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Ahri Build Guide by Kndmursu

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kndmursu

Ahri, The Bigger, The Better

Kndmursu Last updated on December 17, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Heya. I'ts me Kndmursu again to bring you a guide for awesome champion Ahri! In this guide I will explain the basics of ahri and tell you tips and tricks how to dominate your game with this lovely booty champion ;) And again Im going to point out that my english ain't perfect so please don't leave comments and hate me because of it :c It would break my heart. Okay let's begin!

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Why wouldn't you want some more magic pen that will make you hit moar? Ofc you will pick these as marks to negate their magic resistance.

Greater seal of replenishment- Ahri needs mana regen. You can choose between two now. Do you choose greater seal of replenishment and get some mana regen on early game too or do you want to have more mana regen at mid/late game and use Its your choise.

- Again Its your choise between Flat or ap per level runes.

Nothing to explain here. More ap = more bewbs on their face.

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I ain't going to explain much on masterys but i'll explain some basics of my mastery tree.

Okay so "why build utility?" you may ask.
Without mana regen from utility tree you can't dominate your lane at beginning. So if you build 21 points offence tree you are doing alot damage but you can't cast your spells so often. Nothing is so annoying than when you are about to kill your opponent and you get OOM. With utility you get alot more CD,Exp and mana regen and they will make you alot stronger than building offense.

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Doran's ring is awesome item for ahri. Most games like solo que is all about early game dominance. You want to get atleast 2 doran's ring to survive ganks and harass your opponent. Doran's ring's give you awesome edge so take good use for it.

When you get this you will be dominating your lane even more. "Why pick HP so early?" you may ask. Well. Ahri needs to be a bit tanky at mid game so you can dash in with your and survive+do massive damage.

After giants pick up Sorcerer's boots And get even more magic penetration.
[OPTIONAL] If you think their team has too much CC or that they dont have any magic resist pick up

Before you complete your rylai's get this gives you awesome spellvamp and lets you stay on lane for long time. With this item you can easily stay on lane till you get your

Now when you got your rylais you can more easily dash in for kills and slow your enemies. But remember, I personally think ahri is assasin like mage. Don't think that rylais would make her tank. Don't be the first one to rush into team fight. K? that would be kinda stypid you know.

Ahhh. rabadon's... This item is every mage's must. Try to buy First when you are making this.

Moar spell vamp. This make's you heal yourself when using your R.

They have magic resist? Or they will notice that you are too powerfull and BUY magic resist? Negate their MR with this baby. If you see they have no MR I still reccomend you to buy it.

More ap+More survivability. When you are low hp and their team is smacking you just use zhonyas active, it will save your *** in many situation.

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Summoner Spells

4 Blinks? LOL this will make your opponents so mad and give you the most op chasing ability in game. IMO Must on ahri.

This will give you early kills and negate their healing on late game. (No I'm not implying ignite will not give you kills on late game) IMO another must on ahri

Okay. I tried surge on ahri and I didin't like it so much. Ofc it gives you alot damage when you are doing your combo but the cooldown on surge is IMO too high. This is consired as situnational.

I don't really know will this work out on ahri. Imo it's waste to have alot movement speed when you could have 4 blinks. I still pat this here so you can choose if you want to use flash or ghost. Your choice.

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Ranked Play

In ranked games about every game depends on early game dominance. In ranked I would suggest to pick up 3X For early lane dominance. Then build up for ultimate dominance. After that buy Rylais and follow the build.

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Pros / Cons

Okay so Pros and cons.

+Looks smexy (sorry)
+Does huge amounts of damage.
+Is not so mana hungry with masteries+runes.
+Has awesome survibility
+Makes you feel like ****ing ninja.

-If you don't know how to last hit with auto attack this ain't your champion.

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Team Work

1.Don't be the first one to rush into team fight. You will get slain instantly.
2.Please gank other lanes when you are mid. You are ahri with 4 blinks you can easily gank and get your team some easy kills.
3.Ask if your jungler could give you blue buff. If not QQ much or steal it from your jungler. (By this I mean if your jungler aint mana hungry like fiddle. And you aint gonna get the first or second blue so don't please go steal it on beginning of game.)

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Farming with ahri is a bit hard on beginning. If you are not good at last hitting with auto attacks you will lack on gold. Ahri ain't doing so much damage on beginning with her spells, so please learn to last hit ppl K?

When you want your passive up I usually do this.

1.Use your Q to minion wave. (you will gain 3 stacks)
2.Use your W to same minion wave (You will now have 6 stacks)
3.Then use your Q again to same minion wave (Or next one. And you will now have your passive up)
4.Now Use your Q on fresh minion wave and get huge amount of HP back.

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Last words.

I hope you liked my build >_> Please don't vote it if you haven't tryed it out. This is my second build so be gentle :3

I will make solotop build soon because i've noticed that ahri is an awesome solotopper too :)

Thanks KK Bye ^w^/