodthirster is my choice to fill this position. As it gives you the most AD and good life steal. The AD will give you great damage with Reckoning, as it has a 1:1 AD scaling ratio, and 40% of the AD will splash with Righteous Fury. Also, getting stacks on your bloodthirster is very easy because of kayle's splash from Righteous Fury.

After The Bloodthirster you will need cheap AS. I buy the Stinger right after The Bloodthirster. The 40% AS and 10% CD for a little over 1000 gold is an amazing deal. You will be building Nashor's Tooth later, but at this moment the Stinger is all you need. Do not build Nashor's Tooth at this moment. Spending 1600 gold for 10% more AS and mana regen you dont need, and AP that translates into less than 20 damage is not worth it at the moment. You will finish Nashor's Tooth for the cooldown reduction, but the 15% more CD is not necessary yet, as it wont be enough to make you have permanent Righteous Fury yet, and thus to rush this now, would be a waste of money, as the next item will give you damage, 10% cdr (cooldown reduction), armor penetration, and is cheaper.

Once you make the Stinger you will want to put off finishing Nashor's Tooth until later. Buy The Brutalizer. The damage and armor penetration and 10% cooldown reduction is great for the cost. 10% is not enough to have permanent Righteous Fury but it is good enough at the moment. But do not finish into Youmuu's Ghostblade yet, as it would not be cost efficient.

Now you want both AS and AD. So buy The Black Cleaver. The armor reduction will stack with your 20 armor penetration from The Brutalizer and your passive: Holy Fervor as well. It is a great item, and you will notice the difference. With your AS at this point you will be able to have the 3 stacks of armor penetration on the target very quickly, maximizing your damage output in a short amount of time.

After The Black Cleaver finish Youmuu's Ghostblade. Your AS is the limiting factor right now, as you should deal a massive amount of damage. The extra 5% CDR and the active ability make this item amazing. For 1300 gold, since you bought The Brutalizer earlier, you will gain 50% AS for up to 12 seconds which is more than enough as well as 20% MS.

Now finish the Nashor's Tooth. What you want here is the extra 10% AS, and the 15% CDR. This will allow you to have a constant Righteous Fury which now makes you a full ranged AD champion. I delay buying this item because early game, your fights usually don't last 10 seconds. If you time using your Righteous Fury buff, 10 seconds should be plenty. As the game progresses, by buying more CDR slowly, you diminish the CD at a steady rate while purchasing the AD and AS you need. The CDR you get when you buy your Stinger and The Brutalizer will reduce the cooldown of Righteous Fury enough, although not completely, that you can get by without having 40% cdr, You may have 1-2 seconds without Righteous Fury. That should be fine until late game when you can not spare even a second without it. But buying Nashor's Tooth too early results in a lack of damage for the cost.

But with all that said, in the rare case if you ABSOLUTELY MUST have the CDR earlier, build the Nashor's Tooth after The Black Cleaver, and before you finish Youmuu's Ghostblade. However, I would highly advise not finishing Nashor's Tooth any earlier, because the earlier you finish Nashor's Tooth, the earlier you invest a lot of gold for little gain, which will cause a halt on your steadily rising damage output from cost effective AS and AD items. To waste 1600 gold on an item that does not greatly increase your damage, causes you to have a serious delay in your damage that will be felt for the rest of the game, since every damage item you buy from then on, you could have had 1600 gold earlier. Meaning that the damage you will deal later in the game, you could have been dealing the same damage 1600 gold earlier, when your enemy champions are also 1600 gold weaker, assuming you are farming at the same speed. Nashor's Tooth is expensive to finish, and that money could have been spent on better damage items, greatly increasing your damage output, which is much better than an additional 10% AS and 15% CDR and 13 magic damage for the same cost.

With your amazing attack speed, you will be able to utilize the critical strikes given by the Infinity Edge. This item is just for extra damage late game.

This last item is the most optional. You should buy whatever you see fit. You could buy a Last Whisper, or a Madred's Bloodrazor, or even another The Bloodthirster if you so desire. But you do not need more AS.

You could also, (if you must ruin the point of this guide) buy one defensive item. This slot is completely up to you and whatever the current situation demands.

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Items if you are not doing as well...

In the case that you are not doing as well. Following the course above might put you further behind. In such a case, I use a different item order.

Still start off the same until you get your Berserker's Greaves.

But instead of early The Bloodthirster you should buy the avarice blace for a gp5 item, buy the Stinger, and The Brutalizer early. This will give you gp5 as well as early cheap AS and AD with Armor Penetration.

After this one can decide whether to build The Black Cleaver or The Bloodthirster next, finishing the other afterwards. Then proceeding to finish Youmuu's Ghostblade. Finally as the last core item in your build, finish Nashor's Tooth.

As your last item you may decide on the situation, but Infinity Edge will give you more damage, but Last Whisper will give you much more armor penetration.

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Skill Sequence


Obviously you should rank Intervention first. It is your clutch skill. Saves lives and wins team fights.

Next rank Righteous Fury. It is your main farm/ harass skill. The AD splash percent increases, and you gain 10 more magic damage per level. The 60 bonus magic damage will be enough until you buy your The Bloodthirster. Thus, you can focus on buying AS in the form of Berserker's Greaves first, since your main drawback to your amazing damage would be your low AS.

I rank this next, but take one level at level 4. The speed boost increases per level and maxes at a 30% speed buff which is quite useful. This combined with your small heal, makes this better to level than your Reckoning nuke that only gains 50 damage every level, and the damage% bonus will not be notable until late game.

I level reckoning last, but I take one level at level 2 for the slow. The extra damage percent increases per level, and by ranking it at the end the bonus damage will be worth it. I do not rank this first, as it is not your harass skill, but Righteous Fury is. You will simply not use this skill as much, and the slow does not increase per level. Rank it last when it will be most useful.

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Skill Usage

Intervention is an amazing skill. One of my favorite ultimates in the game.

Making a target invulnerable for 3 seconds is game changing. It can save your allies and allow for plenty of low hp getaways. This ultimate can be used to bait opponents. This ultimate also is the reason why your team can easily support two carries. Usually in a team fight, the objective would be to kill the squishy carries. But your ultimate stalls their attempt for 3 seconds. An invulnerable carry is a terrifying thing. If you are the sole AD carry, simply use Intervention on yourself when you become targeted. Pretty simple. Thus they can waste damage and spells on an invulnerable target or attack your less squishy teammates for 3 seconds, all a while you will be beating on their team with your massive AD splash damage.

In cases where a whole team jumps upon you may seem like a bad thing. But the more damage you prevent in your damage, is damage you have prevented from your whole team. Not only this, to have everyone waste their spells and abilities on you is probably the best thing you could ask for in a team fight since they will do nothing to you. More than this, it isn't as if you would not be able to attack while invulnerable, and 3 seconds is plenty of time for you to deal incredible damage.

An example of this would be a game where I was being dumb and was caught by their whole team in a 1v5. I ultied in the very beginning, and i hacked away at them for 3 seconds while my team tried to reach me. Although I died, they blew all their spells, and i took all of them down to about 33% hp. A subsequent team fight broke out even though i was dead, but my team could clean up very easily.

Your ultimate can be used on others as well. If you are not targeted hard by the other team, but your AP carry or another AD carry is, then use Intervention on them instead.

This move is not to be used like Tryn's ultimate. You do not need to use it right before dying. Use it when the most damage would be dealt to you. Thus you will get the most use out of your invulnerability.

Righteous Fury is your main skill. It has a 16 second cooldown from activation, meaning with 0 CDR you ahve 6 seconds of being a melee champion. Thus, you should max CD by the end of the game or risk being useless for 6 seconds, or have to enter the middle of the battle as a fragile melee champion.

To use this move as most effectively as possibly, simply don't activate it until you are just about to attack. Your attack animation is instant. There is no flying arrows or fire from your sword. Your hits instantly connect like you were in melee range. In fact, your ranged attacks count as melee attacks, thus items like Tiamat which has a reduced effect when used by ranged champions, retain their melee effects. Full Tiamat splash on a ranged ad champ :D. Awesome

10 seconds of heavy ranged damage is good enough until late game. And if you buy the items in the order I suggest, your CDR will make this gradually lower throughout the game which is good enough until you are able to keep Righteous Fury permanently activated.

Reckoning is your damage amplifier and slow. This is not a harassment move. It costs too much mana to be casting this constantly. Use this move only when you need to early game when you are actually going for a kill.

Divine Blessing is a heal and speed buff. The speed boost is good even at level one. The heal is very small though. Good for escaping and making distance, and if necessary the speed boost can be used as an initial gap closer.

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Summoner Spells

Surge Flash

I choose Surge because the AS boost is great. As I said before. Attack Speed is the crucial attribute you lack. This will be good throughout the game as your offensive Summoner Spell. You have everything you can possibly need, except Attack Speed. I highly suggest this.

I choose Exhaust because it can be used both offensively and defensively, and it also gives bonus armor and magic resist penetration if you use the mastery as well.

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This was my build and guide to Kayle. Just try it out for a few games before saying it sucks.
*cough* Toshabi *cough* u jerk *cough*

Hope u have fun with this build,

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Last Notes

If anyone has any suggestions as to how I can improve this guide, tell me and I will try.



P.S. Toshabi is a jerk irl.