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Ahri Build Guide by Lostcauz707

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lostcauz707

Ahri Lykes Mudkipz

Lostcauz707 Last updated on January 15, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hands down, Ahri is broken, we all know it, but if I see one more sapphire crystal Ahri mid on my team it will be the end of me. Please do not build her this way ever. Regardless Ahri is a fun anti AD, AP champ that can roll faces all day and anyone who likes to roll faces should totally play.

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Summoner Spells

I feel like this is the most important part of the build.
I chose both and for my spells because they are all about getting in and getting out while getting work done.

is the laner's bread and butter. I have gotten so many doubles and triple kills from TPing to wards it is ridiculous. When a group pushes past a wave of minions the lane is open for you to just go down and destroy them. More than likely if they get the kills one or more people will be wounded enough to ult in and ult out regardless of the other one's hp. This gets easy stacks on and also for the most part makes the mid laner leave lane so you don't even have to worry about the tower being back for the run down. They will also hassle him for the missing MIA call HUEHUEHUE.

is just an exceptional tool. I use it over because with Ahri you really shouldn't even need it. If you need a kill, flash in and Q or just do an ability and flash out. is in my opinion a very silly spell to get in comparison because if you use it on anyone but a or you might as well just attack them with normal abilities.

Extremely viable other spells.
Just outta range? Well pop this and call it day.
Someone keep getting away? (DAMN )make sure it doesn't happen
Yeaaa, I don't like getting your CC in my OPed champ
Not gonna lie, if you have one on your team don't get it, but if they have an or viegar mid, watch their ult do nothing when they stun you.

Somewhat viable spells.
It can be, that's all I will really say.
Mana can be a huge issue with this champ, it's always nice to have more, but runes and masteries are set up to fix that.

Anything else, don't bother.

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Runes are really personal preference. As you can tell the runes I have are for AP and spell pen mostly. The most important runes though are definitely . These puppies level fast, as Arhi already should be leveling fast. I have the flat ones in there as well just to have a boost before I hit the level 6 cap off.

I have 2 because AP champs are notoriously slow. Since most AP carries play mid you will have a speed advantage off the bat.

CDR runes are also viable with this build as it is mainly a cooldown/nuke build. Your ult with blue buff should already be down to 51 seconds and your to about 5.

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As for masteries you can do what you want with this champ. Either a 9/0/21 or 21/0/9. I prefer the 9/0/21 because I constantly have mana and the points are ridiculous.
Getting the affirms you can keep blue as long as you like and having the point in both and makes it so both flash and teleport are always up, taking a load off your mind otherwise. There is also 6% cooldown for your ult because of the points in and .

These are the main crucial parts of this build as they are the key to making sure both and are up.

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Both and mercury treads are workable as boots. The spell vamp from is a MUST as fast as possible. Mixed with your and you can maintain yourself pretty easily. You will notice after these two items I say and because at this point you need nothing. Mid game needs only that minor hp/ap/mana regen increase from dorans and the CD and AP from elixir. Matched with blue buff you are on top of the world.

After this you will notice I put in . This may seem silly BUT, it is the last crucial core part of the Arhi build. This item is absolutely ridiculous for this champ. Arhi is a disrupter and a nuke. To have this item allows for all the champions around her to also have this fantastic benefit (play a game with this item and a and you will understand completely. Upon popping your ult and the Fox-Fire you can own a lane, gank extremely effectively in any lanes still active, and scare off any champs who may want to initiate a team fight against you (particularly tanks/melee AD and ranged AD). Also the enemy AP champs will be able to do nothing to you. I've played against other Arhis with this item, and just dodging the allows for a kill, as MR has no effect on true damage.

Holy **** AP! Especially matched with .

guarantees kills constantly. The AP the slow and the health allow you to nuke dive out and dive back in.

As for both and this are your two optionals, and you can put them where you feel they are most important in the build post Hextech and boots. I personally am a fan of because I play AP carries constantly and know what I'm doing as well as love the 20 stack benefit of 20% CDR. Others prefer a more dependable item such as because it continuously feeds you minus all the extra fun work.

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Skill Sequence

This build is for destroying enemy champs as easily as possibly and getting assists/stacks on mejais. This is NOT a skillshot based build.

Hard hitting as all hell. Sadly for the scaling mana cost it isn't worth it early on without blue buff. Otherwise land it on an HP stacking champ and it's over. There ARE some situations outside of this guide in which you can/should max it first.
1 Getting denied farm and having fed mid.
2 Up against an HP stacking champ in mid
3 For some reason buying
4 Having a mid lane that can protect itself from most of your abilities will still take true damage from the orb
5 If you are extremely confident in both your skillshots and your ganks because enemy champs CAN get away.
6 Following more skillshot dependant builds in which you also max early.

This is your main off-nuke. The mana cost is always 60 so when you max it you receive pure benefit when ganking or diving on enemy champs as it will go to those champs first. If you don't understand it here is how it works. The first ball that hits always hits the most damage. Any following balls hit for only half as much IF they go to the same person. If NOT, they do the same damage as the first. So say you do 300 damage with you first ball to a champ in mid. It will then do 150 with the following 2 balls. If another champ comes, and a ball hits them, it will do 300 to the first champ and 300 to the second and then 150 will go to the champ that is closer. If you dive dragon and go in the middle of the enemy team, you can melt all their faces down and have or or even clean em up, if you don't kill them all in combo with your .

is epic. If you ever have someone chasing you down like or and you have no faith in your ability to escape, hit em with this thing. You got some people tower diving you? Throw em a and yoink em right to the tower. Got some kid trying to escape, pshh through the wall and make them run into a wall so you can just ult over the wall and call it a day. I get it at level 4 only because I can put another point in at 3 but it's really user choice. Scared of an early gank get it early.

is just a fun ult. You can run circles around other champs if you want (insert vid of me destroying xerath mid with it HERE). It is also a longer distance version of . It can be used to get away, which you see bad Arhi's do. Or you can use it in coherts with fox-fire and Orb of deception and do some ridiculous damage. Possibly the best ult for an AP champ in the game with arguments being against Karthus and Rumble's ult. If you get snared by morgana you are just bad, I main anivia and I only get hit with that **** ult when I'll end up killing her anyway.

First off a lot of people are going to be *****ing, OMG OMG he got maxed second and first!? And I will tell you why. Ahri is a straight nuke champ. Her orb is fantastic for farming and I am fantastic at hitting it, but in lane what happens is you will more than likely have a skill shot champ you are up against. Mostly I'm up against other Ahris. You miss 1 skill shot and your manapool is demolished. does not scale mana, and does a ridiculous amount of damage because it focuses champs. Ganking strat goes as follows. in, drop get ahead of the enemy champ, as that person flashes, land the and and by then another 300+ damage from will be up. This mostly = dead champ, or at least gankable by jungler, or they just go back. This gives you more lane time and also removes advantage. Mostly against a or Casseopeia they will be dead.

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Knowing your lane

You will notice I have 2 different buy items for builds. One starts with one with and the other with . This is because it is dependent on who you lane against. Your only goal in the beginning is not to kill, it's to get and a pair of boots. THAT IS IT.

For example, and lanes are for boots of speed and 3 hp pots. Why? Anivia's abilities can rock you, but she is the slowest champ in the game. If she lands something on you you need to be able to GTFO as soon as you can. This also goes for Cass. If Cass gets you partially poisoned it's a spam on her twin fangs and that makes you one dead Ahri.

If you have a you can buy boots as well, or just start with an AP tome, as his attacks are pretty obvious and he is slow as all hell.

If you are up against perhaps a BAD mid lane such as an AD carry
, get and free farm alll day.

The toughest lanes to encounter with Arhi are ones where there is a fantastic or jungler and someone with a great slow in mid. Otherwise let them try to dive you, chances are you can get some free kills. Also be aware of health stacking champs that go straight to RoA and have incredible resistance to you, case and point . She is probably the toughest mid lane you can have. She can out farm you and out CC you. If she gets catalyst the protector just farm CS instead. You won't be able to do much to her without additional CC and AD damage.

and otherwise are always a threat to AP champs mid. Know how to handle them, Kass is far harder to kill than LB but you can definitely get them with a strong nuke.

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Coming soon, as soon as I get FRAPS TO FREAKIN WORK WITH LOLREPLAY.

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