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Ahri Build Guide by FrazzledFel

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League of Legends Build Guide Author FrazzledFel

Ahri -- A Utility Build

FrazzledFel Last updated on September 4, 2013
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Hello all. This is my first posted build. I'm relatively new to League, so it might not be the best build, but I main as Ahri, and personally have a lot of fun with this build, so I figured I'd share it. It's also a little different from what I've seen the "meta" for Ahri to be, but seems to work just fine for me, so I figured I'd share a slightly different perspective on playing Ahri.

Essentially, this build is mostly about not dying while still dealing damage -- a good "harassment" build, if you will. It's useful in team fights, because team fights typically result in a lot of deaths on both sides. If you can stick around nearly to death, but leave before you do, you won't give the enemy team an extra kill for that team fight.

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Early Game

This build can cover either mid or top -- I've had a lot of success in both lanes. Note that you can only get the starting items with two levels of the "wealth" mastery.

Essentially, early game, you'll want to stay away from the enemy champion. Ahri is squishy! Do your best to farm minion kills. If you get an opening, though, charm the enemy champion and immediately follow up with both an orb and a foxfire. This will deal a fair bit of damage, and if you can pull that off a couple of times, they should have to fall back. I find a lot of new Ahri players undervalue the charm -- remember, the charm is the scariest thing in Ahri's aresnal!

Mostly, though, kill minions, and try to build up your item set ASAP! Orb of Deception is great for minion kills, but remember to keep a sharp eye on your mana. You'll need it to toss a charm in the face of your opposing champion if they attack you. Remember, the Crystalline Flask will be an excellent source of mana for you.

I try to stay in lane long enough to get either the Tear or the Chalice the first time I return home, at which point I tend to do so, to recharge my mana and my flask. Most importantly, don't die! Using Flash and Ghost when you need to is important.

-Farm minion kills (Orb of Deception!)
-Watch Mana (Crystalline Flask!)
-Try to avoid engagement (Charms! Flash! Ghost!)
-Harass when possible (Charm -> Orb -> Foxfire)

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Mid Game

Once you have both the tear and the chalice, you can start spending mana more freely. The orb of deception, if aimed right, can hit an entire group of minions simultaneously in normal circumstances. Use it. Love it. Farm those minions! The Chalice and the Tear, with the Hextech, will give you great sustain in both health and mana. At this point in the game, I often find myself saying, "Oh, I have 1.5k gold, I'd better spend it."

If team fights are starting up, see if you can be there, especially if you're playing mid and doing well. That charm is often a life saver. Once you have your boots of swiftness, as well, combined with Flash and Ghost summoner spells, you can often outrun anyone chasing you. Sometimes, in team fights, you can rescue an ally by charming a pursuer while the two of you run. Be wary of doing this, though, do it if it saves the ally! Remember that Foxfire can be cast while moving.

Also, spirit rush, your ultimate, is a great escape maneuver! Only use spirit rush if you will either A) Kill the enemy champion or B) Live when you wouldn't otherwise. It's best to save it in case of emergency.

Also, depending on the champions you are facing, you will want either the Hextech Revolver first, or the Boots of Swiftness first. If you are getting hit by a lot of skillshots, the Boots will be the right choice. If you are taking a lot of harassment damage, (enough to "soften you up" without killing you outright), the Revolver would be the right choice. If stepping too close to the champion means instant death, the revolver won't do you much good, so get the boots.

-Keep Farming
-Assist in team fights if they take place
-Cast a lot of spells
-Reserve your ultimate
-Prioritize boots vs revolver wisely

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Late Game

By the time you get your unholy grail, your basic attacking days are essentially done for. You'll have enough mana regen and max mana that you can spam your spells 'till the cows come home! With the cooldown reduction from the grail to boot, you'll spam them more frequently!

An interesting thing of note, you'll have enough mana regen that at full mana, if you cast foxfire, you'll regain the mana for it before you can cast it again. This makes foxfire useful for charging your archangel staff, especially because you can cast it while moving, so you can spam it while returning from the summoner's platform. Foxfire with the Crystal Scepter is useful because of that, as well. Dropping some slows behind you can never hurt.

At this point, keep an eye on team strategy. Be wherever you need to be -- you'll probably be the fastest champion on the field, use that to your advantage. Sneak around, clear large minion hordes, spam your spells, you should do fine. Most importantly, KEEP MOVING! You're still squishy, so be weary of enemy champions.

In team fights, sneak around to the backside, and try to charm / spirit rush kill retreating enemies. Charms are also important in team fights -- keep them coming! Also remember, the charm is NOT a lure! It's far too slow for that! The charm is more useful as a STUN. At max ranks, it will stun them for a whopping two seconds!

Note that with the Crystal Scepter, using foxfire while on the retreat will slow any pursuers that get into your foxfire's range.

-Charms in team fights!
-Spam spells!
-Watch team strategy
-Use your mobility to your advantage