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League of Legends Build Guide Author hypershatter

[adv] -Zero AP build- until late game

hypershatter Last updated on February 13, 2011
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Version 2 COMPLETE!

EDIT: Feburary 12th, 2011: Build change!

THIS IS NOT A TANK BUILD. THIS IS A MODEL/TEACHING GUIDE that provides a different perspective for playing Anivia.Although this build is not 100% viable, it serves to teach you a new style of playing anivia. it helps you to realize anivia's hidden potential that most people simply ignore. Anivia, in this guide, will not be pigeonholed to just do damage. (lol, pigeonholed).

if you want to check out the pubstomping guide and encyclopedia of information for anivia, check out my recommended/highest rated guide for anivia below:]

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First of all, to clear everything up, this build is situational. using PURE version of this build should only be addition to your style choices. most of the time i prefer a hybrid version of this build and my standard one. (read criteria in later section for using pure version of this build). hybrid build is the best one, but the number of combinations and strategies is different every game and based purely on experience. therefore, its not possible to make a standardized build for it.

this build focuses on mid-high ranked teamplay and is NOT A PUBSTOMPING BUILD OR A BUILD FOR ANYONE THAT IS NOT AT LEAST INTERMEDIATE LEVEL WITH HER (above 50 games AT LEAST). the purpose of this build is to cover up anivia's weaknesses significantly while boost her lesser known strength's, the godlike field control and CC ability shown in teamfights. however, this takes a lot of skill, patience, and creativity to work to full potential.

the aim of this build is to provide maximum CDR reduction (~30% is enough), survivability, lane control/farm, and mana upkeep. this guide will be small in length because it is very specific focused and most of other things you need to know about anivia is in my other guide. you start the game with 14.8% CDR, technically 20% CDR from Glacial Shroud is enough to max CDR effectiveness (35% CDR total). but Frozen Heart has its uses (explained later)

-way better survivability than your average anivia or mage. MR and Armor effects with proc effects to keep you alive longer than ever.
-your egg is much harder to break.
-max CDR reduction for ANIVIA'S SKILLS will greatly help her to spam CCs and completely shutdown the other team in conjunction with your team.
-excellent farming and early game lane control.
-mana isnt a problem with clarity and this build. CC away!
-your lack of AP items wont be a big problem for your overall dmg because you are anivia. (until mid-late game)

-your dmg will be significantly lower than a standard anivia. But, early to mid-game theres almost no difference.
-your kill ratio will be significantly lower while your assist ratio will be significantly higher. you cant brag to your friends getting 12/2/10 every game, but you will win a lot more games.
-you will get trolled by trolls and ignorant people, a lot. i recommend not to go into an argument with anyone about the build in game. feel free to argue outside of the game.

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How everything comes together

Anivia is a AP caster carry. she builds up tons of AP and will destroy enemies if farmed. however, she is innately squishy all game long. in terms of items, this build counters many threats while keeping a high utility profile. this build is divided into 2 parts that complements each other: utility and late game damage.


The utility core items counter threats like AP carries with MR and spell shield, AD carries with armor and attack speed slow, and provide health. Every item provides more than one benefits. the less obvious benefit is that almost every item gives mana. This will help my late game damage.

late game Damage

A blasting wand simply won't do anymore. we all know the item with most potential for AP damage is Archangel's Staff. can you see why i stack mana from each item now? Void Staff is included because late game many champions have a much higher MR, thats when large Mpen is useful. Lich Bane is just another wonderful, but luxury AP item.

clarity spell

My standard uses Ghost and Flash. i wouldn't suggest using Clarity for any other builds, but in this build, clarity is gold. with clarity, u will always be in the enemy team's face and will not go away.

clarity lets you keep up your CCs, which works in conjunction with CDR reduction and extra survivability to use skills 24/7. with proper positioning and usage, u can prevent the enemy team to out position your team and start a teamfight in their favour. Also, using Anivia's CCs disrupt the enemy team in a teamfight and greatly increase the chance of ur team winning.

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Why not a tank build

A tank build for Anivia (or pretty much for any casters) simply doesn't work. Tank builds include items such as Randuin, sunfire cape, etc. Before i go any further, let's clarify that Anivia cannot be a tank; perhaps build her really bulky, combined with egg some can argue she is an off-tank, but what's the point of letting the cryophoenix stacking so much armor or magic resist? To put it simply, you won't have any level threat and will most likely be a meat shield IGNORED by the other team. Fun? No.

What is this build then? the -zero AP- build is very, very different from a tank build. Every single item, if you look carefully, provides survivability but MOST IMPORTANTLY, UTILITY. CDR for more disables, mana for more sustainability, health/armor/magic resist to mitigate any non-focus fire damages to help her fight longer. i have carefully create a list of all possible items for this build and try out combinations one by one to create the most efficient one. Without utility, Anivia relies on damage; without utility and damage, then Anivia is simply nothing. But with a tons of utility and a healthy dose of damage, Anivia is greater than just pure damage.

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Difference in styles (standard vs. zero-AP)

in laning phase:
-more leeway in last-hitting with skills in lane.
-much more lenient on mana, harass/zone out enemy more aggressively.
in teamfights:
YOU MUST STAY IN THE TEAMFIGHT! dont run instantly when you get targeted.


-you wont die faster than your team can kill enemy team. even if you do but gives your team an ace, its ok.
-remember you have Frozen Heart and its aoe slow attack speed effect stacked with Glacial Storm's similar effect is able to shutdown a team of physical dps. SLOWING ASPD STACKS, SLOWING MOVEMENT SPEED DOESNT. there's a formula to calculate stacking debuff (its 20% slow ASPD from each, but its not 20%x2=40%)
-with Flash Frost stun at 4.8 seconds CDR, you can stun and nuke often. every second counts in teamfights. your Flash Frost stun is also a mini-aoe stun, can be devastating if your enemies are grouped together.
-play smart, stay in the fight doesnt mean stay in front of the fight. stay in means if enemy carries or tanks want to charge at you past your tanks, let them. your not that squishy and they will pay for frequently misunderstanding your build.

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Items choice

laning phrase, early game

catalyst the protector

these two items should serve you pretty well during laning phrase. giving you some mana and survivability to fend off early threats. if you think the enemy team doesnt have a lot of CCs, for boots you can switch to .

early - mid-game

during this phrase your survivability greatly increases, mana increases, and most of the CDR is already bought. again depending on situations, order and item choice might change. this is the standard build order vs. a CC intensive team with a balanced AD/AP dmg. we assume because this is a competitive build, the enemy teams have some-to-decent amount of CCs.

if vs. physical, not CC intensive teams
get before

mid - late-game

in mid to late game, finish and start building AP (finally!). by now you have enough survivability and CDR to be devastating in teamfights. stacked with your AP can down buildings easily and help your team push much faster.

if you are fed, pick up

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Skill usage, teamfight situations, golem buff, rune choice...etc.

everything about controlling her is in my other guide. the general knowledge and strategy remains the same. link again:

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[End] Screenshot of my build score

this is my testing build scores. i tested in normal and ranked. (that one loss was me D/C 10min into the game).

feel free to add me, hypershatter, in game.