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Ahri Build Guide by Weatherman

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Weatherman

Ahri - 9 Tails, hard to groom.

Weatherman Last updated on December 20, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello and welcome to my first guide on Mobafire! This guide is about the new champion, Ahri.
Hope you enjoy it, i spent some time on it. (This isn't a troll guide, don't be messy).

Also, thanks to JhoiJhoi for her Making a Guide

Her OP dance

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Pros / Cons

Sweet Pros and Horrible Cons

-Triple blink in a 60 second cooldown

-High burst

-Great sustain

-Chases easily

-Doesn't need alot of mana if controlled

-Amazing harass

-Good CC

-She's looking cute :3



-CC'd easily

-While Spirit Rush is down, can't really outrun her enemies

-Commonly focused

-Only one ability is single target, which makes it hard to focus

-Relies on skillshots

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Discussion about the ratios.

Okay, so you might be dissapointed about Ahri's AP ratio's, which are hanging around 40% eh? Well, let's do some maths.
- This ability has a 33% AP ratio. It deals both normal and true damage. Both have the same ratio. Now, if you will hit twice that would count as:
base damage + base damage + 66% of AP =
Of course, if you hit once you get:
base damage + 33% of AP =
This is good, and even very when it does true damage on the way back.
Now lets take a look at

- This ability sends out 3 fox fires that lock on and attack nearby units (prioritzes champions). Now, it has a 38% ratio, JUST FOR ONE fox fire. So, if all of them hit, it has:
base damage + 114% AP - same target penalty.
Now thats pretty crazy. But it's not how we would like.
If all three of them hit the same target it does:
base damage + 75% AP =
This is even more crazier because the base damage is increased. awesomesauce.

- This doesn't need explaining, single target nuke mostly used for CC. Has a 35% ap ratio.

- Fires 3 essence bolts at nearby enemies prioritizing champions.
Now, it has a 30% AP Ratio. But what if we do a little math, when 3 targets are hit?
base damage+90% AP =
This damage hits three targets at one dash, also to one target when you use 3 dashes. Lets see what happens when you deal damage with three of your dashes, shall we?
base damage x3+270% AP =
Holy Jebus. This is just some sweet beans.
This means, that when you have over 500 AP you will deal over 1000 damage. Crazy isn't it? So i explained the ratio's to you, i guess

Don't underestimate those! READ THIS!

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This is the most common mastery tree setup for AP carries. I guess all of you use it, but tho i'll publish it :)


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Runes i use are standard AP runes.

x3 Standard on every AP caster, gives me some AP for a better early game. These go with pair with my marks, as they give me penetration and damage to my spells.
x9 These are to give me more damage. Standard on a AP caster.
x9 These are again for AP, standard on every caster.
x9 Standard on every caster, im also interested in changing these to Glyphs of Force, cause i've read that they're more efficient later. Give me your suggestions on runes as always.

These are to give me the most AP early game i can get. Also some mpen, so i can dish some more damage on that silly Amumu

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Summoner Spells

Spells i take are the most commonly used ones.

This is one of the best spells in game, and will make you quad flash ^^I use this on almost every character, never fails me. Use to escape through a wall, chase runners and other.

One of the most usefull spells again, will kill those silly runners or stop that instantly healing Volibear.
Viable Summoner Spells

If you didn't unlock Flash yet, tho will help you chase. I use these on not as much champions as Flash, but it's still usefull for chasing, running and other uses, similar to Flash

If you feel like their Tryndamere has too much much movespeed/AS. Disables their AD carries easily. Use for escaping, chasing and who knows what else.

If you are getting pushed out of the lane constantly. Teleport to a ward, mushroom, box or whatever. Can change the tides of a game if used correctly.

No... Just... No...

Use only if you troll...

Leave it to the supports if they really want it. This spell isn't really usefull, as it's use is only for pushing, which isn't always safe.

Omai gawd!!!! But Ahri iz so mana hungry!!11!!
No... This is a bad spell overall. It is usefull only early game, when you can't handle your mana. When you get your RoA it's not usefull anymore. I would prefer it only to lower levels, but everyone with 15+ level should know it isn't useful.

Other spells i didn't mention aren't usefull nor viable

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Ability Sequence and Explanation

Your bread and butter in the game. Use it to farm, harass and heal up. It deals true damage on the way back, so it's usefull against tanks with a lot of MR.
Massive damage. Sends out 3 fox fires that after a short time lock on and attack nearby enemies. I max this second, many people max it third, but really, Charm doesn't deal a lot of dmg and the 0.25 second duration per level isn't really that good.
This is why everyone thinks Ahri is lesbian (lol). She sends out a skillshot that damages and makes the unit hit go towards Ahri, not attacking her. This ability will help you land Orb of Deception.
Your ultimate, that deals a ton of damage. Some say it's similar to Akali's Shadow Dance. When you use it, you dash towards your cursor and deal damage to a maximum of three enemies. You can use it three times before it goes on cooldown.
Use this ability to juke, chase and escape.
Ability Sequence
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

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This is the item you will build in to Catalyst the Protector
Buy two of those. Self explanatory.
Catalyst the Protector
Built by Sapphire Crystal. Gives some mana and survi.
Gives mpen, self explanatory for every AP carry.
Gives mana, survi, AP and a pretty good passive for early game laning.
Self explanatory for every AP carry. Gives a ton of AP.
Amazing synergize with her passive. Gives 80 AP, the aura works on you too.
Gives a slow with every skill, good amount of HP and AP
You can get this item earlier if you are having a hard time. Gives a spell shield every 45 seconds.

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This section is taken from Your Tryndamere Resource, by Apotheosis

Use those at mid and late game.
Use those at around mid/late game to prevent being ganked in the jungle.
Use those early game to prevent ganking.
Use those to prevent your buffs from getting stole, and to steal their buffs.
Use those to defend your base.
Use those to know when the enemy is heading to the jungle.

All credit for the picture goes to Apotheosis!!!

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DO NOT initiate. Let the tank do it. Open up with Charm, try to land Orb of Deception to the biggest group of enemies, spam Fox-Fire and Orb of Deception, Spirit Rush around the fight to hit most enemies you can and leave Charm for the cowards that are fleeing. Teamfights must be executed properly as Ahri.
Practice to victory!

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Your Scores

YOU build this section! Send in your scores at, and i will upload them here.
Also, if you wanna play with me and you have an account on EUW then feel free to add me @SirMoonkey.

My scores - SirMoonkey

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2011/12/17 - Guide created.
2011/12/17 - Fixed some spelling and bbcode issues.
2011/12/18 - Changed a few sections, added alot of stuff to Warding and fixed spelling, bbcode and added centering.