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Teemo Build Guide by aiRen

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author aiRen

aiRen's Teemo (Carry yourself out of elo hell) [N]

aiRen Last updated on December 27, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to my build called aiRen's Teemo - Carry yourself out of elo hell (Updated 6.december.2012)

I´m unknown player on EUNE, who found very easy and viable way how to carry out of elo hell. I was on 900-800 elo and thanks to teemo I´m back in the battle! So let´s start!

After this new patch, teemo is overboosted with those new items. (Short cooldowns, nice magic pene and dmg vs multitarget)

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Teemo is very viable champion. In this build I´ll learn you how to stop feeding as Teemo (many players does) and start to be useful.

You need to know that:

  1. Teemo is very viable champion
  2. It´s easy to farm when you are counter picked
  3. It´s easy to feed with Teemo
  4. It´s easy to kill opponent as AP Teemo (mDPS over 1500)
  5. Teemo is very strange pusher, just save 2 mushrooms and push line with mushrooms when you need to

Teemo is primarily about countering hardcore AD (then AP) carries and zoning close ranged heroes (including Urgot), he counters heroes that rely on a skill shot / short to mid range initiation such as Amumu, Alistar, Irelia and Renekton, which can turn the tables in a hilarious manner during team fights, Teemo is also one of the best baiters in the game which enforces people to fight you in mass rather than 1v1 which can also be manipulated into giving your team an advantage.

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I´m basically going on this runes.

Seal of Vitality gives you health, you really need it as AP teemo to stay alive.
Mark of Insight gives you super power in the start (that is why you´re maxing E and not Q)
And you can choice your own Glyph's. But I prefer defense runes, because of champs like Ryze, Vladimir or Swain

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Items. This is very disputed theme.

I´m preferring, as AP teemo mid, to rush for Kage's Lucky pick. Once you have this, you will burst your magic dmg and you will have free gold. (This is one of the reason why it´s easy to farm vs counterpicks)

After Kage's Lucky Pick I´m rushing for Rabadon's Deathcap. Many people are blaming me, because of this (they better go first Deathfire Grasp, then some health, because they are dying). But this massive increase of your ability power will give you super power @ mid game.
If you place good mushrooms, you are unkillable, ungangable and if they gang you, you are able to score doublekill. (Sometimes, If I have early Rabadon's, I´m going full Q only, so I master it to burst dmg).

You will be able to kill all minions in line with one mushroom on 2 shoots. And still you will recieve free golds from Kage's.

After Rabadon's, go what you need. (Boots for def vs Ryze or Cho, Akali... or buy Magic Pene/Atk. speed bots, situational item) If you need to burst dmg and be like Veigar (btw, Veigar is losing 1v1 vs Teemo if you have Deathfire Grasp), then go Deathfire Grasp, but if opponent's players are fed, go for HP items (Like Rylai's or W/e)

Late game -
Void staff to burst dmg from mushrooms (and if you have defense boots, it´s important item)
Guardian Angel, to stay alive in teamfight (you will mainly place in the middle of teamfight 1-2 mushrooms)
Zhonya - because they will focus you and this is something like Amumu's ulti for you :)

I sometimes buy bots for defence, then in late game I sell them and buy Magic Pene bots.
Sometimes, after Deathfire, If enemy's AD carry is fed, I´m going Malady to stop him :)

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Skill Sequence

(Ignite), Mushroom, Q, Deathfire Gasp, Autoattack (enemy down!)

If you can´t set up mushroom, then just Q enemy, and If you see, that you are losing, put mushroom and run away with W.

Q to enemy AD carry, Mushroom in the middle of the fight, Mushroom in the middle of the fight, Q ad carry, autoattack and that´s all. :) (Sometimes you will need to use your flash)
Btw: Ignite AP carry, or Mundo or some champs :)

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Is this what are you waiting for?

  • Never pick Teemo as 1st pick (ask your teammates to change)
  • I prefer to pick Teemo as counterpick [ AD,AP TOP/AP MID/AP BOT,AD BOT ]
  • Mushroom, that´s all what is it about

If you are counterpicked, what to do? (Try to change lines if it´s possible, if no then)
  • Play safe (really safe)
  • If you can´t farm, bait your oppo (and wait for gang)
  • Farm under tower (if you have counter like Pantheon or w/e, just put mushrooms b4 tower)

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+ Excellent escape abilities (mushroom's slow, increase speed skills (W))
+ One of the fastest champs in the game
+ Blind (shuts down melee)
+ Great farming ability (you can farm when you´re counterpicked)
+ "Free Wards"
+ Very viable at low elo
+ Low elo players think that Teemo is paper (ok he is), they will push you so hard and try to kill you but you will kill them first and this is how you will feed yourself. (+ megafarm)


- Extremely squishy
- Always focused (That´s why you are going Zhonya and GA)
- Short range (compared to other ranged)
- Oracle or Pink Wards, they´re pissing you off

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You can carry yourself!

+ Edit: 27.12.2012

TOP (little more HP) build

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Well, now there are new mastery page...

1st - Attack is logical (all to burst MDPS)
3rd tree - 1 point to reduce flash cd, 3 points for mana regen (you will place so much mushrooms late game), 2 points for Mana (+3 bonus Q, or +3 mushrooms)...

Artificer -
This will reduce CD of activeted items. (Deathfire Gasp, if you will going to burst dmg)....
Also this is useful when you will have Dathfire, Shard of True Ice, etc.. items
1 point to more blue buff (long time)